Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I would like to think of life as a series of chapters, 
where we get to choose our own ending. 
There is an eerie sense of contentment
that is rising from my soul. 

Through a child's eyes the stars seemed vast,
and then as I matured and gazed into the night sky, 
I realized how much we are one body and spirit 
with the heavens. 

Sorrow is foolish energy....we laughed and I felt
 the love find an eternal place in my heart. 
Destiny...if nothing else it placed you on the same path. 
When love flows from one heart to another,
the fire which is ignited blazes uncontrollably.
My hand in yours  is temporary, 
your love within my heart is everlasting. 
Unlock the chains that bound my soul...

It was in my years of adapting to the silence,
that I became aware of my place separate from the world around me.
We spend way to much time worrying where we are going 
and way to little being grateful for where we have been.
It was when I reviewed my own vulnerabilities that I understood.
Peace is when your heart is at rest.
I cannot extract my emotions from my surroundings, 
so I had to develop a better platform in which to stand. 
I don't reckon anyone will ever quite understand,
and at this point in my life ...I don't care.


Where there is dreams, there is hope,
where love, sweet happiness. 

The key to happiness, 
whether you are near or far,
 is waking up with your love 
deep in my heart. 

Grateful for each moment of
a day, because surely we 
both know how quickly it 
fades away. 

Smiles in the morning, 


I lived, I loved, I danced with you,
on the clouds in the heavens where
dreams come true. 

I soared to heights beyond the stars,
 in the hope that we would unite
  once more from afar. 

The wind blew, the night came and
the day was done as I sat watching 
the moon replace the sun. 

Something happened that I can 
quite explain, but the warmth of your
love replaced the rain. 
The shadows have lifted , 
the curtain now gone, 
replacing the darkness 
with laughter and song. 

My heart felt peace, my 
soul exclaimed, " It's the 
magic of love  the spirit 



There is a room filled with darkness,
gray clouds all around, without your love,
there is barely a smile.

The rain has fallen, the water floods the
streams and the road seems all washed
out when you're not here with me.

I said my hello's and I said a few goodbye's
and I wiped the tears, that had fallen from my

I miss the laughter that picked me off the ground
 and placed me on this path where our dreams
can all be found.

I watched the rainbow arch across the blue sky
,a blanket over my soul, till it faded it from sight.

 I am afraid I can't see beyond the valley and the hills,
 grasping at happiness, to break this autumn spell.

This is my journey,
unique to me. 


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tear filled Memories...love filled smiles

As I walked through the harvest garden to gather vegetables, I found each step was taken carefully as not to destroy any of the ripened fruits and vegetables. Like the stepping stones of life as it leads us down the path in hopes of finding our own personal greater good.
On my return from a family memorial , I realized in one week I said goodbye to a dear friend and two cousins. What did they leave behind and what was their life's worth? I imagine the value is based on how many lives are touched by a single soul. For there is no greater treasure than that of love. Memories, thoughts, actions, good and bad are retained by those we meet. Is this our purpose? I see that the world judges people by the power they hold and the riches they attain. But truthfully there is no great power or wealth than the actions that are spun by the purity of love.

The Greatest Gift is in Sharing

To fill the void and make one whole,
you must first find that special soul.
Holding hands under moon lit skies
and lost in the stars of a summer night.

Running , walking or standing still,
capable of making it over every hill.
Watch the flowers in the field grow and
still to treasure what will soon be snow.

In a room where silence dwells and smiling
under his warm and wondrous spell. Hearts
 in unison beat as one and embracing life as
the day is done.

What gift so great would complete, what our
 heart  and soul have tried to tweak? Several
 emotions come to mind, peace and contentment
 and a love so fine.

When sadness dwells and skies are gray, your
love shines through with another shade. Sunlit
mornings , skies of blue and the words of love
from me to you.

Deep breath, 
warm embrace,
faith in tomorrow,
joy and laughter,
happiness and desire,
in a moment of silence.

I love you...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Toni Braxton & Kenny G - How Could An Angel Break My Heart

I found this song while I was cleaning out a box I had old memories stored in. The song did indeed stir old memories, soothe and calm my spirit, but it also allowed me to review a chapter. I have come to the realization that all chapters are necessary in creating character. So for what it's worth, I lived, I learned, I loved and I felt the breaking of a heart. But there was this movie, not all that great a movie. It was your basic B chick flick and the mother giving advice she said" he has to love you more than you love him." But in reality as the old song " I only have eyes for you" passion, romance, true love must be a 100 percent to initiate everlasting love.

See through the eyes, see my soul,
see through the heart, see my dreams,
see through my life, see your love.
My soul knows the truth of love,
my heart expands on it and when
I reach beyond the stars, I find your
arms open, embracing, comforting,
sharing in your love.
It was because you dared to take my hand,
that I saw the world in a whole different view.

White rose petals, blue skies and tomorrow dreams....
Your voice, your love, my happiness!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Warm Fuzzy Feeling

It's that warm fuzzy feeling
and being a little silly that
makes it all worth wild.

Dreaming of your kiss,
a memory of fun filled bliss,
when your lips meet with mine.

It's that warm fuzzy feeling
and being a little silly that
makes it all worth wild.

The image that I see when
I close my eyes to dream,
and it takes us to the clouds.

It's that warm fuzzy feeling

and being a little silly that
makes it all worth wild.

One moment of laughter and
a heart that beats much faster
while loving you.

It's that warm fuzzy feeling
and being a little silly that
makes it all worth wild.

A fool holds a grudge, but a wise man knows that once a 
day is spoken for it cannot be repeated. 

Laughter is to the heart,
like magic is to the soul. 


When the heart is filled with love,
there is no room for negative fueled energy. 
I prefer to dream, it's the steps that lead me to tomorrow. 
Giving up, is failure, a mistake is only a lesson. 
I am guilty of making mistakes 
but I will never give up. 
I have learned more through my trials 
than I ever did standing idle. 
Love has two receptors, 
one giving and one receiving. 
Denial is a blanket on a cold day. 
The heart knows the truth, 
it's up to the soul to live it. 
An individual must face their own demons,
no two are alike, the similarity lies in the way we respond. 
I refuse to allow control of my heart, soul and mind,
for my actions are pure and my dreams an expression of my life. 
I wanted to hate the seasons that are quickly approaching, 
but the negative energy was overwhelming and therefore
I realized it matters little what time brings, as long as I 
follow my heart and act accordingly. 
Love can conquer evil, for there is
 no place  in the heart for both. 

I have been guilty of shielding my heart, until
I realized love doesn't come from someone
and can only be shared once you realize that 
we are born of love and that we have it from
the moment of conception. 

A belief is what you hold on to when you cannot see. 
When you look into the eyes of death, 
you become aware of how meaningless is the gathering of nonessential items.
There is one gift that we all take with us
and that is the gift of experience, when all is said 
and done I want it to be remembered that I did indeed love. 
I cannot expect the world to see a utopia, 
for my existence as one among many falters in its appeal. 
This is my direction right or wrong, 
I have lived and I have loved. 
I can only do one thing at a time, 
take my hand. 
lmao Strawberry fields forever?
Warm Fuzzy Feeling!! I'll work on it. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

No Greater Love

There are many actions and thoughts which are mistaken for as love. Love in it's true sense has not a
 beginning nor an end. It  is the way the heart views life and the soul unites with it that contributes to 
the bonding of spirit. 

It is not what you do, 
but who you do it with. 

Like the whispers of angels, 
and the wind that stands to take control,
our love is empowering and forever has a hold. 

To let go of love is deny its very existence...holds tight. 

An Invitation to View Love

Down in the meadow, 
deep within the hills,
or by the the waters,
where the waves have
yet to stand still. 

Holding your hand, 
embracing your heart,
loving you forever, 
on earth and above
and beyond the stars. 

If the sun shall never rise
and the moon no longer 
lights the sky, your love 
will find forever within my 
heart, soul and mind. 

Unlike the seasons which 
come and go, your love is 
all eternal  and through my
it shows.
The ocean is just an ocean, 
the sky just a sky, 
but your memory is scripted
to my heart and there it 
forever lies. 
Unlimited Combination
There is a little similarity. 
and some may say it is so,
but our love is really quite 
different as it continues to 
Reaches within the spirit, 
holds it oh so tight, 
the embrace of our beings,
cast like a miracle in the night. 
Silly Little Song Bird
I saw him at the window, 
he chirped and sang a song,
" good morning my dear friend, 
you've been gone way to long" 
I waved and he took flight, 
as time is passing on and the 
silly little song bird prepares 
to migrate leave this season
The flowers have not yet withered,
the trees still stand tall and green, 
but in a relatively few short weeks,
it will all feel as it were a dream.

The hills will not fold under, the waters
will not stand still and the blue sky 
will last forever, like the love we hold

The winter birds have spoken, strong
through the ice and cold they'll stay
as a reminder that all the seasons 
will document each day. 

There is no greater love, like the waters that infuse the mountains with life, 
your love flows through my heart and leads directly to my soul.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My heart is surrounded by silence, 
my soul void of voice. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Compassion is a trait referred to as altruism, the practice of unselfish concern or devotion for another. It can be given and felt from a distance and shared through actions and the voice of comfort. Compassion is to the heart as empathy is to an object, each capable of transferring self into object or being and understanding the impact of one heart upon another. Timing is a crucial element of compassion, knowing when to speak or to comfort is as import if not more than what it is you say and how you say it. 
Whether compassion is an external part of our inner being or a learned trait, the outcome is the same. The capability of feeling and expressing sorrow for the pain and misfortune of those we love accompanied by the ability to reach out and comfort. In many ways I see compassion as a tool of love, a way of connecting and expressing what one truly feels for another. 
Why do some people lack compassion? I am inclined to believe that many people really don't understand exactly what love is. In our early years of life, our parents are usually the first to bring comfort and share and feel compassion towards those they love. In that instance if compassion was not a part of a person's up bring the trait may weaken. But it also obvious that those secure in themselves are more capable of reacting without concern for their own individual being. 
Romantic love differs from that of the typical kindred spirit love as romantic love involves both the traits of compassion as those of passion. Where both tread on the wheel of respect and trust romantic love has much more intense feeling of attraction.
So strong a love that it holds me here, 
comforts my heart in the time we share. 
Whispers the words " I love you dear"
in the world where silence transfers fear.

Reaching beyond the mountains, 
embracing with happiness and glee,
I feel your energy empowering, 
like the waves of the ocean returning to sea. 

The tears continue to fall and still you
stood you capable of removing all, 
gave to me a simple smile and the
joy of love that lifts me to the clouds.
Through the soul another view, 
like the sky with its varied hues. 
Some of sadness, some of glee,
the trials of life through memory. 
I am neither here nor there, 
somewhere lost in another hemisphere.

I thought I understood as much there was to know 
and then my heart felt the emptiness and at
 that moment I knew I understood nothing. 
I held on to avoid the chains of entrapment. 


In the end nothing really matters. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Wingless angels can be found,
they are a rarity and yet they
 are a round.

They bring a bit of happiness,
share in a smile, the wingless
angels from the heavens down.

The most difficult thing about touching a heart, 
is the possibility that it to shall pass. 
I locked in the memory to hold for all time,
to remember the friendship that through my heart shines.

Touched my cheek , touched my hand, touched my heart.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dreams and More Dreams

The waters reflect the bridge and the summer time leaves,
when our hearts began merging and we dared to believe.
Bridging two worlds together and uniting them as one, we
shared our heart and soul under the seasons of the sun. 

Fear has no place where love meets, only happiness and
joy on the clouds of heavens suite. Rainbows and blue 
skies, song and dance, from the moment you first 
said hello and without thought gave us a  chance. 

Butter cream kisses, deliciously sweet,
 from your heart to mine is a summer
 time treat. 

Kisses in the morning, kisses in the night , 
swapping spit with the love of my life. 

Dreams as surreal as can be, reached on 
out and pulled you close to me.

 Ours hearts beating like rain on a drum,
 first a pit and patter and then as fast as 
a cheetah can run. 

Sings>As long as I can dream, I'll hold you tightly. As long as I can feel I'll know you're here.Here in my heart where our dreams got there start and the sky took on the bluest of blue. As long as I can dream, I'll hold you tightly. As long as I can feel I'll know you're here.

Closes eyes,
opens heart,
breathes deeply,
exhales slowly,
and feels your love.


Don't wake me, I'm in your arms.

Front page news to convey to you,
the love that I feel when I share with you,
This public proclamation is a little
celebration announcing my love for you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Heart

August weather, mixed review,
hot days of summer and a autumn hue,
Darker mornings, sunlight fades
as the new season is on its way.

Goldenrod in a wild thicket grows,
and the petals of the aster arch
in the wind that blows. Listen
closely and you will hear as the
blue bird in flight lands near.

Crickets call started about a month ago,
their sound filled the hollow to let
us know. The season is upon us as it
stands to take a bow, in the celebration
done in a summer style.

The river is awfully still, the water barely
moving over the hills.  The fish are jumping
and the groundhog running, the last days of
summer at my heart are tugging.
It matters really little what the seasons bring,
March winds, summer heat  or winter snow
and autumn rain. As long as you are beside me
we'll battle it just the same.

Precious are the memories I hold so dear, 
each one like lilac blooms which brings your love so near. 

The world is filled with sorrow,
a new challenge every day, it
matters little the struggle,more
importantly is how we fight
back the gray.

Perfect is in our perception....

My heart is happiest when I allow my soul as close to you as possible.

Carefully Turns The Page

 We danced and we loved and  shared our souls in the dance in the kitchen with the song of love. You held me right there in your heart and at that moment I knew we would never part. Listen my sweet, listen my love, follow me to the heavens above. Dreams, we both partake and there on the clouds love we make.

Don't go waking me,
I like this dream,
where you are next to me
and all is at it should be.

I think I'll stay awhile,
enjoying your smile,
gazing into your eyes,
as your lips meet mine.

Don't go waking me,
I like this dream,
where you are next to me
and all is at it should be.

My heart is beating so ,
as if it doesn't know,
when I open my eyes,
 the darkness will not subside.

Don't go waking me,
I like this dream,
where you are next to me
and all is at it should be.

Eerie this moment in time,
I felt your hand in mine,
you pulled me oh so near,
your whisper of love I hear.

Don't go waking me,
I like this dream,
where you are next to me
and all is at it should be.

Time is the great educator and as you learn you see the world in a different view. 

Balancing the needs of the heart and soul baffles the mind,
as that which joins us separates us. 
Up before the sunrise, 
it is early in the morn,
the seasons quickly changing ,
I am afraid what it has in store. 

 Still the river, no breeze in the air,
blue skies above and clouds drifting near,
time snapped the moment and held it here,
 like a painting of the love we share. 
We cannot diminish the importance of the limits placed on time.

Like a flower that withers in the garden we to shall pass. 

I feel both happiness and sorrow...

Stumbling into the hands of fate, It was not of choice, but survival. 

Each breath is filled with a hello and goodbye. 

 I fulfill my fantasy, I sleep on my fur coat and dream of your love.

Like a circling rabbit each road takes you back.

Difficulty comes with trying to understand what is inside the mind of another... I can only tell you what is in my heart, my soul and on my mind.

It is not good to be frightened,... no alligators under my bed.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon

I can remember my father being  a master at quotes and old adages. One which popped into my mind recently was " you have to pay the piper." The irony is that even as a young child you knew that it meant you had to be responsible for your actions or you  would indeed pay the piper. The thought entered my mind as I looked at different people and their lives. Earth is our heaven and how we manage it and what we absorb from it is up to us. Everything needs a balance, just like the scales of justice. Exhausted and yet my mind is scattered in thought. This piper is different to different people. Sometimes it is a yearning or it could be a lack of and other times it is taking responsibility. Everything including our actions come with a set of consequences.

The moon is full and shines down with beams of light
and there through the sky the stars are sparkling bright.
I looked once more to the heavens above and there
beyond the clouds was the smile of my sweet love.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Rainbows falling from the sky,
Fragments of your memory
Sparked my eye and I cried,
I cried, why oh why oh why?

The sun set and the stars now
shine as the clouds drift on
by, I felt an emptiness inside
and there I felt as if I died.

Rainbows falling from the sky,
fragments of your memory
sparked my eye and I cried,
I cried, why oh why oh why?

The river bed deep and wide,
but not as deep at the love inside,
I held on and I didn’t let go,
hot like summer with a winter snow.

Rainbows falling from the sky,
fragments of your memory
sparked my eye and I cried,
I cried, why oh why oh why?


Filing Memories

 Sings>I filed my memories by importance, like the ones of happiness and glee as  I spend my time dreaming of how lovely life can be. I gathered up a few that mean allot to me and held them close at heart to light the way to eternity. Some are quite haunting and I tried to let them go, but I had to place them according to file away the sorrow. I held close the ones that made me smile and brought joy to me, while filtering  like sand between my toes, the ones that left a sting. I laughed and I giggled and I woke up in song, singing of the love that in me grows strong. I filed my memories by importance , like the ones of happiness and glee as I spend my time dreaming of how lovely life can be.

I woke up from a dream and it seemed so real to me, as if you were here lying close, as close as two souls can be. I imagined your kiss the magical treat,  it sealed my heart to stop the loss of your loving memory. I lay there in a stupor, dazed by your smile and all along I felt your love swell like the waters that flood the Nile.
I smiled and I giggled and I lay here happily, imagining your arms around me with the peace your love brings. I woke up from a dream it seemed so real to me, as if you were here lying close as close as two souls can be.


The weather is a little cooler
and I don't want to get out of
bed , I prefer to lay hearing dreaming
of you my friend.

It might be early as the sun has yet
to rise, but the rooster it still crowing
he must be on daylight saving time.

I pull my blanket a little closer and
my pillow I hold tight, and with my
eyes closed I held you morning
and night.

The first thought in the morning,
the last thought at night and that
is why I lay hear dreaming with
a smile brighter than the northern

Let's sleep the day away and wake up in a dream....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holding on to summer to warm the winter nights

The cool weather brings visions of winter 
and I am not sure I can tackle the trials of the season!

Everyone has something wonderful to give, 
a song of laughter, a smile from within. 

Here the truth will be written down, some recognize the eyes and others may identify the smile. But when it comes to love , the love that soul mates share , this may sound cliche  but they see what others don't dare. The view is of the heart, a glimpse of the soul, the magic when in your arms you hold. Hold my love, hold my heart, hold my life from the start. 

I spoke to my soul and my soul replied " what makes you happy and what makes you cry?" My response came easy there was no telling a lie, " miles of distance and a star in the sky." The soul claimed it was in need and again spoke like the wind through the trees "close the distance bring closer the star, as true love lives deep in the heart.

I spoke to my soul and my soul replied, "what makes you happy and what makes you cry?" My response came easy there is no telling a lie "to share with the love of my life and being denied." The soul whispered and here is what I heard, like a blue bird passing above the sweet earth, " There is no denying and share as  you will, just ask yourself who is the king of the hill?"

Sings>There is no erasing, I'm not partaking in clearing the rainbows from the sky,
save that sunshine, hold on to those clouds and I'll soon be there.

Blue and bluer and there is nothing truer than your heart dancing with my mine. No
love greater and  no heart breaker as your love is with my love entwined.

It might be true that our heart has many leads,
 but only one love holds the proverbial key.
Many come close, but only one can come on in,
as my heart is reserved for your love to grow within.

Listen to the rain,
sing a  love song,
directly to my heart,
where you belong.

Listen to the rain,
eerie in a way,
awakens in me,
yesterdays memories.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Pathway To My Soul

The steps are not so difficult, the song now plays, unswerving I find refuge in the love that came my way. Listen with your heart, follow with your soul, to the dance upon the heavens where dreams of love unfold. I belong to you and you belong to me,our presence united comes with this guarantee. There shall be no limitations, no barriers of sort for we have crossed earths plateau to dance in heavens court. No expectations , no dreams unfulfilled, no sorrow or loneliness in the walk through memory field. Like the flowers in bloom and the sun which shines and the day in passing and thoughts of our souls entwined. We are the at the entry without compromise, for love knows the secrets and the joy within abides. The comfort of knowing you are here and  the peace of our happiness when our hearts open to share. Remember this when time all fades away, that our love was scripted by the angels to live beyond a common day. 

I will make no promise and no promise will I break, 
this love is forever and strengthens everyday. 
Rest my darling in the arms of my love,
no storm on earth can separate our heart from the dreams above. 
I find no confusion, bewildered not I, 
for it was most obvious when our hearts took to the sky. 
There are no true miracles, it was all in the plan, 
the words were previously written, God uses our hands. 
My heart responds to your most joyous love,
you took my heart and gave to it a hug. 
Love ages only to be reborn. 

It is upon my first glance at the night sky that I become of the mystery of life,
but it is at the first glance at your heart that I became aware of the truth of love. 

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me - Diane Renay

You lead I'll follow...

Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me

Once Upon a Time

I can't sleep, I have no idea why, but I am wide awake. So I was looking through old post and I came across the " once upon a time" I laughed when I read it, but like any store with a message, there is a moral to it. LMAO "behind every man there is a good woman ahem or was it behind every woman there are a few good men . "For what it is worth as I reread this it made me understand how important the chapters of life are and the importance of the people who cross our path. In many ways it is the stepping stones of life one leading to another. I do know that I have had an opportunity that few will ever experience on a journey that I am blessed to have taken, not all easy but rewarding never the less for I have learned that our heart is filled with many emotions and needs and the void is filled in many ways. Like a child who learns to take that first step... I to have learned that stumbling doesn't keep you down, it just stops you in your tracts long enough for you to find your way. So from the hollow to you, Once upon a time...

Once upon a time

Not all stories written have a happily ever after endings and some even have a moral. Many stories were written on a thread of truth and passed down through the generations.

Once upon a time there lived a maiden, who spent her days in the garden and with the animals of the hollow. The hills were many and the tree's thick that she could never see beyond the horizon. Many spoke of her existence, but they never went down into the hollow to see the maiden. The maiden thought this meant she was ugly and wasn't very smart and she refused to challenge the boundaries made by the hollow. Some of the restraints could not be seen by man nor animal but chained the mind so severely that the maiden was drowning in sorrow and loneliness. She took refuge to her bedroom and rarely stepped again into the hills of the hollow. She lay there trapped by the barriers of her mind and she no longer could hear the birds sing and the sun shine, she began to whither from the tears that flooded from the soul.
When all seemed impossible and darkness filled the hollow, a crack of light came through the trees. She woke from the dark spell that had been cast upon her and she saw a man, he was young and smart and attractive. He came to her for help and she felt a warmth grow inside of her by this extraordinary young mans need for help. Months went by and many things had happened and the maiden began to feel pretty and to smile again, she took to gardening and tending to the animals of the hollow. The young stranger who breathed life into the maiden found his needs filled and had to return to the far away land in which he lived. The maiden again felt sorrow and she spoke softly to him" " don't leave I will be lonely again!" the young man wise beyond his years said "no you will not be lonely, you are beautiful and you are smart and you will seek the company of others." The maiden distraught cried " I don't want others I want you"
Days and weeks passed the young stranger returned to his homeland and the maiden met another stranger, the faceless man appeared to the maiden. He had a sense of humor and he made the maiden of the hollow laugh and laugh. Everything she did he knew the next step, he was not only smart but he was exciting. She felt such energy from the faceless man, she felt the beat of his heart and she began to dance in the clouds. Each day people outside the hollow would gaze into the sky to see the beautiful maiden dancing on the clouds. Months and years went by, the maiden became stronger and stepped beyond the hollow. The faceless one rarely came around anymore but she so wanted so to see him and to laugh and smile and dance upon the clouds. The faceless one spoke in riddles and the maiden of the hollow was confused by the message.
The maiden of the hollow did not understand the visits of the various strangers. Why did they come so quickly into her life and so quickly disappear? The maiden felt lost and though she went about her day she wondered what happened to the strangers and she wanted them to come back.
One day something magical happen another stranger came by, he was different than the others, he had the look of a king and he had a heart so wide that she could feel his embrace from the very first moment. He showered  his kindness down upon her like magic from the heavens. When she wanted to quit he nudged her gently, when she wanted to run he held her hand so she would slow down. He pulled her down from the clouds and taught her how to walk carefully through the doors of reality. Still troubled the maiden began like a puzzle to put the pieces of her life together. She opened the invisible door of the hollow and she went out into the world. She walked through life knowing she would never be alone again, She now understood that the strangers were leading her down a path all along and that from the very beginning she was not alone.
The king had many responsibilities and this made the maiden tear, as he set about to return to his kingdom and to fulfill his destiny. But the maiden kept something from each person she met along the way, from  each one she kept their love tucked away safely in her heart. Whenever  the maiden thought of the strangers, the tears would flow and  the sky would take on the bluest of blue and the sun would shine and a rainbow could be seen for miles in every direction. People say to this day that if you look into the sky on a hot rainy summer day, you can still see the maiden dance upon the clouds and the many hearts she held close.

Friday, August 05, 2011

The Breath of Emotion...

Look not at the worlds failures, 
but the success of love that thrives within all of us. 
I gazed out the window at the surrounding hills, 
the splendor of nature and a summer time thrill. 
The season passing and there is no delay, 
as soon Autumn will be on her way. 

Beautiful colors in all shades of green, 
with nothing between us but our memories. 
I reached to top of the mountains high, 
just to look down and smile from deep inside.

The garden is on a full display, with Zinnia's and
Dahlia's returning to bloom and another day. 
The joy of life is what I share with you, 
the magic of love between two. 

I gazed out the window at the surrounding hills, 
the splendor of nature and a summer time thrill. 
The season passing and there is no delay, 
as soon Autumn will be on her way. 

The day is done, the sun now on the run 
and the clouds pass by and I can't help 
but sigh, it's when I think of you, that I 
no longer feel blue...I love you. 

I dwell in a dream, where life is as it
should be, with skies like 
sapphire blue a wafting fragrance of 
sweet perfume.

We don't need to worry, nor should we hurry, 
the sun will shine and the moon will rise 
and the blue birds will take flight and I 
will always love you. 

We don't need to fret, troubles are always met
and love and peace will see us through, 
as we surface through the dreams,
building on a new days memory. 

Streaming through my Mind

I watched the stream trickle over the rock, 
and the wild birds gather to a season flock. 
The wind seemed to wave goodbye as 
I looked at the silhouette of love
brace the sky. 

Follow me, follow me , follow me through the gardens we will go.
. Watch the ducks float down the stream, to the river the water leads. 
The magic of summer and the river boats, a glorious treasure 
like the flowers grow. Unveil the dreams and you will see
 where lust met love and you met me. 
The Evening Interlude
Stars shining bright, light the sky and twinkle all night. 
Watch as the moon glows casting a shadow on the waters flow. 
Serene the night sky as I sit watching clouds go by. 

Summer Breeze

Butterflies and bumblebees, Cicadas and blackbirds scream 
as the summer breeze blows right through the air. 
The song you'll here is played for you my dear,
on the strings of my heart. 

The chickens are squawking and the hawk is on a branch
watching waiting for the opportunity to dive on down, 
I chased him away nothing can ruin this summer day,
where I feel the summer breeze and dream my day away. 

My Heart
There is no gate and no lock on this door, my heart is always open and you are welcome to explore. You can spend a moment an hour or a day, my heart is your forever to come and go each day. I lined it with hope and a blanket of faith, a pillow of trust and a little room for lust. 

Hazy, Lazy Day of Summer...I shall not complain of the hot summer day,
before you know it winter will be on its way. 


The splendor of nature and a summer time thrill. 
The season passing and there is no delay, 
as soon Autumn will be on her way. 

There was a day of darkness and shades of gray,
and I looked to the heavens and  began to pray. 
The Lord looked on down and at that moment
 I heard him say, follow your heart and you'll 
find your way. 

I feel the love, 
I feel you, 
your happiness shared, 
your dreams of blue. 
It is just a thought away, 
one prayer away, 
one day away to you. 

Listen and you will hear, 
our love flow softly through the air. 
Listen and you will hear, the music 
of my heart played for you my dear. 

Close Your Eyes 

Look from deep inside, 
love like ours we just can't hide, 
all the world will surely know, 
as our love just grows and grows. 

Close your eyes and you will see
paradise is when you are with me,
We dusted a mountain, we drained 
a sea, we made the world believe. 

Dreaming a life away, 
wishing the day could stay
feeling you in my arms, 
free of any harm.

The element of surprise,
you there before my eyes,
magic from the start,
joy in my heart. 
I Give To You My Dreams

Walk along the shore at nightfall, 
listening to the waves and the sea gulls. 
The sand between your toes, a tickle
nose to nose and your hand in mine. 

Take in a game or two, I love baseball
so do you, there isn't anything I wouldn't 
share with you. 

Ice tea or lemonade, watching the sun fade,
spending a day with you. Tears on my cheek
and happiness of all my dream...when I share
with you. 
I picked a tree, full and filled with summer green, 
fresh grass just cut and a blanket for you and I. 
Listening to the bumble bee, ewww a chill shoo
the bee from me, I just want you with me 
underneath  the apple tree. 

My head on your lap your hands in my hair, 
oh how wonderful the day that you and I share.
The song bird singing, the crickets bringing 
summer time here. 

I review the days of my life and some of them were not very nice, 
I tried to erase them, make them go away and instead I replaced 
them with the dream we made. 

I flipped through the pages of my life and stopped on the ones 
that felt right. Where blue skies were all that could be seen and
your love became a part of me. 

Our Place

I created a place where you and I can go, 
the road paved with happiness and a river
of love that flows. 

There is no stepping back and I am not standing still, 
life is a bit frightening, when challenging every hill. 
But this path is a little different and I am not letting go,
I took your hand and held it and we walked down the road. 

No Room For Sorrow

There is no room for pity
no sorrow here, I am celebrating 
happiness for I have you here. 

Our trial are many and many more 
to come, but when you put the two
of us together we are the greater sum. 

Just the thought of you,
and the smiles come through, 
as long as I can dream,
 I have everything. 

I have the love you give, 
the laughter that lives and 
the joy from your broken toy.

Just the thought of you, 
and the smiles come through,
as long as I can dream, 
I have everything. 
This is the first time in all my life that I have no tears behind my eyes. I wondered what was different and what made them dry up or did they? I could not feel them rolling down my cheek and my eyes no longer felt the pressure and they weren't hidden in my heart and my soul no longer spoke of them.  Then it occurred to me, that something changed. 

I can't change my yesterday nor make them go away, I can't live forever nor waste this life in shades of gray. I can't stop holding you in my dreams, each one brings you closer to me. I can't control the passion that flows through my heart,nor the mountains that keeps our flesh apart. 

There are tears in my eyes,
there is only love and blue skies.

You made me smile, 
you made me laugh, 
you made all my dreams
come true, because you gave
to me your love and I gave it 
to you. 

You made me sing, 
you made me dance,
you made  me believe and
when the day was over you
made me so very happy. 
Shhhh listen my heart it has something to say, the breath of emotion breathes life into the day. I rejoice at all the splendor that  the heavens sent on down and path of happiness that only you and I could have found. Pure and as kind as can be, is the love you share with me. 
Time Speaks in Riddles

I value the moment , 
appreciate each day,
as time is a racing 
and the sun fades away.

One day or twenty, 
what do you say?
time said eternity
in the silliest way. 

The words have been 
written, the song has 
been sung and the day
passing quickly all rolls
into one. 

You have lived it, you
felt it , you gave to it 
life and now this love
make it all feel right. 

I am here ... I saw the sun rise and I saw the sun set and I rejoiced happiness is upon us. I am alive... I have felt the embrace of love stroke gently upon my heart and gaze into my soul. I have dreamed... I have allowed my subconscious to bring about peace and to show me the gift. I am here...

I once was afraid that there was so little time and then I looked upon the words written from my heart and I knew the gateway to eternity had been unlocked, because somewhere, someone would know, that no greater lover walked the earth and embraced the heavens.