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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Toni Braxton & Kenny G - How Could An Angel Break My Heart

I found this song while I was cleaning out a box I had old memories stored in. The song did indeed stir old memories, soothe and calm my spirit, but it also allowed me to review a chapter. I have come to the realization that all chapters are necessary in creating character. So for what it's worth, I lived, I learned, I loved and I felt the breaking of a heart. But there was this movie, not all that great a movie. It was your basic B chick flick and the mother giving advice she said" he has to love you more than you love him." But in reality as the old song " I only have eyes for you" passion, romance, true love must be a 100 percent to initiate everlasting love.

See through the eyes, see my soul,
see through the heart, see my dreams,
see through my life, see your love.
My soul knows the truth of love,
my heart expands on it and when
I reach beyond the stars, I find your
arms open, embracing, comforting,
sharing in your love.
It was because you dared to take my hand,
that I saw the world in a whole different view.

White rose petals, blue skies and tomorrow dreams....
Your voice, your love, my happiness!

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