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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon

I can remember my father being  a master at quotes and old adages. One which popped into my mind recently was " you have to pay the piper." The irony is that even as a young child you knew that it meant you had to be responsible for your actions or you  would indeed pay the piper. The thought entered my mind as I looked at different people and their lives. Earth is our heaven and how we manage it and what we absorb from it is up to us. Everything needs a balance, just like the scales of justice. Exhausted and yet my mind is scattered in thought. This piper is different to different people. Sometimes it is a yearning or it could be a lack of and other times it is taking responsibility. Everything including our actions come with a set of consequences.

The moon is full and shines down with beams of light
and there through the sky the stars are sparkling bright.
I looked once more to the heavens above and there
beyond the clouds was the smile of my sweet love.

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