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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, August 01, 2011


 Little bit of rain and a little bit of sunshine 
removes the storms of life. 
Orange and yellow with a touch of pink, 
always a surprise no matter what we dream. 
Colors that change day by day, a reminder
that nothing truly stays the same.

 The rain had fallen and the plants now overgrown 
and as I walk through the gardens I know I'm not alone. 
 I once said to a friend that " I never wanted anything" and this friend said" and "you never got anything" For awhile that statement played with my mind as I thought was there truth to that. But in all reality simplicity is more, for the greatest gifts of life cannot be possessed by any one individual and they will remain long after we are gone. Next to love, peace is the most rewarding gift that any one person can obtain. When you close your eyes to sleep and you dream of love only to wake up and sense it all around you.


Simple is the moment
and yet joyous as can be,
when you need not explain
and still understand everything.

No complicated diversion,
nor complexity of thought,
like the dream of waking in
your arms and living within
your heart.

Simple as a field of overgrown
daisy, and lying down in summer
being a little lazy. Pure as the first
snowflakes of fall and the clarity
that simplicity brings to remind
us we really have it all.

Doused in freedom, the mind
is settled with peace, knowing
that we have lived and loved,
through memories and dreams.

Maddie caught a rabbit,
nearly left for dead and
as she feeds from my
hand , I saw a beginning
and not a end.

Domestic or wild, it is yet
to be seen but feeding the
bunny carrots , I am
amazed at how calm she
seems to be.

I enjoyed gardening on many levels. I imagine it taught me the most about life and as at many times an escape. I learned about diseases, over crowding, endurance, beauty , hard work and love. I have many favorites, my very first flower and I still have the original pressed since I was a small child was a buttercup that and the daisy. I love that they represented simplicity and summer. But through my years of gardening so many plants entered my life as do people and I found the magic of the Lantana was sort of magical. This very colorful flower grows wild in the south and in the north becomes a prized possession. It happens to be a rainbow life flower and that reminds me that life is filled with color and each person and experience brings new colors into our life.

I once thought that a wounded heart would never heal,
until I realized that you have to turn the page to start
another chapter.

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