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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, August 05, 2011

The Breath of Emotion...

Look not at the worlds failures, 
but the success of love that thrives within all of us. 
I gazed out the window at the surrounding hills, 
the splendor of nature and a summer time thrill. 
The season passing and there is no delay, 
as soon Autumn will be on her way. 

Beautiful colors in all shades of green, 
with nothing between us but our memories. 
I reached to top of the mountains high, 
just to look down and smile from deep inside.

The garden is on a full display, with Zinnia's and
Dahlia's returning to bloom and another day. 
The joy of life is what I share with you, 
the magic of love between two. 

I gazed out the window at the surrounding hills, 
the splendor of nature and a summer time thrill. 
The season passing and there is no delay, 
as soon Autumn will be on her way. 

The day is done, the sun now on the run 
and the clouds pass by and I can't help 
but sigh, it's when I think of you, that I 
no longer feel blue...I love you. 

I dwell in a dream, where life is as it
should be, with skies like 
sapphire blue a wafting fragrance of 
sweet perfume.

We don't need to worry, nor should we hurry, 
the sun will shine and the moon will rise 
and the blue birds will take flight and I 
will always love you. 

We don't need to fret, troubles are always met
and love and peace will see us through, 
as we surface through the dreams,
building on a new days memory. 

Streaming through my Mind

I watched the stream trickle over the rock, 
and the wild birds gather to a season flock. 
The wind seemed to wave goodbye as 
I looked at the silhouette of love
brace the sky. 

Follow me, follow me , follow me through the gardens we will go.
. Watch the ducks float down the stream, to the river the water leads. 
The magic of summer and the river boats, a glorious treasure 
like the flowers grow. Unveil the dreams and you will see
 where lust met love and you met me. 
The Evening Interlude
Stars shining bright, light the sky and twinkle all night. 
Watch as the moon glows casting a shadow on the waters flow. 
Serene the night sky as I sit watching clouds go by. 

Summer Breeze

Butterflies and bumblebees, Cicadas and blackbirds scream 
as the summer breeze blows right through the air. 
The song you'll here is played for you my dear,
on the strings of my heart. 

The chickens are squawking and the hawk is on a branch
watching waiting for the opportunity to dive on down, 
I chased him away nothing can ruin this summer day,
where I feel the summer breeze and dream my day away. 

My Heart
There is no gate and no lock on this door, my heart is always open and you are welcome to explore. You can spend a moment an hour or a day, my heart is your forever to come and go each day. I lined it with hope and a blanket of faith, a pillow of trust and a little room for lust. 

Hazy, Lazy Day of Summer...I shall not complain of the hot summer day,
before you know it winter will be on its way. 


The splendor of nature and a summer time thrill. 
The season passing and there is no delay, 
as soon Autumn will be on her way. 

There was a day of darkness and shades of gray,
and I looked to the heavens and  began to pray. 
The Lord looked on down and at that moment
 I heard him say, follow your heart and you'll 
find your way. 

I feel the love, 
I feel you, 
your happiness shared, 
your dreams of blue. 
It is just a thought away, 
one prayer away, 
one day away to you. 

Listen and you will hear, 
our love flow softly through the air. 
Listen and you will hear, the music 
of my heart played for you my dear. 

Close Your Eyes 

Look from deep inside, 
love like ours we just can't hide, 
all the world will surely know, 
as our love just grows and grows. 

Close your eyes and you will see
paradise is when you are with me,
We dusted a mountain, we drained 
a sea, we made the world believe. 

Dreaming a life away, 
wishing the day could stay
feeling you in my arms, 
free of any harm.

The element of surprise,
you there before my eyes,
magic from the start,
joy in my heart. 
I Give To You My Dreams

Walk along the shore at nightfall, 
listening to the waves and the sea gulls. 
The sand between your toes, a tickle
nose to nose and your hand in mine. 

Take in a game or two, I love baseball
so do you, there isn't anything I wouldn't 
share with you. 

Ice tea or lemonade, watching the sun fade,
spending a day with you. Tears on my cheek
and happiness of all my dream...when I share
with you. 
I picked a tree, full and filled with summer green, 
fresh grass just cut and a blanket for you and I. 
Listening to the bumble bee, ewww a chill shoo
the bee from me, I just want you with me 
underneath  the apple tree. 

My head on your lap your hands in my hair, 
oh how wonderful the day that you and I share.
The song bird singing, the crickets bringing 
summer time here. 

I review the days of my life and some of them were not very nice, 
I tried to erase them, make them go away and instead I replaced 
them with the dream we made. 

I flipped through the pages of my life and stopped on the ones 
that felt right. Where blue skies were all that could be seen and
your love became a part of me. 

Our Place

I created a place where you and I can go, 
the road paved with happiness and a river
of love that flows. 

There is no stepping back and I am not standing still, 
life is a bit frightening, when challenging every hill. 
But this path is a little different and I am not letting go,
I took your hand and held it and we walked down the road. 

No Room For Sorrow

There is no room for pity
no sorrow here, I am celebrating 
happiness for I have you here. 

Our trial are many and many more 
to come, but when you put the two
of us together we are the greater sum. 

Just the thought of you,
and the smiles come through, 
as long as I can dream,
 I have everything. 

I have the love you give, 
the laughter that lives and 
the joy from your broken toy.

Just the thought of you, 
and the smiles come through,
as long as I can dream, 
I have everything. 
This is the first time in all my life that I have no tears behind my eyes. I wondered what was different and what made them dry up or did they? I could not feel them rolling down my cheek and my eyes no longer felt the pressure and they weren't hidden in my heart and my soul no longer spoke of them.  Then it occurred to me, that something changed. 

I can't change my yesterday nor make them go away, I can't live forever nor waste this life in shades of gray. I can't stop holding you in my dreams, each one brings you closer to me. I can't control the passion that flows through my heart,nor the mountains that keeps our flesh apart. 

There are tears in my eyes,
there is only love and blue skies.

You made me smile, 
you made me laugh, 
you made all my dreams
come true, because you gave
to me your love and I gave it 
to you. 

You made me sing, 
you made me dance,
you made  me believe and
when the day was over you
made me so very happy. 
Shhhh listen my heart it has something to say, the breath of emotion breathes life into the day. I rejoice at all the splendor that  the heavens sent on down and path of happiness that only you and I could have found. Pure and as kind as can be, is the love you share with me. 
Time Speaks in Riddles

I value the moment , 
appreciate each day,
as time is a racing 
and the sun fades away.

One day or twenty, 
what do you say?
time said eternity
in the silliest way. 

The words have been 
written, the song has 
been sung and the day
passing quickly all rolls
into one. 

You have lived it, you
felt it , you gave to it 
life and now this love
make it all feel right. 

I am here ... I saw the sun rise and I saw the sun set and I rejoiced happiness is upon us. I am alive... I have felt the embrace of love stroke gently upon my heart and gaze into my soul. I have dreamed... I have allowed my subconscious to bring about peace and to show me the gift. I am here...

I once was afraid that there was so little time and then I looked upon the words written from my heart and I knew the gateway to eternity had been unlocked, because somewhere, someone would know, that no greater lover walked the earth and embraced the heavens. 

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