Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


 The kaleidoscope of love reveals many experiences that when brought together as one displays the truth of the canvas. Like the fragments of a broken heart,the kaleidoscope spins around until all is understood and seen.

The muskrat was nipping at some woodland greens,
surprised he dove into the stream with a mouthful of
leaves. Butterflies zipping through the air, on a hot
summer day I'm dreaming you here.

Your love is in all that I do, I see it in the mountains
and in the sky so blue. The waters still appears not to
move, as all that I can see is the shadows of love
glistening on the waters like stars above.

The turtle is basking on the log by the shore
and the fish surface as if to check the score.
I'm feeling rather dizzy as if spinning all around
 and holding on to you my love in case I fall down.

I have walked the path several times each day,
stumbling into the dreams that never fade. I stand
before you, my heart and soul exposed, knowing
that your with me and  through my life you grow.

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