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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holding on to summer to warm the winter nights

The cool weather brings visions of winter 
and I am not sure I can tackle the trials of the season!

Everyone has something wonderful to give, 
a song of laughter, a smile from within. 

Here the truth will be written down, some recognize the eyes and others may identify the smile. But when it comes to love , the love that soul mates share , this may sound cliche  but they see what others don't dare. The view is of the heart, a glimpse of the soul, the magic when in your arms you hold. Hold my love, hold my heart, hold my life from the start. 

I spoke to my soul and my soul replied " what makes you happy and what makes you cry?" My response came easy there was no telling a lie, " miles of distance and a star in the sky." The soul claimed it was in need and again spoke like the wind through the trees "close the distance bring closer the star, as true love lives deep in the heart.

I spoke to my soul and my soul replied, "what makes you happy and what makes you cry?" My response came easy there is no telling a lie "to share with the love of my life and being denied." The soul whispered and here is what I heard, like a blue bird passing above the sweet earth, " There is no denying and share as  you will, just ask yourself who is the king of the hill?"

Sings>There is no erasing, I'm not partaking in clearing the rainbows from the sky,
save that sunshine, hold on to those clouds and I'll soon be there.

Blue and bluer and there is nothing truer than your heart dancing with my mine. No
love greater and  no heart breaker as your love is with my love entwined.

It might be true that our heart has many leads,
 but only one love holds the proverbial key.
Many come close, but only one can come on in,
as my heart is reserved for your love to grow within.

Listen to the rain,
sing a  love song,
directly to my heart,
where you belong.

Listen to the rain,
eerie in a way,
awakens in me,
yesterdays memories.

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