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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

close your eyes... you are in my arms!

I gathered all my memories and a dream or two
and gazed upward to the heavens grateful for
the love I shared with you.

Simple little pleasures a moment with you,
like a walk along the river and a kiss
beneath the sky so blue.

Dreams are but a gateway to hold you
in the night and the song of my heart
sung for share delight.

Happiness is not in what we possess,
the joy of loving reminds us we are blessed.
Thankful am I for on this short lived journey,
I have you by my side.

Sings>I quickly reviewed all my memories,
a few stand out like my favorite dreams.

I traveled the stars in the dark of night
and woke in your arms if only in my mind.

La da da da said my heart to you, la da da da
I do yes I do, la da da da for the rest of my
life, la da da da I love you.

I can't really explain, occasionally I feel like I
have gone insane, wanting you near me both
day and night, I battle constantly what feels

To live is to love...
Without love we are merrily empty dark souls. 
My wants are not necessarily on the same plateau as my needs, 
for your love is forever in my heart and always aligned with my soul. 
I am most frightened of never feeling the 
infusion of love within my being...but than I think of you
and I know that I have what know one else will ever understand. 
Every season comes with its own battles
and yet they have no power when 
I hold close your gift of love. 
More is not always better, one moment of less 
with the right person is definitively more than 
to much with the wrong one. 
Here is my pillow, 
place your head, 
close your eyes, 
you are on my bed. 

Dreams sweet and 
the love of two,
first there was me, 
then there was you. 
If my heart but a simple vessel 
for your love to pass on through, 
then I shall make the destination,
lead me directly to you. 


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