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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

No Greater Love

There are many actions and thoughts which are mistaken for as love. Love in it's true sense has not a
 beginning nor an end. It  is the way the heart views life and the soul unites with it that contributes to 
the bonding of spirit. 

It is not what you do, 
but who you do it with. 

Like the whispers of angels, 
and the wind that stands to take control,
our love is empowering and forever has a hold. 

To let go of love is deny its very existence...holds tight. 

An Invitation to View Love

Down in the meadow, 
deep within the hills,
or by the the waters,
where the waves have
yet to stand still. 

Holding your hand, 
embracing your heart,
loving you forever, 
on earth and above
and beyond the stars. 

If the sun shall never rise
and the moon no longer 
lights the sky, your love 
will find forever within my 
heart, soul and mind. 

Unlike the seasons which 
come and go, your love is 
all eternal  and through my
it shows.
The ocean is just an ocean, 
the sky just a sky, 
but your memory is scripted
to my heart and there it 
forever lies. 
Unlimited Combination
There is a little similarity. 
and some may say it is so,
but our love is really quite 
different as it continues to 
Reaches within the spirit, 
holds it oh so tight, 
the embrace of our beings,
cast like a miracle in the night. 
Silly Little Song Bird
I saw him at the window, 
he chirped and sang a song,
" good morning my dear friend, 
you've been gone way to long" 
I waved and he took flight, 
as time is passing on and the 
silly little song bird prepares 
to migrate leave this season
The flowers have not yet withered,
the trees still stand tall and green, 
but in a relatively few short weeks,
it will all feel as it were a dream.

The hills will not fold under, the waters
will not stand still and the blue sky 
will last forever, like the love we hold

The winter birds have spoken, strong
through the ice and cold they'll stay
as a reminder that all the seasons 
will document each day. 

There is no greater love, like the waters that infuse the mountains with life, 
your love flows through my heart and leads directly to my soul.

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