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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Compassion is a trait referred to as altruism, the practice of unselfish concern or devotion for another. It can be given and felt from a distance and shared through actions and the voice of comfort. Compassion is to the heart as empathy is to an object, each capable of transferring self into object or being and understanding the impact of one heart upon another. Timing is a crucial element of compassion, knowing when to speak or to comfort is as import if not more than what it is you say and how you say it. 
Whether compassion is an external part of our inner being or a learned trait, the outcome is the same. The capability of feeling and expressing sorrow for the pain and misfortune of those we love accompanied by the ability to reach out and comfort. In many ways I see compassion as a tool of love, a way of connecting and expressing what one truly feels for another. 
Why do some people lack compassion? I am inclined to believe that many people really don't understand exactly what love is. In our early years of life, our parents are usually the first to bring comfort and share and feel compassion towards those they love. In that instance if compassion was not a part of a person's up bring the trait may weaken. But it also obvious that those secure in themselves are more capable of reacting without concern for their own individual being. 
Romantic love differs from that of the typical kindred spirit love as romantic love involves both the traits of compassion as those of passion. Where both tread on the wheel of respect and trust romantic love has much more intense feeling of attraction.
So strong a love that it holds me here, 
comforts my heart in the time we share. 
Whispers the words " I love you dear"
in the world where silence transfers fear.

Reaching beyond the mountains, 
embracing with happiness and glee,
I feel your energy empowering, 
like the waves of the ocean returning to sea. 

The tears continue to fall and still you
stood you capable of removing all, 
gave to me a simple smile and the
joy of love that lifts me to the clouds.
Through the soul another view, 
like the sky with its varied hues. 
Some of sadness, some of glee,
the trials of life through memory. 
I am neither here nor there, 
somewhere lost in another hemisphere.

I thought I understood as much there was to know 
and then my heart felt the emptiness and at
 that moment I knew I understood nothing. 
I held on to avoid the chains of entrapment. 


In the end nothing really matters. 

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Margie said...

Love this post, Rachel.