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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love is...

From the bibles version to the many authors interpretations of love, we get a widely diverse view of what love is. Love is caring, love is warmth, love is knowing what to say and when.  I believe love is the nurturing of a soul .

 Love is absent of hate and greed.

 Love knows no boundaries.
Love can warm you on the coldest day
and give you chills on the hottest.

 Love is void of all fear!

Love is generous,
the giving of heart and soul,
without expectation of return.

Love is what gives us faith in the face of a disaster. 

 Love is the threads of kindness which are woven 
into the substructure of our being.

Love is what allows us to see through the heart.

 Love is caring....

Love is when you take off your make up and he doesn't run 
and you gain a few pounds but he still thinks
 you are one hundred and five.

Love is when you take the ordinary
 and watch it become extraordinary.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

True Simplicitiy

The age of simplicity keeps getting younger. It might be that we put so much pressure on children to grow up. I personally think it is not a bad thing to keep that child alive in you.Being ten years old is not a bad part of our character. But of course that is what brings such diversity to it , ten, sixteen, twenty one, thirty two,etc . It has been said that "true love is blind"  and therefore through my eyes you are ageless as is the love that binds us. ox

True simplicity is through the eyes of a child.

Meet Me In The Garden

Meet me in the garden under the skies of blue,
gaze at the clouds and make our dreams come true.
From lilac to daffodils and butterflies that explore,
there is always something new when opening up the door.

Share with me a moment down by the flowering quince,
we will picnic in the shade and hopefully get a lovers glimpse.
Of the sunlight as it shines down on your cheek and the
possibility that our lips will  come together and gently meet.

Meet me in the garden under skies of blue,
gaze at the clouds and make our dreams come true.
From lilac to daffodils and butterflies that explore,
there is always something new when opening up the door.

My arms are open and my heart it beats for you and
waits for that moment to do what lovers do.
We'll celebrate each moment as it is recorded in time,
and know that our love is forever,eternally yours and mine.

Meet me in the garden under skies of blue,
gaze at the clouds and make our dreams come true.
From lilac to daffodils and butterflies that explore,
there is always something new when opening up the door.

Lay your head gentle down on me and let me take
your worries and set your soul free. The beauty of
 shared  wonderful warm spring day share is the maigic
that even time can't take away.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fluffs Pillow

I have been guilty of wanting to stay on the same chapter for a longer period of time than the chapter required. But like each day , as the sun rises a page of life is turning.  We can go back and review the chapter, look on at it fondly but in reality a new one is being written as we speak. It kind of reminds me of learning arithmetic to master it you can't skip a lesson, as each one is a building block to the next. If taken out context nothing would make any sense. I use to compare life to a game of" chutes and ladders" but that is really far from the truth, we don't climb up just to slide back. Each experience though it might seem similar will be different, simple because we are different. The thread of experience sews within us character and our character will perform each time on a different level. Of course sometimes I feel a pick up truck caught in the mud, the tires keep spinning and you feel like you are getting nowhere. I have come to understand that acceptance of self reveals the inner workings of the soul. That we are different and yet the same in the exploration of emotions.

 Sings>Love is not a chapter nor a moment in time,
it is the energy that propels us forward in mind.
Each day I think of you and all we have yet to
do and that is the magic of my love for you.

Love is  fire and water and the earth and heavens
blue, the dreams  of a lifetime where I am holding you.
 Happiness inspired is the song in my heart, it started
within my soul and bridged you from afar.

I was reading book this weekend on DNA and how it plays within our personality to give us schematic or blue print of our outlook on life. Happiness like sadness is inherited. Well maybe that it is taking it a little to far, but how we absorb and digest life is weighed by many factors. I find it frightening to some degree, that from the time of our birth we prepare for the time of our death. Who are we and what is our intended reason upon this earth? Our similarity to animals, heart, lung, liver, eyes, nose and mouth have away of making a lifetime appear in a common light. But our intelligence as our emotional tear give us various depth in which other creatures of earth do not possess.
As I look into the sky on a dark clear night, I am not only amazed at the little significance earth plays in the mass of universes. Can earth be just that the luck of the dice. The right distance from our sun with just the perfect atmosphere to create life. It has been now over forty years since I first looked at the sky and said there must be more. It was the ending of the Vietnam war and from that time I thought man would never be seen in battle again. Yet we have come so little when it comes to advancement of mankind. I would have loved to seen in my time a world of peace, a utopia. That would be a dream come true, but maybe man is just not created of complete peace and therefore peace will never come.
It would be magical to see the exploration of the heavens and find out what piece we play in the mass of  the galaxy's.  . I haven't a clue what it meant or the why of it all. But somehow our subconscious responds in ways that soothe and heal the mind. I don't believe we are by accident and yet how wasted are the lives of many.
I can still see the window of my childhood bedroom and as I remember laying across my bed wondering why the rest of the world does not see the simplicity of life. That love indeed can out perform the hell in which we live. People worry about where they are going after death, when our heaven and hell exist right here within our very minds. Is it what we are taught or what we were born to believe? My needs are rather simple...

Pastel colors are what I see,
sewn are buttons above the knee.
Some to open, others to close,
stitched of memories I can't let go.

Those life long tears behind the eyes,
are gone forever erased from the mind.
For my heart is pure with love and that
is what surfaces to the heavens above.

I believe with all my heart that love is more powerful than hate. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It was the long waited day of spring and as I opened by bedroom windows the glorious sights of spring were all about. From the hills blanketed with snow white wild trillium to the golden blooms of the daffodil which bring  an array of golden color to the gardens.The curtains seem to come to life as the warm wind partnered to bring about a calm and peaceful dance. I watched as the curtains blew gently in an out of the window, the sway was reminisce of the early springs of childhood. I entertained the fact that the rains though long and dreary were necessary to bring about the magical moment of spring in motion.
My emotions scaled a wide range and yet I felt as if the angels were watching over me. Silly as it may sound the ten year old in me serviced through the current spring illness which I have been battling. Through the child like eyes very little mattered and simplicity was comforting. Pulling the blanket over my legs, snuggling comfortable into my pillow, I find the invitation to daydream places in a world where all is as it should be.
I reviewed conversations of the past so as not to make the same mistakes. Interpretation of life is as unique as each individual soul, no right, no wrong, just different.

There is so much I want to do and so much I want to see. But it is not enough to explore the world over, but more importantly who share those moments with. So whether it is a walk along the park trail under a moonlit sky or a stroll through the art museum  on a less than crowded day, the magic begins the moment hands interlock.

Walk with me and you will see,
just how wonderful our life can
 really be. It's not that hard to
see just what you mean to me.

Go on and take my hand
I leave with you no demands,
the night is ours as we gaze
by the fire.

I made a promise and silly as it may sound,
I always keep my word.

As I battle my own vulnerabilities that have recently surfaced,
I find that despite the darkness the helm of goodness brings peace.


The rush of the city,
the country air,
to battle the darkness,
one must have no fear.

The list long with things to do,
so I reckon we have to live
till we are one hundred and two.

I'm in a silly mood,
 lying here on my bed,
gazing on out the window,
 thinking of you my friend.

My head is spinning,
my ears are ringing too,
but I don't care what happens,
as long as I can dream of you.

Your the love that holds me,
the fire that warms my soul,
and when I close my eyes
the dreams quickly unspool

It is half past midnight and I
can't fall asleep as I keep
drifting off with the music
in an escapade of make believe.

I'm  frolicking through my imagination,to be there next to you as the stars
take to shining brightly as they
celebrate in my love for you.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Once upon a time...

No words to the music,
your lips need not move,
it's the souls way of
dancing under the moon.

This candle light moment
is meant to be shared
so open your heart and
I'll soon be there.
Making love to the music 
as my very thoughts embrace the magic of the dreams. 


 Inspire me... embrace my heart and ignite the passion.


Sings slowly and softly> Listen to my love,
listen as it flows with words from my heart to
yours.Songs of what it means to me, to have
you by my side, to have you in my life.

Feel the gentleness of touch as it embraces all
that you and I are. Allow the magic of our love,
the joy of life to hold us through the dark
of night .

Taste the sweetness from our lips, imagine our
 first kiss and share the magic of love. Pleasure
through your fondest dreams, remember what
it means and fall in love over and over again.

There have been many books written on the topic of how different men and women are or at least how differently they make think. But I don't believe we are hard wired so differently as male and female, it has much more do with cultural expectations and the ethic and moral values instilled in each individual. The interlocking of puzzle pieces correctly creates a view that is most pleasing to the heart as well as the soul.
Love, everyone claims it but very few really know what it is. In many ways love is the true spontaneity of life.  The natural response is simplicity, action without thought. It is not what one plans to do but what comes naturally which releases a sense of well being, acceptance and passion. Imagine the interlocking of hands, the dance of souls and the energy released within the heart, that knows exactly when to brush a strand of hair off of forehead, pull once close and embrace as if this were our last day upon the earth. There are many ways to express love, but the ones that are of most importance are the moments you don't have to think about it...that which comes naturally.

Excitement,passion,love and desire,
you put it all together and set the soul on fire. 
When I close my eyes,

I am right there in your arms. 

Imagine for one moment that you are here with me,
my head upon your chest and perfect is everything.
May the moonbeam guide all my love to you ,
while I lay here dreaming of making loving you.

Flowers blooming in the garden,
clouds drifting like ships lost at sea.
Rainbows that bridge the mountains
and a river that flows your love to me.

Blue birds returning to nest and  the
hummers quickly find out where to
feed , as the sunshine fades in
and out like a reoccurring dream. 

It is a case of the " the they say" they say there is one good story in each of us. Who is the" they say" people? Well I think there is more than one story in each of us, which brings me to " happy endings". I never quite cottoned to happy endings, I like to think of each day as a happy beginning. We wake up, we have a chance to experience and as a friend once said " to reinvent ourselves". This had me thinking and reviewing a span of years from childhood to the current time period.  I figure that we are who we are because of the so called "journey" and each day is filed by our souls and kept safe in our mind according to the importance of the lesson and to be recalled as needed.
I don't know exactly why today has me caught up in such a review of my life but I imagine it has to do with how grateful I am to be alive. My daughter had called my name out as I was sleeping and I woke caught in the middle of the most pleasant dream. The hours passed by and I wanted to remember the dream  in depth, but I found myself quickly forgetting all but the characters involved. I knew that my subconscious had met with love and replayed it within my dream to soothe my soul.
I reckon that we have to experience a wide range of emotions, both the negative and positive to be able to distinguish between the two. I wasn't quite sure why that had to be,but I knew it was so. Some how I found myself caught in the visual images of my childhood. I could climb an apple tree better and faster than most boys in the neighborhood. I also caught the worse cases of poison ivy, because we know the best apples are indeed at the top tree and we stop at nothing to shake that branch and bring it down. I don't see myself separate from nature, but one with nature. Each of us have job to fulfill, the trees do a variety of things from giving off oxygen, bringing us shade, bearing fruit and nuts, housing small animals and birds and to their very end  trees decompose and nurture the low growing plants on the forest floor. In many ways Mother earth made allot of sense to me.  You respect her and back off when she is angry and  if she brings a little to much rain, to hard a wind or the bitter colds of winter, you just keep your distance.In many ways this retreat into the woodlands was an acceptable escape from that which didn't make much sense to me. To this very day there is joy in watching a seed grow and nurturing it knowing that when summer and fall rolls around it will reward us with gifts of plenty. One of my favorite nature moments was watching the male Cardinal take the young en's out on a day trip, teaching them, signs of danger and what to eat and how to forage for it. 
But what about the experiences that are less than positive that surface in our life? Do they define us or like an art sculpture chisel out our personality? I'd like to think that everything happens for a reason and accepting that will lighten the heavy load of burden that we place on ourselves. What is...is, not like we give into the destiny and allow it full control, because it is true that we are the writer of our own story. We make the choices that dictate which road we will follow. I looked back at both happy and sad times in my life and it really did occur to me that we are not defined by our last day, but what we accomplished throughout. It is the spooling of the full experience. My mother always said " every flower has its time". I hope to be a perennial, that way you get a chance to come back each year and set bloom all over again.

I am as the rain that falls upon the mountains,
the chill that wakens your very being and brings
you awareness.

I am as the sun while its rays bring light to the day,
you shall feel my warmth as it bridges
the distance to unite our souls.

I am as the wind, while it scurries about gathering
energy to turn loose upon the earth, I bring to
you the energy of love which blows from my
heart to yours.

I am as the earth, for she is one with the galaxy and
therefore, no mountain shall shield nor river stop its
flow for I am love and I am with you wherever you go.

It was odd the last few days as ill as I was, I felt a true sense of contentment. I knew in my heart that I had pleasured the meeting of souls, the bond of acceptance and the unique sense that there is a familiarity to our beings. That the words shall not leave my lips and yet I shall be understood, that tears no longer fill the eyes with sorrow and that darkness will have no place within the boundaries of the heavens. I embraced the suns rays as a new day began and rejoiced in the coming of time.

No one saw the snowflakes,
and no one understood,
they fell in many colors,
and melted as they should.

There were days of sadness,
and days where skies were blue
and somehow it all balanced out
with the mere thought of loving you.

When you feel deep inside that it is right, no doubt it is right, just as the heart 
recognizes when it has been wronged. 
It is not enough to speak of love for magical it can be,
when you allow your heart to feel and return it naturally. 

Once upon a time in a land far, far, far away, 
a woman met a man and fell in love
with a heart, a soul, a life
and a country.

Mi-e dor de tine

One sky,one set of stars,
one earth, one journey.

Two worlds, one life,
two hearts one love.

My pillow holds the secrets of all my nightly dreams,
I whispered in silence and my heart it seemed to scream.
Your hand upon my chest and our souls embrace and
from that very moment love took charge of the day.

Kisses in the morning, kisses in the night and the arms
of love holding me ever so tight. Dreams brought
you so ever near and  I can still hear my own
whispers haunting messages of my love for you dear.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waiting on the Blue bird

I drifted off to sleep and found myself caught up in the 
most peaceful dream.and at that moment all 
was as it should be... words faded 
 and love surfaced.

One cannot stop that which flows though the heart...
as one soul unites with another.

I am not as strong as people think
 or as wise as once was said,
or I would have pleased
my heart and brought
 to this road an end.


The road looks as if you can travel over the mountains
and through the trees,but it always circles back like a
haunting memory.

Here I am at the beginning looking that down twisting and
winding road and no matter how fast I think I am traveling
it is still awfully slow.

Only a fool holds the gift of love 
and fails to acknowledge it.

Words are only an invitation to the wants of the heart
and the needs of the soul.

I was watching the current and it sure did rise,
up so fast before my very eyes. It seemed on
a mission with no direction insight, so I gave
it my heart to take to you tonight. 

Faster and faster flows the stream,
down through the hollow to where
the river meets. Knowing you are
 near brings you even closer to me,
as close as seeing you in my dreams

The rain kept a coming it was pouring
fast, made its own tune as it hit the glass.
Still gazing out the window at the swollen
stream and slowly I began dancing to
your memory.


I'm sitting here and singing,
singing words of love, singing
the words that only the angels
above speak of.

I'm accompanied by the long
drawn out rain, each drop
falls to my heart and lays
to the moment a claim.

I feel the wings of my angel
sweet and as I am soaring
I have you right here next
to me.

The river is now swelling and
the shore is not to be found,
but even in a storm your love
is all around.

I feel something special and I
acknowledge that it is so, my
heart won't ever let it go.

The clouds of darkness play
a silly game, but I know behind
there is many more sun rays.

It was partially my parents ethnic upbringing and just my general love of music that made me appreciate the diversity in music. From the varied cultural music to the Irish folklore, I found the various styles of music to be uplifting, fun and that it had away of bringing joy to the day. To this day I still feel empowered in a magical kind of way  when I spontaneously sing and dance, whether standing in the rain, in a sunlit field or in the kitchen.
The mind is an incredible source of energy and it is constantly being influenced by what we subject ourselves to.  It is truly fascinating that which triggers thought and creates the flow that fuels the mind. After a few days of battling the flu or respiratory infection, I found myself regaining positive thought by my customers needs and all that which sat waiting for me to finish up. Like curtains now drawn open my vision cleared. Though I think I merely replaced one thought with another. Thoughts of ugh despair were now positive thoughts of joy, awakening to life like the first day of spring.

Circling around like a child dancing in the rain,
each raindrop woke my spirit and renewed
what love had already claimed.

Replacing the gray skies with shades of baby
blue and reminding me how wonderful it
is to to see your love shine through.

My heart felt at ease as the darkness
disappeared and as I felt the joy of
love in the air.

Something special was happening, like
a flower set to bloom and I knew that
I had surfaced from thoughts of doom.

The rain it just kept falling like a shower
to my soul, it washed away my yesterdays
and allowed happiness to unfold.

The wind began to blow and I felt it
deep inside and at that very moment
I thanked the Lord that I'm alive.
Spring time blossoms of Quince in bloom, 
chasing the seasons under gray skies and blue.

It is not that I know the direction
or what tomorrow will bring, but surely
there is a reason for every happening.
There is a chill that runs deep...with every dream there is a glint of hope.
Once I thought of giving up... only thought of it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

If only in my mind

The sound of my heart as it calls out to you,
fills the dark of the night with song and
visions of summer blue.

The joy of my day is when I share my life
with you, when we capture a moment
and sift it through and through.


Place your hand in mine and let me guide you ,
and whisper in your ear the words I love you. 
I rush each day over just to meet you in my dreams,
to hold you in my arms and softly to you sing.

I feel your love within me like a rose that blooms
you reveal the magic of life to me.

When the stars take the place of sun lit skies,
I'll be with you, if only in my mind.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

One to Many

One to many movies, one to many dreams,
one to many heartaches and one to many memories. 

The Hopeless Romantic

The heavens rule the night sky,
stragically they place the stars for
you and I dance on high.

The moon never fades from the
sky, I can see it like your both
 day and night.

I want all of your embrace, the kiss in
the morning and the warmth of your body
that makes the heart race.

I don't completely understand and I don't
know the why, must someone must see
the world same way as I .

Oldie but goodie,

It is front page news, to introduce to you, the
love that I feel when I am here with you.
This  little celebration is my proclamation
announcing my love for you.

We see what we want to see but the truth 
reveals itself even when denial rules.

I love the feel of cotton, soft against my skin,

 reminds me how gently I was touched from within...

Sings>I saw the dream and I believed
 my love for you would it make happen
 my love for you would make it happen,
my love for you would make our
dreams all come true.

I felt the magic deep within my soul,
I knew you took a hold and that
someday, we would side by side
until the ends of time.

Walking through life with my eyes closed, so that I can be in your arms.

I never imagined what life would bring,
confusing all my dreams with reality.
I wanted you here , I needed you my
dear and there is where this dreams begins.

I felt your love in a thousand dreams, your
arms around me for eternity. The script was
not mine it was purely divine, written words
of love for you.

I can feel  your tender touch and that is how
I imagine our love. Dancing in my dreams,
creating a fantasy of a love without an end.


Love puts us one step closer to the celestial heavens. 

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Michael Learns to rock - You took my heart Away

Cloud Dancing

It is really rather simple, just place your hand in mine and I'll pull you gently up on the clouds, where we will dance the night. Don't look up and don't look down, just gaze into my eyes where the reflection of love can be found.If you are feeling dizzy and you lose your way, I'll be here to hold you till morning finds its way.

The steps are rather easy, they are patterned after the stars and all you need to do is follow your heart. Your soul met up with mine and you alone will know the magic of the dance where passion grows. The wind teasing and wobbly are we and that is the wonders of cloud dancing that sends us back to earth safely.

You took my heart away, when my world was gray...

Sweet Dreams

It's been a difficult winter and I won't say I am sorry to see it go. I spent the day outdoors and though I still did not feel like my old self, I was comforted by the warm spring breeze, sunshine and the soil as it sifted through my fingers. There is something awful serene about the outdoors, you can lose yourself in your surroundings. The trees and the flowers have taken on a character of their own or maybe it is the memories that they hold that make them so precious in a deep way. The willow tree no longer stands its roots were indeed shallow and it did not weather the storms. Always growing and reaching for the water, until one winter, the young life of the willow had come to an end.
Everything you need to know about life can be learned through listening to Mother Nature. Crowded plants without space drains the nutrients from each other providing us with smaller blossoms and a poor harvest.
The more love you give, the more love your receive and if no love is given many plants will wither and die. Each plant is unique in its needs to flourish. Some need more sun, other tolerate shade and a few plants especially perennials are known to be prolific and capable of choking out a prized rose. The lessons are ongoing and as I relate them to life I see there is not much difference between the two. Respect our space and all that is around us, balance so that you can learn to enjoy the most out of the minimum,nurture and love will provides with the most unimaginable beautiful gifts. Everything has a time and a place and great wisdom can be had if we allow ourselves to look and listen. The birds return to next, the wood ducks are paired down by the stream and the season with its mixed bag of tricks will tease our spirit.

God is balance, for we are close enough to the sun
to be pleasured by its rays and far enough on a
winter day to enjoy the magic of a snowflake.

I am sure there is not many people who have not been fascinated by the star lit blue sky on a clear night. One look into the vast and endless universes becomes a reminder of how small we really are in the larger scheme of things. It is almost as if we become self-absorbed  and that we fail to connect with our surroundings.

I am the night sky, I shall not look upon the heavens but allow the infusion to fuel my soul. I am the light of the moon and as it breaks through the clouds it shines down as a reminder for you to gaze upon the light and feel my love enter your being. I am the darkness and as you close your eyes may you see the embrace of hearts and the dance of souls.

Lights candle,
 plays music,
closes eyes,
pulls you close
and dances
upon the clouds.

How can you mend a broken heart?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Googlebot and I

 I can't seem to fall asleep and as I look at the time it's now my usual wake up time. You gotta love what momma had to say. " she would say" there is no point in worrying,cause worrying never does any good " and of course the line" if you think you have it bad someone else has it worse" Que sa ra, sa ra what ever will be will be. As I lay here with my thoughts adrift, I went over in mind about what it is  that is so important that money can't buy and by all means only one thought came to mind is of course the obvious is health. Though I was thinking more on the line of  happiness, it is the most precious experience, easily attainable and yet rarely experienced. Again I thought about the times in my life when I was the happiest. I briefly scanned my memories, I didn't want to confuse contentment with happiness, for we can be content and not happy or happy and not content. I relate to content with a comfort zone and happiness to excitement. The unexpected seems to cause a love of excitement. I remember being at the ocean and joking with my son about the sharks in the water and being silly I said if a shark comes our way don't worry about me just run to shore and at that very moment a few feet away a dolphin jumped completely out of the water. I was amazed at the size and how small we are to such a beautiful creature. The unexpected it does get the blood rushing.
There are all kinds of ways to make a person happy and I guess I am dwelling here a little on personal happiness. Interaction, when you can make a person laugh and smile and you can smile and laugh back , that is happiness.
Balance,I always thought mother nature taught that lesson best. If you want a healthy garden , you can't have to much of a good thing, it has to balance the sun, the rain and the nutrients. Life is the same way, we need the sun the rain and the nourishment. Of course most people will think nourishment which comes from food,which is important for life, but I was thinking of nourishing the soul. 
Some people call the past, old luggage, but that to brings to mind something that of one my son's doctors said. Nicholas had broken his arm into two pieces, it was a severe break or as they called it a compound break, because at the time and his age he was so young , I was concerned that they didn't cast it nor set it. But the doctor said that because he was growing so rapidly that the bones would bond and heal and grow with him. But as the doctor looked over at me he said" Don't worry mom his arm will be stronger where it scars over than any other place on his body" I found that to be true across the board that in life the scars don't become old luggage but lessons and we are stronger from the experience than we would be had we not have had it. I also believe each experience alters our character in various ways. Who we are and who will be is somehow formed , I'd like to think of it as growth, but never the less each experience heightens our awareness and either leads us forward or has us sliding back. " Which I tend to believe by the time we have made it to first grade our personalities have already taken form. 
I have been most excited in my life when I was allowed to be myself and accepted for it. No past, no future, the present being , who I am and to be understood and loved for who I am. Nothing is more exciting in mind then loving and being loved. I remember when my children were young and I taught them to dance in the kitchen they couldn't wait for their turn and as they grew up it was " mom you are crazy, that is so embarrassing"  I still love to dance in the kitchen, I close my eyes and I imagine that I am not alone and that I am indeed on the clouds. Take my hand let me pull you close, on my cloud you are the best dancer in the world. 
The night has quickly passed by and I am not sure whether to roll over and try catch a few minutes or sleep or stay on this second wind and get some work done. I guess it depends on my dream lover, Open your arms and I will roll on over. From my soul through my heart to your lips ...good night!

Life is like a puzzle, everyone a piece trying to fit in.

There is a mystery to the sense of emotion,
when you feel abstract in thought. 
People only reveal to others what they want them to know... 
to remove the layers takes time and patience.

It is the balance of life and death that makes us all so vulnerable, 
giving a new meaning to, " so much to do,so little time"

If I could stand still time, I would be very selective
 in what I was doing at the moment.
Trust is the most important element in a relationship,
without it the blocks of life having nothing to build upon.

I need nothing more than to feel your love.

The soul leads, the heart follows...

 100%/ 100% all of the time...your heart, my heart, 
your soul my soul,  our love.

The building blocks of Love, 
Faith, trust, passion and desire,respect, kindness and dreams through the hour.
Differences, similarities and all that make us one. Laughter and joy as we
dance on the clouds up above.

I recognized it, it made me laugh and smile,
so truly amazing that I am holding it right now.
It is here in my heart, where there is no trace of fear
and I knew that I had found it with no signs of despair.
I feel a little crazy, crazy indeed, 
that I had found love and love had found me. 


Here is my heart, I've given to you, 
be gentle my love, in whatever you do. 

Listen closely and you will hear 
the words of love that my heart 
cares to share. 

Kind and loving, respectful indeed
and understanding the core of my 

Time is limited in all that we do, 
so hold my hand and challenge the blue. 

Here is my heart, I've given to you, 
be gentle my love, in whatever you do.

Here is my heart, I've given to you,
be gentle my love, in whatever you do

Might have been the love songs,
or it could have been the dance,
which caused my heart to pit and
 patter and fall into a trance.

Caught up in my own daydreams,
I found myself doing silly things,
giggling and laughing, dancing on
the clouds and imaging you
 all around.

Might have been the love songs,
or it could have been the dance
which caused my heart to pit and
patter and fall into a trance.

My heart recorded every single thought
working overtime on a romance plot.
My soul might have cast you in the lead,
for you are responsible for all this glee.

Might have been the love songs,
or it could have been the dance,
which caused my heart to pit and
patter and fall in a trance.

We are given the ability to sense many things,
we know when something doesn't feel right 
and when it feels awfully wonderful. 

Take me to your heart

Take me to your heart!

LOVE ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART (Lyrics) - Engelbert Humperdinck

...with every beat of your heart!

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Arch Angel

 Dreams, images, memories sweet,
if I had my way you'd be here with

To dance in the morning to embrace
in the night, to hold you darling for
the rest of my life.

Dreams, images, memories sweet,
if I had my way you'd be here with 

To share in the moments, to kiss you
goodnight, to  love you for the rest
of my life.

Dreams,images,memories sweet,
if I had my way you'd be here with 

To hold yourhand and journey each day
to the land of dreams where memories
 are made.

Dreams,images,memories sweet,
if I had my way you'd be here with 

To see your smile, look deep in
your eyes, to feel your heart beat
for all time.

 Over the years many people speak of and regard the angels as a higher entity, one with  immortality worthy of free reign over the heavens and the earth. Christianity refers to them as messengers of God, those who have been sanctioned with the power to guide and protect. The Arch Angel  is spoken of as  being the superior angel, one capable of the greatest and highest of achievements. Of course interpretation and the imagination has made angels mysterious and almost magical.
I myself speak of an unseen but clearly felt energy between people and have claimed that this may also be the work of angels. It is quite obvious that good and evil and exist and that we are empowered by one or the other. I do believe people take everything out of context and twist it to suit their own purpose.
You can refer to our time on earth anyway you like, but I do look at it as a journey, a times spent exploring and finding our place within the world. There are many periods of awakening that we go through as individuals, I consider them times of growth.  It our conscious and unconscious awareness of the presence of the angels that lead us at the times where we have given up or given in. Sometimes more than enough I have wanted to hold still those precious moments where angels appeared.  I find that angels are not the crutch people think they are, they know hold all the answers and they don't necessarily direct us, but they do indeed accompany us upon the journey.
The forces  of angels sometimes seen and unseen reveal the power of unconditional love. I looked at my own personal revelations and that is when I reached the greatest strides on an emotional and spiritual note. Overwhelmed by our earthly obstructions I at times failed to document my own achievements.

Hold my hand and walk with me,
high like a gull hovering the sea...

that all things are possible

I am usually moving, always on the go, but today I sat down on the rocky shore and watched the stream flow. The current was swift and with the strong winds a roar, it sounded like a concerto just waiting to be explored. The weather a bit deceiving, clouds of  gray and the sunlight rays of gold, felt a bit more like the month of March than a day at April's door.
Feeling a bit silly, child like some might say as I found the perfect stones to simply toss away. I hoped that that they might skip across the width of the stream, instead of gliding across the way they went plop down into the bottom of the stream. I took in all the images as if my mind is a camera that just won't stop, the crow taken flight, the ducks paired along the stream and the green of the wild onions creating the first visuals of spring.

I have come to this place often, every chance I get, to escape the doldrums of the day and replace them with dreams of bliss. I have watched the falls throughout each season and change a little it does, but still it always has an aurora full of peace and content.

Strength comes not from what someone else can see in you,
but what you can see within yourself.

Fear has nothing to do with love,
but love has everything to do with happiness. 
I Believe...

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pumkin Run

There was a silence on the river, the water barely moved. No boats, barges, ducks or geese nor sounds of song birds in their mating call. Mesmerized was I as if I were in a trance and caught up in the moment where  spring and I would begin to dance. The gifts of nature appeared relatively small but they are there to mark the beginning and to that I stand in awe. There were the blooms of the Dutchman in feather like leaves and some flowers that I could not identify which for a short time would reveal that is indeed spring. The season  now in full session and no longer does it feel  the masque for once what winter concealed , spring  remove with blades of green grass. The trees stand tall as they wait for each bud to open wide and soon the barren branches will be dressed in leaves that brawl with the wind to reach the blue of the sky.
I climbed down in the hollow, I walked the mountain stream and I gathered all the images both large and small that could be seen. There was the newt that wiggled as he tried to get away and the empty nest of last years birds that stood strong through the winter days. I felt I was on a journey and the ten year old was free and for just one special moment, it was the wind, the trees and me. I looked at each milestone as I passed them along the way and wondered what it all meant, was I like a season that would someday fade?
It was I who made the choices and step by step I walked and to the hills no whispers, yet somehow my heart began to talk. It spoke of fears,happiness and desire and what caused it to beat so fast and set my heart on fire. The afternoon was without sunshine, the clouds of gray ruled the day and yet I was still thankful that signs of winter would be replaced with the Month of May. 
Nature tells a story and only few will stop to listen and if they open up their heart and with the moment share,they will find such magic in the gifts that spring has spared. Nothing stops the moment, it is true that time will not stand still and so we must challenge each and every day and climb the most difficult of hill.

I am merely a pawn in Natures game of life.
To love and be loved is the mission of the heart, 
to respect and be respected is the souls quest.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Magic of Touch

There are somethings in life you don't have to experience to know that it would be comforting, sensual and amazing. The simple gestures that come from merely sharing energy through the means of touch is completely empowering. I find that not everyone understands or appreciates the mystical magic of touch. I myself  find it to be one of life's most precious gifts. The way we explore and express ourselves through the many senses not only creates the moment but locks in a memory. Though we can set the stage with the fragrance sweet of floral delights, listen to the sound of the heart beating, appreciate the taste of sweetness upon our lips and yes slowly and gently explore.

Your fingers gentle through my hair,
my head upon your chest  listening to
each beat of your rhythmic heart

Touching the flesh,soothing the heart,
embracing the soul andcomforting
both near and afar.

The gift is the energy from you and I,
ignites the spirit like the stars shine
up in the sky.


I shall not open up my eyes nor let your image fade from my mind. Cast like a lure into the water, is your heart cast here next to mine. I shall not open up my eyes or let your image fade from my mine. Seared to my soul the words of all my love for you. I Shall not! I shall not! I shall not open up my eyes, in fear that you will disappear. My need overpowers my want of you, to hold you close and my love share.

I might not have understood the many roads I've have crossed,but as I look back I realize I was never truly lost. The journey long led me to you and all that you need to know, is that I really do love you.

Giving the Rain a Bad Rap

The rain gets a bad rap because of its clouds of dark which hide the sunshine. It has been known to put a damper on a picnic, destroy an outdoor event or two and cause the rivers to flood. But where would we be without water? There would be no life as we know it, as plants and people and animals and insects are made of water. Earth's elements of water, air and wind empower life. I rejoice in the falling of the rain, of the touch of the wind as it blows through my hair and each breath of air that we share.

Watching the rain fall gently to the earth,
rejoicing with the flowers as they grow and
give their blooms birth.

I can feel each raindrop that falls upon
my flesh and awakens my soul togive me
a place upon this earth.

Breath to breath, my heart to yours,
like a wave that washes from the
ocean to the shore.

There is no sadness, this path led me
to you and when I listen to my heart,
I know what I need to do.

Place your hand in mine, don't be afraid
enjoy the ride. Live by the elements and
let the love inside.

The balance of Mother Earth is full of
lessons and each persons worth.

I tried to hold still, capture moments
of time, until I realized that imprisons
the mind.

Our souls were meant to soar, our hearts
are bonded forevermore, even though our
flesh will pass, our love has more
in store.

I tried to stay on one chapter and foolish was I, 
as the pages were gently turning 
 before my very eyes.

Friday, April 01, 2011

A Cup Between 2 Friends

I closed my eyes and
my heart now could see,
love, love, love here
with me.

In your arms in the morning,
in your arms all night.
I closed my eyes and I held
you tight.

I closed my eyes and my
heart now could see,
love, love , love here
with me.

The little birds wintered over and now celebrate spring. Even with the snowflakes falling, it knows what the warmth will bring. They'll soon be chirping and whistling their mating call and building their nest, till the summers comes to call. The birds feeding on the porch outback, bring a smile to my face as they keep on coming back. The road is awfully confusing and I don't know which way to go, so I just keep on traveling through the storms of rain and snow. The mountains lay between us and the river that runs cold, tries to separate the lovers hold.

Making Love to Nature!

I ask nothing of prayer,
as there is nothing to gain,
but peace in the heart 
where a hole remains.

In my heart weeps the tears of yesterday,
deep in my soul forms a river where
the tear drops never fade.

 Unconditional love which unites soul to soul 
displays the most beautiful form of magic 
one that is forever and everlasting.

Is this my destiny, the path I choose to walk? The hollows holds the secret and still I think it talks, whispers of dreams locked in beneath the rocks and deep within the hollow I feel as if I am lost. Once I heard the whispers " who dares to hold your hand?" " journey beside you and meet your hearts demands ?" Sorrow has surfaced many times before and leads me down a path where my heart and soul are torn. Is this my destiny, the path I choose to walk?

It was the largest snowflake that I had ever seen,
cotton white, fluffy like a cloud in a dream.
It floated gently, rocking back and forth, and
as it hit the ground it melted without retort.

Love is everywhere. Can you feel it ? I can feel it in the air, raindrops from heaven, snowflakes from our dreams and the magic of love that makes the sweetest memories. Blowing in the wind are the words that spell
what you mean to me and what I mean to you.. dear love

Love is everywhere. Can you see it? I can see it in the sky, the blue blanket, the stars at night, the moon and the morning sunlight. Tickling my spirit, touching my heart and bringing your soul bonded to mine.

Love is everywhere.  Can you hear it? I can hear it in my heart, the love birds sing the song, the robin hopping along, the squirrel in the trees and the magic of you me. Serenade my heart  and sing sweet love to my soul as I dream of loving you.

Love is everywhere. Can you taste it? I can taste it on my lips like a honey sweet kiss and sugar filled bliss dreams. In my dreams and my daily thoughts, I taste what only love can bring the magic of loving you.

I am making love to nature,
nature is making love to me,
toying me with snowflakes
and teasing me with spring.

Stroking the heart with
the sweetest memories,
and giving me the visions
that only love can bring.

I am making love to nature,
nature is making love to me,
toying me with snowflakes
and teasing me with spring.

The rain will surely fall and the
flowers definitely will  bloom
and I'll be chasing the seasons,
under skies of  gray and blue.

I am making love to nature,
nature is making love to me,
toying  me with snowflakes,
and teasing me with spring.

Snow white crystals falling from the sky,
purple crocus wait to bloom in spring time.
The season fickle brings to me a treat, 
sunshine, snowstorms and the hope of spring.

I think it is because our wants and our needs complicate our emotions, that we sometimes become overwhelmed with our very own desires.

Sings>I want to love, love this life, share it with you and make our dreams come true. I want to dream and hope that your dreaming here with me. I want to believe, that God gave a reason for the moment, I hope that you know, wherever you are and wherever go, that I am there with you. Holding your hand and holding your heart making

I want a love that is only for me and only for you. Ours and ours alone, here on this earth and where the moon glows. I want a love that is only for me and only for you. I want a love, I want a love that is only for me and only for youuuu.

It's when you think you know everything 
that you realize how little you know.


It was Shakespeare who said that "All the world's a stage,and all the men and women merely players:They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts" I find myself at times questioning what part in the script of life I am to play and at times that becomes troubling. Might be the unfulfilled passion that hungers to be explored or the emptiness to be filled.