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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Giving the Rain a Bad Rap

The rain gets a bad rap because of its clouds of dark which hide the sunshine. It has been known to put a damper on a picnic, destroy an outdoor event or two and cause the rivers to flood. But where would we be without water? There would be no life as we know it, as plants and people and animals and insects are made of water. Earth's elements of water, air and wind empower life. I rejoice in the falling of the rain, of the touch of the wind as it blows through my hair and each breath of air that we share.

Watching the rain fall gently to the earth,
rejoicing with the flowers as they grow and
give their blooms birth.

I can feel each raindrop that falls upon
my flesh and awakens my soul togive me
a place upon this earth.

Breath to breath, my heart to yours,
like a wave that washes from the
ocean to the shore.

There is no sadness, this path led me
to you and when I listen to my heart,
I know what I need to do.

Place your hand in mine, don't be afraid
enjoy the ride. Live by the elements and
let the love inside.

The balance of Mother Earth is full of
lessons and each persons worth.

I tried to hold still, capture moments
of time, until I realized that imprisons
the mind.

Our souls were meant to soar, our hearts
are bonded forevermore, even though our
flesh will pass, our love has more
in store.

I tried to stay on one chapter and foolish was I, 
as the pages were gently turning 
 before my very eyes.

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