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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fluffs Pillow

I have been guilty of wanting to stay on the same chapter for a longer period of time than the chapter required. But like each day , as the sun rises a page of life is turning.  We can go back and review the chapter, look on at it fondly but in reality a new one is being written as we speak. It kind of reminds me of learning arithmetic to master it you can't skip a lesson, as each one is a building block to the next. If taken out context nothing would make any sense. I use to compare life to a game of" chutes and ladders" but that is really far from the truth, we don't climb up just to slide back. Each experience though it might seem similar will be different, simple because we are different. The thread of experience sews within us character and our character will perform each time on a different level. Of course sometimes I feel a pick up truck caught in the mud, the tires keep spinning and you feel like you are getting nowhere. I have come to understand that acceptance of self reveals the inner workings of the soul. That we are different and yet the same in the exploration of emotions.

 Sings>Love is not a chapter nor a moment in time,
it is the energy that propels us forward in mind.
Each day I think of you and all we have yet to
do and that is the magic of my love for you.

Love is  fire and water and the earth and heavens
blue, the dreams  of a lifetime where I am holding you.
 Happiness inspired is the song in my heart, it started
within my soul and bridged you from afar.

I was reading book this weekend on DNA and how it plays within our personality to give us schematic or blue print of our outlook on life. Happiness like sadness is inherited. Well maybe that it is taking it a little to far, but how we absorb and digest life is weighed by many factors. I find it frightening to some degree, that from the time of our birth we prepare for the time of our death. Who are we and what is our intended reason upon this earth? Our similarity to animals, heart, lung, liver, eyes, nose and mouth have away of making a lifetime appear in a common light. But our intelligence as our emotional tear give us various depth in which other creatures of earth do not possess.
As I look into the sky on a dark clear night, I am not only amazed at the little significance earth plays in the mass of universes. Can earth be just that the luck of the dice. The right distance from our sun with just the perfect atmosphere to create life. It has been now over forty years since I first looked at the sky and said there must be more. It was the ending of the Vietnam war and from that time I thought man would never be seen in battle again. Yet we have come so little when it comes to advancement of mankind. I would have loved to seen in my time a world of peace, a utopia. That would be a dream come true, but maybe man is just not created of complete peace and therefore peace will never come.
It would be magical to see the exploration of the heavens and find out what piece we play in the mass of  the galaxy's.  . I haven't a clue what it meant or the why of it all. But somehow our subconscious responds in ways that soothe and heal the mind. I don't believe we are by accident and yet how wasted are the lives of many.
I can still see the window of my childhood bedroom and as I remember laying across my bed wondering why the rest of the world does not see the simplicity of life. That love indeed can out perform the hell in which we live. People worry about where they are going after death, when our heaven and hell exist right here within our very minds. Is it what we are taught or what we were born to believe? My needs are rather simple...

Pastel colors are what I see,
sewn are buttons above the knee.
Some to open, others to close,
stitched of memories I can't let go.

Those life long tears behind the eyes,
are gone forever erased from the mind.
For my heart is pure with love and that
is what surfaces to the heavens above.

I believe with all my heart that love is more powerful than hate. 

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