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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It was the long waited day of spring and as I opened by bedroom windows the glorious sights of spring were all about. From the hills blanketed with snow white wild trillium to the golden blooms of the daffodil which bring  an array of golden color to the gardens.The curtains seem to come to life as the warm wind partnered to bring about a calm and peaceful dance. I watched as the curtains blew gently in an out of the window, the sway was reminisce of the early springs of childhood. I entertained the fact that the rains though long and dreary were necessary to bring about the magical moment of spring in motion.
My emotions scaled a wide range and yet I felt as if the angels were watching over me. Silly as it may sound the ten year old in me serviced through the current spring illness which I have been battling. Through the child like eyes very little mattered and simplicity was comforting. Pulling the blanket over my legs, snuggling comfortable into my pillow, I find the invitation to daydream places in a world where all is as it should be.
I reviewed conversations of the past so as not to make the same mistakes. Interpretation of life is as unique as each individual soul, no right, no wrong, just different.

There is so much I want to do and so much I want to see. But it is not enough to explore the world over, but more importantly who share those moments with. So whether it is a walk along the park trail under a moonlit sky or a stroll through the art museum  on a less than crowded day, the magic begins the moment hands interlock.

Walk with me and you will see,
just how wonderful our life can
 really be. It's not that hard to
see just what you mean to me.

Go on and take my hand
I leave with you no demands,
the night is ours as we gaze
by the fire.

I made a promise and silly as it may sound,
I always keep my word.

As I battle my own vulnerabilities that have recently surfaced,
I find that despite the darkness the helm of goodness brings peace.


The rush of the city,
the country air,
to battle the darkness,
one must have no fear.

The list long with things to do,
so I reckon we have to live
till we are one hundred and two.

I'm in a silly mood,
 lying here on my bed,
gazing on out the window,
 thinking of you my friend.

My head is spinning,
my ears are ringing too,
but I don't care what happens,
as long as I can dream of you.

Your the love that holds me,
the fire that warms my soul,
and when I close my eyes
the dreams quickly unspool

It is half past midnight and I
can't fall asleep as I keep
drifting off with the music
in an escapade of make believe.

I'm  frolicking through my imagination,to be there next to you as the stars
take to shining brightly as they
celebrate in my love for you.

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