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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sweet Dreams

It's been a difficult winter and I won't say I am sorry to see it go. I spent the day outdoors and though I still did not feel like my old self, I was comforted by the warm spring breeze, sunshine and the soil as it sifted through my fingers. There is something awful serene about the outdoors, you can lose yourself in your surroundings. The trees and the flowers have taken on a character of their own or maybe it is the memories that they hold that make them so precious in a deep way. The willow tree no longer stands its roots were indeed shallow and it did not weather the storms. Always growing and reaching for the water, until one winter, the young life of the willow had come to an end.
Everything you need to know about life can be learned through listening to Mother Nature. Crowded plants without space drains the nutrients from each other providing us with smaller blossoms and a poor harvest.
The more love you give, the more love your receive and if no love is given many plants will wither and die. Each plant is unique in its needs to flourish. Some need more sun, other tolerate shade and a few plants especially perennials are known to be prolific and capable of choking out a prized rose. The lessons are ongoing and as I relate them to life I see there is not much difference between the two. Respect our space and all that is around us, balance so that you can learn to enjoy the most out of the minimum,nurture and love will provides with the most unimaginable beautiful gifts. Everything has a time and a place and great wisdom can be had if we allow ourselves to look and listen. The birds return to next, the wood ducks are paired down by the stream and the season with its mixed bag of tricks will tease our spirit.

God is balance, for we are close enough to the sun
to be pleasured by its rays and far enough on a
winter day to enjoy the magic of a snowflake.

I am sure there is not many people who have not been fascinated by the star lit blue sky on a clear night. One look into the vast and endless universes becomes a reminder of how small we really are in the larger scheme of things. It is almost as if we become self-absorbed  and that we fail to connect with our surroundings.

I am the night sky, I shall not look upon the heavens but allow the infusion to fuel my soul. I am the light of the moon and as it breaks through the clouds it shines down as a reminder for you to gaze upon the light and feel my love enter your being. I am the darkness and as you close your eyes may you see the embrace of hearts and the dance of souls.

Lights candle,
 plays music,
closes eyes,
pulls you close
and dances
upon the clouds.

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