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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Michael Learns to rock - You took my heart Away

Cloud Dancing

It is really rather simple, just place your hand in mine and I'll pull you gently up on the clouds, where we will dance the night. Don't look up and don't look down, just gaze into my eyes where the reflection of love can be found.If you are feeling dizzy and you lose your way, I'll be here to hold you till morning finds its way.

The steps are rather easy, they are patterned after the stars and all you need to do is follow your heart. Your soul met up with mine and you alone will know the magic of the dance where passion grows. The wind teasing and wobbly are we and that is the wonders of cloud dancing that sends us back to earth safely.

You took my heart away, when my world was gray...

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