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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Once upon a time...

No words to the music,
your lips need not move,
it's the souls way of
dancing under the moon.

This candle light moment
is meant to be shared
so open your heart and
I'll soon be there.
Making love to the music 
as my very thoughts embrace the magic of the dreams. 


 Inspire me... embrace my heart and ignite the passion.


Sings slowly and softly> Listen to my love,
listen as it flows with words from my heart to
yours.Songs of what it means to me, to have
you by my side, to have you in my life.

Feel the gentleness of touch as it embraces all
that you and I are. Allow the magic of our love,
the joy of life to hold us through the dark
of night .

Taste the sweetness from our lips, imagine our
 first kiss and share the magic of love. Pleasure
through your fondest dreams, remember what
it means and fall in love over and over again.

There have been many books written on the topic of how different men and women are or at least how differently they make think. But I don't believe we are hard wired so differently as male and female, it has much more do with cultural expectations and the ethic and moral values instilled in each individual. The interlocking of puzzle pieces correctly creates a view that is most pleasing to the heart as well as the soul.
Love, everyone claims it but very few really know what it is. In many ways love is the true spontaneity of life.  The natural response is simplicity, action without thought. It is not what one plans to do but what comes naturally which releases a sense of well being, acceptance and passion. Imagine the interlocking of hands, the dance of souls and the energy released within the heart, that knows exactly when to brush a strand of hair off of forehead, pull once close and embrace as if this were our last day upon the earth. There are many ways to express love, but the ones that are of most importance are the moments you don't have to think about it...that which comes naturally.

Excitement,passion,love and desire,
you put it all together and set the soul on fire. 
When I close my eyes,

I am right there in your arms. 

Imagine for one moment that you are here with me,
my head upon your chest and perfect is everything.
May the moonbeam guide all my love to you ,
while I lay here dreaming of making loving you.

Flowers blooming in the garden,
clouds drifting like ships lost at sea.
Rainbows that bridge the mountains
and a river that flows your love to me.

Blue birds returning to nest and  the
hummers quickly find out where to
feed , as the sunshine fades in
and out like a reoccurring dream. 

It is a case of the " the they say" they say there is one good story in each of us. Who is the" they say" people? Well I think there is more than one story in each of us, which brings me to " happy endings". I never quite cottoned to happy endings, I like to think of each day as a happy beginning. We wake up, we have a chance to experience and as a friend once said " to reinvent ourselves". This had me thinking and reviewing a span of years from childhood to the current time period.  I figure that we are who we are because of the so called "journey" and each day is filed by our souls and kept safe in our mind according to the importance of the lesson and to be recalled as needed.
I don't know exactly why today has me caught up in such a review of my life but I imagine it has to do with how grateful I am to be alive. My daughter had called my name out as I was sleeping and I woke caught in the middle of the most pleasant dream. The hours passed by and I wanted to remember the dream  in depth, but I found myself quickly forgetting all but the characters involved. I knew that my subconscious had met with love and replayed it within my dream to soothe my soul.
I reckon that we have to experience a wide range of emotions, both the negative and positive to be able to distinguish between the two. I wasn't quite sure why that had to be,but I knew it was so. Some how I found myself caught in the visual images of my childhood. I could climb an apple tree better and faster than most boys in the neighborhood. I also caught the worse cases of poison ivy, because we know the best apples are indeed at the top tree and we stop at nothing to shake that branch and bring it down. I don't see myself separate from nature, but one with nature. Each of us have job to fulfill, the trees do a variety of things from giving off oxygen, bringing us shade, bearing fruit and nuts, housing small animals and birds and to their very end  trees decompose and nurture the low growing plants on the forest floor. In many ways Mother earth made allot of sense to me.  You respect her and back off when she is angry and  if she brings a little to much rain, to hard a wind or the bitter colds of winter, you just keep your distance.In many ways this retreat into the woodlands was an acceptable escape from that which didn't make much sense to me. To this very day there is joy in watching a seed grow and nurturing it knowing that when summer and fall rolls around it will reward us with gifts of plenty. One of my favorite nature moments was watching the male Cardinal take the young en's out on a day trip, teaching them, signs of danger and what to eat and how to forage for it. 
But what about the experiences that are less than positive that surface in our life? Do they define us or like an art sculpture chisel out our personality? I'd like to think that everything happens for a reason and accepting that will lighten the heavy load of burden that we place on ourselves. What is...is, not like we give into the destiny and allow it full control, because it is true that we are the writer of our own story. We make the choices that dictate which road we will follow. I looked back at both happy and sad times in my life and it really did occur to me that we are not defined by our last day, but what we accomplished throughout. It is the spooling of the full experience. My mother always said " every flower has its time". I hope to be a perennial, that way you get a chance to come back each year and set bloom all over again.

I am as the rain that falls upon the mountains,
the chill that wakens your very being and brings
you awareness.

I am as the sun while its rays bring light to the day,
you shall feel my warmth as it bridges
the distance to unite our souls.

I am as the wind, while it scurries about gathering
energy to turn loose upon the earth, I bring to
you the energy of love which blows from my
heart to yours.

I am as the earth, for she is one with the galaxy and
therefore, no mountain shall shield nor river stop its
flow for I am love and I am with you wherever you go.

It was odd the last few days as ill as I was, I felt a true sense of contentment. I knew in my heart that I had pleasured the meeting of souls, the bond of acceptance and the unique sense that there is a familiarity to our beings. That the words shall not leave my lips and yet I shall be understood, that tears no longer fill the eyes with sorrow and that darkness will have no place within the boundaries of the heavens. I embraced the suns rays as a new day began and rejoiced in the coming of time.

No one saw the snowflakes,
and no one understood,
they fell in many colors,
and melted as they should.

There were days of sadness,
and days where skies were blue
and somehow it all balanced out
with the mere thought of loving you.

When you feel deep inside that it is right, no doubt it is right, just as the heart 
recognizes when it has been wronged. 
It is not enough to speak of love for magical it can be,
when you allow your heart to feel and return it naturally. 

Once upon a time in a land far, far, far away, 
a woman met a man and fell in love
with a heart, a soul, a life
and a country.

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