Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Magic of Love

Infatuation, a foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction. An object of extravagant, short-lived passion.
Nothing is more powerful then the magic of love, it comforts without being asked, continuosly gives respect, has enough patience to see through all trails of life, journeys with passion on a never ending ride of desire. Magical indeed and year after year it just keeps blooming more and more beautiful then the year before.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Never alone,
never a one,
always together,
my friend, my love.
I felt a shadow of sadness darken the day,
until I thought of you and the curtains went away.
I felt the walls of loneliness keep distant your love,
until I closed my eyes and felt my spirit rise above.
I felt the lack of faith for a brief period of time, until
your heart reached out and calmed my restless mind.
I felt the walls of circumstance closing on in, until I
closed my eyes and your love sent me in a spin.


I was placed in this sterile environment, there was no laughter, no tears, no heartache, nor happiness. I existed on the stage created to keep contained my spirit. With one foot firmly in the hollow and another stepping over mountains, I was able to experience beyond all dreams.
The incredible power of love and its ability to encourage, comfort and embrace more then any concept the mind could create. In the explosion of emotion, I was able to process the internal depth of pleasure and joy. I had not evolved over the years, I had just set free that which felt the chains of imprisonment. Allowing someone else to set the guidelines for right and wrong, when I myself knew what felt right and wrong. Wings, it could be said that I had been given wings and my soul had been given sight and my heart had felt the embrace of love.

Let's fly..... take me higher!

Lady Jane

All my loving

All my loving

I Think I Can

Expectation played its hand and disappointment appeared. It was only a matter of time, before I saw it clear. Then why, tell me why, the fuzziness appears, whenever I think of you and all time disappears.

I can only be responsible for my own thoughts and my own actions, for only in truth can the spirit be set free.
I will not allow silence to hit the
keys of my heart so loudly.
I cannot always understand the part each person plays in our life at the time, stands back, or looks back...breathe I say, breathe...
It is not a m---y mood, I swear, who lies now. lol you can't block memories, it takes an object, a word, a moment, or a thought to remind you of a segment of your life.
Hold my hand... my legs are wobbly... I think I can.... I think I can...

Take my hand, you have my heart, take my kiss...

Sings>The chickadee chirps in song as she is nested in the eaves and the sun has yet to find a place to break on through the trees. The hollow begins to wake up and my heart begins to sing and all that I could think of is your spirit here with me.

The day is just starting and I've places to go and I know that in my heart your with me and I'll never be alone. The melancholy fever that took me by surprise, reveals the truth to rid life of all the lies.

You don't have to see it, you know it so, when love takes a hold of you, it never lets you go. I felt it in the morning before my eyes opened wide, I felt it in the sunlight as your memory warmed from inside.

The dogs are all sleeping and the rooster failed to crow, the weather inviting and the landscape a picture show. Part of me smiling as I feel your embrace, imagine your kisses and the sweetness that only you can make.

I don't know what to do, my heart is troubled so, I wanna rewrite the chapters, and let the heartache go. Still like an object for admiration made, but neither can it move nor run away.

You don't have to see it, you know it is so, when love takes a hold of you, it never lets you go. I felt it in the morning before my eyes opened wide, I felt it in the sunlight as your memory warmed from inside.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Memory Game

Periwinkle is the night sky,
darkened without a cloud in sight.
Images of you and I, were playing
tricks with my mind.
Silence controlled the hour and still
I could hear the flames of a roaring fire.
Deep down in my soul, you anchored
firmly with a life long hold.
Perwinkle is the night sky,
darkened without a cloud in sight.
Happiness and sadness played on
a starless night of a summer day.
Dreams of the heart and soul were made,
out of magical moments and the love you gave.

My Soul

A glimpse through my heart,
as my soul would have you view it.

To see clearly the reflection of the soul,
one must first be willing to release all self created restraints.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Attending a music event yesterday, it just reinforced how important music is, in setting a stage, creating a mood, shifting the spirit. Folk music always seem to have an uplifting and spirited nature. All it took to sing a song was to hold the dream...

Sings> over hills and valleys, it all seemed quite clear, a life has little meaning, until once it is shared. From up in the heavens and back down to earth, with you beside me my heart is heard.

Sing from the heart and dance with the soul and around in circles, as love takes a hold. Sing from the heart and dance with the soul and around in cirlces, as love takes a hold.

...and what a life it is

If time records the moment to document a day,
then it is my heart that records your love to
embrace in the most amazing way.
For whether the sun is rising or just beginning
to set, matters so very little when spirits pass
the test.
It's felt in the morning, into the day and through
the night, the power of love that gives meaning,
excitement to this life.

Sunrise, Sunset

With heart and soul

Like the sun, which lights the morning sky, your love penetrates my heart as its reflection can be seen shining brightly upon my soul... this is the explosion of energy that ignites with the joy of love.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

One word... followed by a lifetime.

Deep within the hollow, beneath the sun lit trees, you could find me dancing in yesterdays dream. A partition of the heavens and all that I could see was the one who brought me happiness and taught me to believe.

My heart began to race, to a symphony of sound, from song birds flitting through the trees, to the crickets on the ground. No room for melancholy nor feelings of despair, as the reminder came in gentle waves of how much I love you dear.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Sun is Shining and all is right with the World

I found this in the news and I was fascinated with a lot of what Randy Pausch had to say. I have referred to the walls many of times, those of circumstance, the expectations of others and yes those we ourselves build. But as I began to listen to his " last lecture" One thing that really stood out was that" brick walls are not there to keep us out, they are there to show how bad we really want something" http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/LastLecture/ I think about the walls I have myself challenged, had torn down, brick by brick and those of insecurity that I still have left to battle. I think if you haven't heard his lecture yet that you take time out to listen.

To my dear friend, true some of us aren't starting out on the same playing field and so it may take a little longer to see our dreams come true, to refocus. I am happy to be holding your hand through it and because I don't say it enough, I wanted to use this platform to thank you for believing in me, loving me and best of all understanding me... loves you back, tightens my grasp, just incase I back just a little to far off that cloud.

In the Clouds

This is the first time since I began to showcase my work that I have canceled showing up for an event, well actually two events in one week. I could come up with all kinds of excuses and thought I haven't been well this week,nothing normally would have stopped me from getting out and meeting people.
I woke up early as I usually do around 4 am, showered and quickly prepared to leave. It was warm early in the day and kind of muggy but it started out as a good day. The directions I was given were easy to follow, it lead me direct to the event, I was actually early for the first time. A couple cars were in the driveway and I circled around and headed back home. I stopped in town said hello to the women at my usual stops, took a short jaunt through the fair ground market and then home.
It has been six years since the first time I realized that people saw my words as a gift. I thought about what had changed since the beginning when each word written was an escape. I had heard from those who supported me the most that I wasn't the same person, that I had grown. Like a child who takes itty bitty baby steps for the first time, I to remember the steps that encouraged me to reach out beyond the hills of the hollow. I also know that there is this true form of magic that breaks all barriers and it was capable of breaking the strongest of walls, that which we our self place around us called loneliness. Loneliness is so heavy that it can anchor a spirit and imprison the soul. In reaching out and feeling love and loving in return, I gained a tremendous amount of strength.
Looking back, I tried to remember what was my goal in exposing my soul. In all honesty it was to give validity to the strong emotions that I was feeling, those which had permeated my very being infusing strength, courage in a flow of excitement. I grasped almost in a state of frenzy to hold to that time which gave me the gifts that allowed me to be me. I was frightened of letting go, thus falling into the traps of the childhood game" chutes and ladders" up one ladder, down the slide. It seemed to be my life, not finding the happy medium, always feeling lost in it all. I again slipped back into thought, where was this all leading, where was I going with it all? It made me think of my younger years, when I was in my teens working in the restaurant. I always was intrigued by those who could come into the restaurant and have lunch or dinner alone. There was something about that, even after all these years, more then thirty to be exact, I can still see the faces of strangers. I have come to appreciate a certain amount of individual quiet time, but on the whole I find myself to be a people person always needing to share in life.
It has been two years now since I finally did it and took the test to have a drivers license, I thought it was a catch 22 first no license, now for a rural area, ugh gas. More then an hour from the metropolitian the hills themself are limiting. I am caught with one foot in the hollow and another in the clouds.

Tire not spirit

Tire not spirit on this quest we'll find, that all through the journey we will meet with the mind. Don't battle, don't fight it, just let it all go, a heart can't share, until you let the soul know.

The barage of memories like sandpaper brush, revealing all the emotions both of love and of lust. The recipe needed is to fill and complete, the emptiness distance has placed at my feet.

There is laughter and tears and the warmth of a day, I am trying to hold, they are trying to fade. Silence surrounds me, no music I hear, the distance is winning , do you have a moment to spare?

Just pull it together, allow your heart to say, just what it is you need, to find your way. To feel the embrace of love each day and to know that forever are not words of play.

Silly child, where is the woman within? no guarantee where life ends or begins. Expectations were sent to fail and disappoint with wounds that never will heal.

Open the gates and set your soul free, for today awaits what only the living can bring. You're spirit, you're body and you're heart and mind and if you listen closely you'll know that you're mine.

Friday, July 25, 2008

All that is...

My temperature is back to normal and I strolled out to the gardens today. One week and the weeds seem to be higher then the flowers. I felt a zest of energy and I really didn't mind working int he garden I actually was enjoying the warmth of the sun.I was amazed how quickly the pain seem to vanish and how wonderful I was feeling, on this high for life. I paid no mind to my surroundings, and carelessly walked into the greenhouse which was invaded by wasp.Unaware of the hives I was caught off guard. the painful sting brought awareness of life and all the vulnerabilities which we will meet with, some definitely bigger then others. Quickly pulverizing some plantain, okay down right chewing the plantain, I placed it on the stings to find to my amazement the swelling quickly began to fade.

I am not sure if it was any particular moment, but I rejoiced in the day. Is life as I expected? I say not, but as I look around at the magic of it all, I find myself ever grateful for all that is. I wanted to hold that moment close as If I could keep it for the latter part of the day when I begin to tire and my confidence begins to sway.

I have been up long before the sun and have now experienced the first crack of the dawn and the symphony of song birds that have migrated and made their home for the summer. Finishing up some last minute work, I now sit here a little bit to daydream, to wonderful what if, to imagine a world as simplistic as that through the eyes of a ten year old. " leveling the playing field" I thought hmm is that what we have been doing. I imagined just at that moment, what that field several years back felt and look like, first the players were limited to the coach and he didn't allow any players, creating a atmosphere of loneliness. The field had a look of its own, one side of the field was a clear layer of turf, while the other side had mountains, rocky pits, gravel roads and many other stumbling blocks. The mountains of trees seem to reach out and hold all spirit closed in. I looked around I saw the achievements and the lack of them that surrounded me, as if my soul was doing the whispering, " don't let go, don't forget the goal" What was the goal I thought? What is or was my ultimate achievement to be and why? I glanced out the window beside me, at the birds who have become accustomed to the open window and my daily presence. Pondering, I asked myself what is it I seek? My first response to the thoughts that bounced back in forth in my mind, "to control the restlessness, to find the comfort zone that will whisk away all the struggles. "For a brief moment I felt lost as I looked at my life at the puzzle that it is and saw several pieces missing. I wondered was this emptiness that still surfaces every to be filled or would my soul remain lost? Knowledge, my quest to know more, battles with that comfort zone that just wants to be held, to give up the fight.

Walk not with the cloak of death, but with the zest for life. For darkness can't blind the eyes but it can never block the view from the heart.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

... and I sing.

As far as hearts can travel, as deep as any sea, my love has met with you and that is far from make believe. I felt an implosion bursting in my soul, something really wonderful has simply taken hold.

Dance with Me

Go on and let those mountains rumble, they know just what to say, they've been here watching and captured each and every day. They know how much I love you, it is plain enough to see and every time I'm caught dancing, I'm caught dancing in your arms to stay.


Delirious am I

I don’t have the sniffles and my bodies feeling fine, but my temperature was rising and delirious was I. I placed the phone beside me and your memory did I hold, as if your spirit came through and erased all signs of darkness and cold. The fever in me seemed to break as the night went on and your love I felt infuse, as all signs of pain were gone.
I woke to the sun shining on my face and all visions of you and I simply began to fade. Deep inside something continued to grow, it was in the form of happiness and how much I love you so. Magical the moment that brought your love to me, It crossed all rivers and mountains, so I may now believe.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You will see...

Stand beside me and you will see, the way the Lord meant the view to be. Peaceful and loving with a sweet bit of hugging, while you are standing here next to me.
Hold my hand and you will find, the journey rocky has a way to fine, sandy beaches, blue skies and sunshine everywhere.
Keep my kisses in your heart, each beat will ignite a spark, for every moment that I share with you, your warmth will come flaming through.

Gently Crazed

Under close examination, my heart I examined so, and carefully I divided, to let the obsession go. I retained the love you had given, the joy that will forever remain, and the more I viewed the memories in the clouds above, the more I knew that nothing could ever replace your love.
I declare I felt this moment many times before, the melding of our hearts to the center of our core. I know not even mountains could diminish such claim, the imprint, unique and wonderful to the soul has gently crazed.

I am a bit under the weather, I'm feeling kind of blue, little to much rain and my heart is missing you. I knew the sun was shining high above the clouds and though I didn't see it, I knew like your love it was around. I saw it in the timber piled high out back and again down by the river, like the current, its flow never looks on back. I prepared to gather berries and again the rain fell and so I wanted to hide under the blankets and you know I do this so very well. I tried to keep busy, to keep my mind from thought, but my heart ached tremendously as your love it sought . As if the clouds were waiting for me to step aboard, they lingered overhead and I knew not what was in store. I closed my eyes and gently reached out to the blue and I am not sure what happen but I know I escaped the mind and ended up there with you. There you were waiting and the tears began to fall, is this a game of spirits or is it my soul you call? Impish was the grin that appeared on my face and I thought less about the question and more about the place. Your arms so gently embracing, your soul that gestured so and the realization that I'm with you, no matter where you go.
I am frightened of the darkness, weary of the night,
tired this restless body and listless the soul, that begs
for just one moment where only love unfolds.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Feathers of Indigo

You washed away the sorrow, you wiped away my tears, you erased all signs of sadness, and remove all traits of fear. Guided to the heavens, it was no surprise, how love could move a mountain and drain a river dry.

Feathers of indigo, memories of ole, flitting through the heart, anchors a mighty hold. Feelings mixed, play a silly game, they make the heart hunger and drive the mind insane. I can only imagine, the warmth of your embrace, can only dream of the sweetness of kissing face to face.


Today is awful special, I wanted you to know, I'm gonna write the words that document how my heart glows. Shining brighter then the sun in the sky and warmer than the hottest day of July. I don't need a calender to describe, surely I don't need it to remind, the way I feel for you, was written in the skies of blue.
Each day is better then before, opening the window I was assured, you found my heart and held it so close and at that very second the love flowed. Strong yet gentle, sweet yet sour, you control the moments of every hour. Speeding quick as a bolt of light, you lit my world up both day and night.
Today is awful special, I wanted you to know, I'm gonna write the words that document how I love you so. When your near me and when your not, I'm giving you all I've got. My good mornings, my afternoon smile, my heart and soul to dance with you. Loving you turned my world around and lifted my up when I was down.
Each day is better then before, opening the window, I was assured, you gave to me a vision like never before. Laughing, giggling, we're sixteen, and some times when things are a little heavy, a hundred and three. I'm happy as anyone can be, living and loving in the land of dreams.

I can't keep my feet on the ground


I can't keep my feet on the ground and my heart hyperbeats in surround sound. I can't say, what happen the other day, but I can't keep my feet on the ground.
I can't stop my heart from song, I'm keeping singing because I know where I belong, embraced with love, I took flight like a dove, I can't stop my heart from song.
I can't keep the smile from my face, they washed the tears that time could not erase. Happy as can be, I know my spirit is free, I can't keep the smile from my face.
I can't stop the magic now in place, like a train full speed in a race, the faster I go the more I know, I can't stop the magic now in place.
I can't keep the dreams at bay,the visions make the grandest of day, like a sun draped beach with sand at my feet, I can't keep the dreams at bay.
I can't stop from loving you, you found out how to deeply infuse, inside and out, oh love is all about, I can't stop from loving you.
Sings> Clear your mind, free your soul, allow your heart to take a hold.Pull me close, hold me tight, sends whispers to you both day and night

Dance with me and you'll see my darling, how we took make believe, turned it into our very own slice of reality.
I'm dancing on the heavens carpet, I'm singing from my soul to yours, I'm living for today, while the magic mysteriously unfolds.
Come close enough to feel inside me, it beats each one for you, the sweet taste of my lips to yours, drives my imagination wild.
There is something awfully special happening, rare and wonderful to see, the spirit of love has surfaced and is now a part of me.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

..in love.

In love, I don' t have to tell anyone who has ever been" in love" what it feels like, the euphoria that comes with finding a companion of like souls. Amazingly magical the experience that seems only unique to each individual couple has long been explored since the beginning of time.
I had displayed yesterday what I thought was emotions only felt by me. I watched as various people viewed the pictures and writings as they circled back to purchase. The relationship between one persons own experiences and my own emotions, again showed me the importance of interpretation, one word, one image, which triggers a personal emotional response to my view of life.
As I listened to a few of my favorite music pieces, I engaged in deep thought as to life and how our own interpetations take us down various paths, as we are given free will to make choices. My mind spins in circles as I shift gears from one emotion to the next, analyzing my own response to life and the treasures that have revealed themself along the way. To bring loyalty, love and lust onto one platform and to dance in a life long embrace.
Keeping in motion I found little time to think, it feels almost as if I am racing a train and there is no stopping. As the day fades and a new one begins, I feel the high and low of the moment, from being on a pedastal, to the silence of the hollow. Now is when my mind begins to play tricks on me the most, my thoughts consume the moment. My wants battle with my needs to cause a mess of confusion. It is almost as if the train is hitting into a brick wall and you have to get back up. It is the hunger for more, to fill the void inside of me that plays tricks with my emotions.
My success of the moment was based on breaking a hole through the web, to only find the spider was again spinning a tighter weave. Taking a deep breath, I stood back and looked at reality as it fought with my desire to surface with a calm of sort. Treasuring the moment, I closed my eyes and allowed the images of comfort to embrace in a sureal invasion of the soul. The words slipped from my tongue, " it is what it is " . I stepped outside, the hollow has reached its peak for the season, the trees have gathered in a full luscious green, filling in and blocking out almost all view of the blue sky. Rejoice! say I, for I have lived and another day I have yet to give. An absorption with heart and soul, takes your love to forever hold. Hope has surfaced once again and I know that when all time shall end, that hand and hand our spirits will fly, as pure our love, I'll not deny. Deep within you found a place, a tease that causes the heart to race, running, running, I can't let go, my heart is sure of what it knows. Love was released and now soars free, the memories are all I need.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Heart Sings!

Every moment we share, every smile you bring,
every dance on the clouds, makes my heart sing.

Every joy filled embrace, every dream that we dare,
every touch to the soul, brings your love so ever near.

Every sun lit day, every rose in bloom, every mountain
we cross, reveals the beauty of you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Growth of a Spirit

This I know that the joy of love flows outward from the deepest part of the soul, only to be seen through the warmth of the smile. It is because I have loved and have had love returned, that I can rejoice as the most luckiest of spirit.

Looking back through the archives and all the experiences and emotions explored and yes the growth that was spurred from allowing my mind to be open enough to hold, taste and feel all that the world has to offer. Through all the changes, somethings do stay the same and that is the depth of the heart and how far it can reach to embrace love.
Living for Today
So many times we get caught up in what it is we expect the future to bring. We are taught to set long term goals and to prepare and plan for the unknown years. It is our vulnerability that cast shadows of doubt upon the day. I have caught myself dreaming, setting the net to catch the fall from unfulfilled expectations. I have come to learn to enjoy the moment, truly appreciate the day, for tomorrow may never come. It is the opposite of living in fear, living for the day means living with love for every moment that we get to explore the world around us.
Today I feel neither restless nor a calm, in some ways I feel troubled, not necessarily for myself or the unknown, but what my response to life and how my choices will reflect on those around me. I feel like one block in a set of dominoes, there are those who are leaning on me and still others who I may lean upon. One choice will affect all those who are linked one by one on this path of life.
I imagine that what I am feeling might be considered selfishness, and yet I am not so sure, that a certain amount of selfishness is a bad thing. It is not a luxury to be happy, to smile, to feel joy and to be able to express that to others. Those pesky little choices, they are the detours in the road map of life, that keeps us swinging like pendulums, back and fourth, trying to find direction. Why is it some people have no problem making choices? I believe it is different for everyone, and how each person views themself in the bigger picture.
The magic of ma bell, made the morning extremely special, I was definetly living for today. Caught up in the moment, sharing in the warmth, experiencing the touching of spirits. Guilt free, faith filled, I thanked the Lord, that I wasn't alone.
It is okay to lift the spirit of another, but occassionally we ourselves need lifted. I didn't abandon the past, I put it all in perspective and filed it accordingly, for there are times, when the holding of hands, joins with the embrace of hearts to welcome in the new day.
I reached inward as I felt the warmth of your love infuse my soul. I smiled as I looked forward with the joy of memory.
I could almost taste the sweetness of your lips to mine. Feel the beat of our hearts as they joined forces to embrace our love. View the images upon the clouds that piroutte with the dance of souls.

La la la

In the charm of the vineyards, the calm of the sea,in the heart of the dream, a choreographed promenade. She gestured with a curtsey, he conveyed with a bow,melding in circles, they danced all around.

La la la she sang and to this his response,La la la beat his heart to the rhythm of song.

La la la she sang and to this his response,La la la sweet maiden as we join into one.

Welcome my love on the dance floor of life,unlocking the treasure to the soul excites.Riches more precious then silver or gold,as they overflowed, the magic unfold.

La la la she sang and to this his response,La la la beat his heart to the rhythm of song

La la la she sang and to this his response,La la la sweet maiden as we join into one.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Everlasting Embrace

Nothing could be more beautiful then waking up to find, your good morning kiss meeting up with mine. Like words on a paper, they clearly define, the love I feel for you, that holds to time. I couldn't keep from falling, the tears of life, which felt the distance, pierce my heart like a knife. Challenging the energy, the magic could be found, which brings the tallest mountains, crashing to the ground. Under the blankets, my dreams await, to dry away the tears and allow your everlasting embrace.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

There is a place that seldom have seen and very few have gone,
in this spiritual awakening it greets me each morning with song.
The key to unlocking the darkness that resides,
is to remember the beauty of memory that
flows outward from inside.
The melancholy emotion lingers,
as my flesh hungers for your touch.

Extraordinary a Love

Extraordinary the love that consumes my every thought,
devours my every moments and closes in on distance
by tightening like a knot.
Challenges each season and grows stronger with each
day, and sometimes a bit riddled, makes even
winter feel like May.
Brings a smile to me each morning, sings a song to
me each night as I dance upon the heavens with
my partner of life.
Placed in my heart, sealed with your love
and sent with each morning kiss.


...as intricate as the finest lace woven through my soul.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Every End Is A Beginning!

It's instinctive when people no longer are in a relationship to kind of shield themself by directing negativity at the person who they loved most. This odd way of shielding the heart is how the mind tries to distant all that you loved and enjoyed and appreciated about one another. Almost as if we think in a less than positive way our heart won't hurt as much. I remember the first time I fell into that trap of directing negativity, I was in my teens and having that experience with a girlfriend, a bond that you join like sisters and to have that broken means and end to that particular chapter, not necessarily are we told that it is a beginning to a new one. Through time we realize every end is a beginning. As I was listening to the music play, it conjured up memories and I no longer felt the need to down play, all that my heart had felt... just like the song" I had the time of my life. "One thing I am sure of is the heart is like a mega sponge and it absorbs all that we are offered throughout our life and retains it like a well recorded song, only to be played back later in our life in the form of memories.

Return Home

My flight both mystical and wonderous came with it's own exciting view,but it was the drive back that had me hungering for that first look as I crossed from North Carolina into the Appalachian mountains. The Florida scene picture card perfect, with a slew of palm trees reminded me how much the northern hills were home to both my heart and spirit.
The northern magic warm and comforting fascinated me as if it was the first time I had viewed the beauty. The curvature of the land and the slope of the hills embraced with a special welcome. The northern landscape, adorned with an array of deciduous trees and rolling meadows framed the quaint little homesteads that you find tucked gingerly about creating the ultimate, picturesque experience. This is home, where my heart lie, I felt almost as if I was the missing piece of the summertime hills, the ultimate of acceptance, where the tall wild fields of hay grow stretching to meet the morning sun.

When I thought I would never hear the warmth of your laughter that greets me each morning, I experienced the death of a spirit.

When I felt the pull of distance strip me of your daily embrace, I faced first hand the look of loneliness.

When I imagined an existence for one moment without your love, I felt the shattering of a heart.
As I looked out the airplane window at the blue of the sky, It was at that moment that I felt heart and soul merge into one and at that cosmic second I knew nothing could separate your love from reaching out and embracing me, no distance, place, nor time.
When you face your fears,
you welcome challenge and rise above..

Each night I danced on clouds, today I looked down from the blue to view the very clouds that captured my heart and released my spirit.
As if reaching out and grasping at the blue of sky brought you closer, I smiled and felt the warmth of memory.
I felt so child like as I gazed out the window as the airplane began to lift and all I could think of was you and my heart began to sing> Blue, blue, blue, I'm in love with you , you ,you. Blue, blue, blue reaching out to you, you, you. Blue, blue, blue, kisses from me to you, blue, blue, blue direct to you.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I feel like I'm being pulled from your arms, pull me back!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I feel the sweet blend of an excitement and
a calm that takes my breath away.

Catching rain drops

If we allowed our heart to guide us in both thought and action, we would release the mind from the weight of the indecisiveness that so complicates a moment.

Joy in it's purest form is love of life.


When the heart dances and the soul soars,

love has granted you flight.

Counting all my dreams

I lay here counting all my dreams,
where I held you and you held me.

Caught up in make believe, until
I felt your love reaching.

Heart filled joy sings of all the
warmth that you bring to me.

I lay here counting all my dreams,
where I held you and you held me

Something’s are meant to be, you
with me and me with you.

I love you, you know I do, I love
you darling.

Kicking up my heels...

Puts on my cowgirl hat... yeeeeee hawwwwwww!!!

Sings>I heard the whistle blowing, the vibrations felt from the track, the train to alert you my darling of the danger of not looking back. We traveled here many times, over hills and across the bridges of life, to find that it had been you and I darling, from mother’s earth to the blue sky.
A smile escaped from within, not the ordinary one of the lips, the warmth that exudes with love, is from the joy of your kiss. I feel it each morning my darling, when the sun takes it places in the sky; I know it’s still with me each evening, when replaced with the stars of night.
Like the heavy rain that keeps falling, I’m nurtured by all that you bring. Friendship and happiness growing, overflows through my everyday dreams. I feel you so closely my love, I see you in all that I do, and I know you’re always beside me, as I watch your love break through.
Tender as sprouts in the garden, strong as a storm out at sea, warm as a hot summer day
and as magical as my morning daydreams. Your love my darlings like the best of a floral bouquet, each bud mysteriously opens and the beauty of life is placed on display.

Oh yeah practicing for square dancing....... it's a first!!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sweet Sounds

Sweet sounds of the visiting song birds seemed to be in celebration of the start to another season. The hollow was draped with the kind of falling rain that gently dances on the leaves of the trees, creating soft and soothing sounds that brings music to life. I myself could not see or feel where one season ended and another began, the on and off again rain seem to meld one into another. A balance, not of a high or a low surfaced from within me; rarely seen and seldom felt, I embraced all that is. As if everything was falling into perspective and I could clearly view the beauty of the moment. Even with the purity and calm that surrounded me, I sensed the power of time and the control we allow it to have over us. My mind rushing to explore tomorrow, while today had barely begun. I literally stepped back as if this stance would give me a clearer view of my life. In an uncomplicated format all that is, is all that need be, but time stands still for no one and the daydreams seem to create an image where I found myself hungering for more. I thought about this sense of more, was my tomorrow’s that were waiting to happen the more that my heart wanted to explore? I questioned the path placed before me with the many twist and turns, creating a blind view of what lay ahead.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Stretched across the blue sky

Feelings of wanton have taken by control,
the moments of love as they reached deep
down into my soul.

Stretched across the blue sky, written with
the clouds , stories of happiness to which
only the heart allows.

Scarlet desire, warms the entire sea, like flames
upon the water, it rolls right on through my

Taken by surprise, I stopped once more to see,
the wind blown invitation of paradise for both
you and me.

My hand reached on out and my soul stopped in
flight, my heart beating rapidly, danced with
you all night.

Paradise is not of a memory made or of imagination
to play some silly game, a safe haven was created
for two, a special place where my love waits to

comfort you.