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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Never alone,
never a one,
always together,
my friend, my love.
I felt a shadow of sadness darken the day,
until I thought of you and the curtains went away.
I felt the walls of loneliness keep distant your love,
until I closed my eyes and felt my spirit rise above.
I felt the lack of faith for a brief period of time, until
your heart reached out and calmed my restless mind.
I felt the walls of circumstance closing on in, until I
closed my eyes and your love sent me in a spin.


Espace de Philtre said...

Hello Rachel, how are you ?
I saw your movie, you are very very pretty ...

Rachel C Miller said...

Hello Phillipe,
I am fine thank you. I am glad you stopped back to visit.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, thank you for the beautiful comment you left on my site!

Life holds its greatest meaning for me in the smile and laugh of a child, and so I take every opportunity to stock up on these... Life has been so good to me in this regard.

You have a beautiful site; I hope to read more of it soon :)

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi N,
I am glad you are enjoying the blog and thank you for stopping by visiting and leaving a comment.