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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Every End Is A Beginning!

It's instinctive when people no longer are in a relationship to kind of shield themself by directing negativity at the person who they loved most. This odd way of shielding the heart is how the mind tries to distant all that you loved and enjoyed and appreciated about one another. Almost as if we think in a less than positive way our heart won't hurt as much. I remember the first time I fell into that trap of directing negativity, I was in my teens and having that experience with a girlfriend, a bond that you join like sisters and to have that broken means and end to that particular chapter, not necessarily are we told that it is a beginning to a new one. Through time we realize every end is a beginning. As I was listening to the music play, it conjured up memories and I no longer felt the need to down play, all that my heart had felt... just like the song" I had the time of my life. "One thing I am sure of is the heart is like a mega sponge and it absorbs all that we are offered throughout our life and retains it like a well recorded song, only to be played back later in our life in the form of memories.

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