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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tire not spirit

Tire not spirit on this quest we'll find, that all through the journey we will meet with the mind. Don't battle, don't fight it, just let it all go, a heart can't share, until you let the soul know.

The barage of memories like sandpaper brush, revealing all the emotions both of love and of lust. The recipe needed is to fill and complete, the emptiness distance has placed at my feet.

There is laughter and tears and the warmth of a day, I am trying to hold, they are trying to fade. Silence surrounds me, no music I hear, the distance is winning , do you have a moment to spare?

Just pull it together, allow your heart to say, just what it is you need, to find your way. To feel the embrace of love each day and to know that forever are not words of play.

Silly child, where is the woman within? no guarantee where life ends or begins. Expectations were sent to fail and disappoint with wounds that never will heal.

Open the gates and set your soul free, for today awaits what only the living can bring. You're spirit, you're body and you're heart and mind and if you listen closely you'll know that you're mine.

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