Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If I could ....

If I could be a butterfly and you the rose, I'd spend the day devouring your nectar as you bloom and grow. Flit and fluttering in the garden of life, just to be near you and share such delight.

If I could be a musician I'd make you my flute, moving my fingers to play a different tune. The songs from the heart hit each and every note, a musical explosion that my soul devotes.

If I could be the sunshine on your rainy day, I'd dry up every raindrop and make the gray clouds fade. Warm your heart in a loving way and leave my sun filled kiss to chase the blues away.

If I could be anywhere at anytime, I'd be in your arms and have you in mine. Staying awake just to watch you smile and dreaming all along that we are the king and queen of the Nile.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From my lips to yours...

Star light blankets,
moon dust treasures, 
hand in hand with you. 


Somethings are special,
like the day you said hello
to me. The moment you 
took my heart and rewrote
all of my dreams.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Challenges of the Heart

Gonna send the rain,
gonna send the snow,
gonna said my love
in mother natures note.

Winds blowing strong,
rain keeps falling down,
like a spinning dance
all over the ground.

The Storms in control,
like a river that lost
its hold, powerful
indeed like the flow of
love from inside of me.

The day is dark and a spell is cast,
as I lay here in the darkness where
dreams have the last laugh.

My heart speaks in foolish riddles
as I try to understand, the depth
of your love that knows not my

It all seemed so clear and it
all felt so real, until I reached
into the night and you just

Every thought I have consist
of you as it takes the grayest
skies and turns them a soft
and baby blue.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

hold me...

There are somethings that words cannot explain, 
all that is left to the heart and soul.

Given sight,
to cross through hell
and surface in the heavens. 
Some chains cannot be seen but still are felt. 
The dance of love
as long as you are holding me,
the heavens belong to us. 
Weep to cleanse the past 
and journey forward. 
I love you... no sin in that. 

Runs far,
runs fast,
runs into 
your arms. 

One view from the window and I saw, raindrops, wind blown leaves and the dark of it all.As I looked to my left the sun was shining through and at that moment I most certainty knew, that your love would always come threw. 
The season a marker made, that we made it to this day. We conquered the trials of life and with you beside me it all felt so right. Simple songs, summer dance and the embrace of love that gave a chance. 

The Making of a Memory

I traced the memories both happy and sad, while wiping the tears that I held inside. I should have been grateful and delighted indeed, but the memories solemn had a hold on me. I battled them daily, like a mountain to climb and though smiling outside, the tears were hidden inside.
Time was passing and the years were slipping away as I stood there wondering what tomorrow would play. Would there be laughter, happiness and glee or would loneliness keep its hold of me?
The room darkened as winter prepares to move in and I watch out the window at the hurling wind. There is bits of sunshine speckled on the leaves and the colors of green are quick fading.
My heart feels the ache from deep inside as I follow the memories stored away in the mind. Is it a blessing or a curse that surfaces without any words?

The making of a memory,
like a dream come true,
the kiss from your lips
and all my love for you.

The night lights in the city,
the stars shining bright and
each magical moment gave
more meaning to my life.

Spring in succession,
summer passing away,
brings to us a season
that documents each day.

Like a rainbow across the
heavens and the Autumn
leaves falling down, the
making of a memory is
where you and I are

Heart palpitations,
smiles upon the face,
eyes that sparkle and
and the soul that shivers
like a quake.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kisses You Good Night

I'll take each season from spring rain till the winter snow,
as long as your with me, I know our love will continue to grow.

Raindrop kisses,
sunshine smiles,
wind blown secrets,
snowflakes falling down.

Starlight memories,
moonlight dreams,
rivers between us
bridged by the love
we bring.


Snuggles a little closer

Sometimes I kept so busy, almost as if I was running away. When I slowed down, I saw all that had been tumbling down around me. I do believe it is difficult to face the reality and accept the what is. One of the musicians that we had for the past benefit, spoke with me and emailed me a few times. She was so a matter a fact about things, that I found it to be an awakening or discerning . I never really saw life as clear as she made it sound, as I always felt like I was walking through a fog. It is that crystal ball scenario, to know what tomorrow brings. Like starting at the back of the magazine and working forward or reading a book from the last page to the first. Life for me has just never been that clear. Each day people come into my life like a puzzle piece and still the visual or image is not complete. In some ways I know what is lacking and it feels like those particular pieces are lost. Everyone has challenges, how we deal with them is the difference written and responded to by each individual soul.
In the mountain there are windows with drapes drawn. I cannot see through nor around them. Like pulling on the cord to draw them open to find the cord is anchored.

So close and so far...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Void Within

If God should lead me ,
may it be into your arms. 
What is truth and where does it lead ?
It is my soul that whispers 
and my heart that cries. 
... to be loved. 

Life is kind of like Swiss cheese, where there are holes that somehow remain empty. Loneliness creates a void within that not only tempts one to make choices but leads us down the path of darkness.
You know the old saying " alone in a crowded room' I have been there many times. The void I feel goes deeper as I awake to sorrow past and present.
I ask the heart to speak in truth and yet silence remains, for the day is cast and the journey met like a storm filled day of rain.

Shards of shattered glass
deep inside remain, like
a thorn from a rose, I
awaken deep in pain.

Remove the darkness,
lead beyond the cold,
for sunlight is cast upon
the mountain and in
the heart i'll hold.

On Our Cloud bove

Sings>Let me pull you near,
whisper in your ear,
sweet words of love,
on our cloud above.

Let me hold you tight,
kiss you good night,
feel your heart beat,
treasuring this treat.

Let me pull you near,
whisper in your ear,
sweet words of love
on our cloud above.

Let me dance with you,
make a dream come true,
fall asleep in your arms
away from any harm.

Let me pull you near,
whisper in your ear,
sweet words of love
on our cloud above.


Rearrange the words that make you mine, interchange the day and the time, create a new memory where you are here with me and never let it fade away, lets write it into eternity.

Write the words across the blue, in memory of love and the special moments shared from day one . Save them for you and I as a reminder of two and how we danced in the heavens blue.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Around in Circles

There are many roads, a few take us on a detour,some are a dead
ends and others just circle on back. I prefer the road that takes us a little further than we are today.

Dreams, the topic of lovers both near and far. "Dreaming, I'm always dreaming, dreaming my life away" Reality fades like a distant memory cast in darkness.  I find that happiness exist in motion, but as if time stands still, the walls create barriers and the weight of negativity presses down.
My heart within yours,
side by side, soul to soul,
the night is forgiving ,
not so is the cold.

Frozen and icy,
a mountain to soar,
and a journey to follow,
to settle a score.

Wipe away tears,
rewrite those wrongs,
the words of love
written in song.

Sand on the shores,
sun in the sky, the waves
make a sound that
empowers the night.

The season is changing,
leaves fall from the trees,
gray and bare branches
and I on my knees.

I am lost and troubled,
which way shall I go,
in the center of a storm,
on a dark winding road.

Unveiling the secrets,
exposing the soul,
one journey begins
and another one folds.

This is really simple, hold my hand and follow me, Imagine I beside you and you are here with me. The sky is blue, as blue as it can be, lay down on the grass and let your soul be free. The sun is now shining, the river breaks up against the rocks, listen to the barges as they are passing through the locks. 

No birds from the heavens, no angels near or far, no roads left to travel, no trouble in our hearts. Now the time is nearing close your eyes and let your heart see me, I lying next to you, our hearts the treasure out at sea. Silence is speaking to the heart and soul and now controls the time both new and old.. 

Weep not of yesterday, for love is awfully near, emanating from the heart so that we may share. Distance builds the walls,love takes them down and time spins it gently as it brings us down. Keep closed the eyes, keep open the heart and through the day and night ignite the flames of love with a spark. 

Monday, October 22, 2012


Today I am invisible,
I want no one to see,
a blanket over the heart
and my soul out to sea.

Fall is in progression,
time is moving on
and the winds blow
in concert to that of
 a sad song.

Troubled spirits,
skies of gray and so
again I reach for you,
for the comfort of your

The ocean is a soft blue,
they match the heavens high,
like the sun a golden yellow,
matches the love from inside.

Autumn Sun

Life is but a kaleidoscope of color, 
spinning like the hands of time, 
revealing view after view. 

At the gate of the abyss...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kiss Now...embrace now.

The season has away of saying hello and goodbye, leaves in every color swirling down from the sky. The blue bird redirects his flight and say's his goodbye as he heads south for warmer skies.

There is sadness and sorrow, happiness and glee, as long as you are with me, each day is just like spring. The road that lay before us is paved with dreams and they make my heart dance and make my soul sing. 

It must be the way you hold my hand, even from a distance I can feel the grains of sand. Like a sieve that filters through the mind, the memories of love is what remains for all time.

The season has away of saying hello and goodbye, leaves in every color swirling down from the sky. The bluebird redirects his flight and say's his goodbye as he heads south for warmer skies. 

It is easy to remember, 
to know that you care, 
you touched my heart
and your love you shared. 

From the first I knew, 
that there was something
special when I met with you. 

It is easy to remember,
to know that you care,
you touched my heart 
and your love you shared. 

You're my every dream...

Your lips to mine
and sharing time,
breathing the
same air as you.

All my needs and
all of my wants is
to be right next
to you.

I'll Never Forget

I'll never forget who caught me when I fell, wiped away my tears, opened up their heart and whispered words of love. I'll never forget who partnered on the clouds, dance all night long, slept within my arms and lured me with their charm.
Sometimes I am so tired and that is when my heart and soul wager with the mind and settle in conflict.

I hate to think of the distance, it weakens my being,stirring my emotions.
I feel like the little train, we might be slow climbing the mountain, but we are still climbing. 

There is something about train, so they are so powerful and yet they still derail. 

Lost in the Moment


I once thought someone else wrote the script and than I realized that it's all in the interpretation. 

If I could hold still the hands of time, I'd choose to be in your arms as I am in your heart.

There are many winters,
no matter the weather forecast.

The river flows between us
and the mountains build a wall,
still nothing can keep apart the
the love within our hearts.


When the heart and soul and mind
are on the same page, we unlock all possibilities.

Just a thought away... that makes you really close.
The words disappeared and the moment could not be repeated, but one thing never changes and that is my love for you.
Your lips,
your hands,
your embrace,
your love,
our dreams.
If my pillow could talk, it would be a wild west moment.
Somethings are worth the wait...
What really matters is not what we possess, but what we share... shared thoughts, dreams and love.

Closing my eyes and opening my heart always reveals the presence of your love.

The reflection speaks volumes for the image and voice is of our own soul.

Each time I reached into the darkness,
I felt your hand reaching back.

Wind that Calls Your Name

Sing it with a country twang...

The late night concerto of 
music on the pane, a pit and
patter drum sound and a
wind that calls your name. 

I couldn't sleep as I listened
all night long, dreaming of 
the arms of love where I 
surely do belong. 

The night took control and
the stars the heavens hold,
as my mind drifts to you
and rewrites the wrongs. 

The late night concerto of 
music on the pane, a pit and
patter drum sound and a
wind that calls your name.

We dance on the clouds
in an embrace up above, 
feeling each heart beat
in the joy of making love.

I couldn't wait till morning,
to pinch and see if it was true,
or if I was still dreaming that
I was loving you. 

The late night concerto of 
music on the pane, a pit and
patter drum sound and a
wind that calls your name. 

I couldn't close my eyes 
without thinking of you,
you're always a heartbeat
away in a dream come true. 

I reached into the darkness
to pull you next to me and
the smile of life surfaced 
as you graced my memories.

The late night concerto of 
music on the pane, a pit and
patter drum sound and a
wind that calls your name.

Timing is everything and I am in
 the middle of a gone with the moment 
" Darling I just don't give a damn"

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

From my lips to yours...

True friends know you better
 than you know yourself. 

Soul mates understand and 
on a rare occasion that they 
don't they are willing to try. 

When a train derails it is only temporary.
The Chapter of What Is

I have crossed the great divide, 
it is most likely why I am at a 
great comfort with yesterday,
today and tomorrow.  
Mutual Respect... one of the many reasons I love you. 
The greatest of joy is when your heart agrees with your soul and your mind and body act upon it...that is love. 
...like a grain upon the sand. 
There is only one number one, 
the rest are wanna a be's.

It is when you don't have to think about,
that which comes natural... now that is the gift. 
When you wiped a tear, 
held me close, kissed my lips, 
embraced my soul, held my 
hand ...each time I felt love. 


Monday, October 08, 2012

and the stars blanket the sky.

I'm gonna dream, 
because dreams 
are all I have. 

Part of me is crying,
from the death inside,
that battles the laughter
and boggles the mind.

My heart is simply weary,
my soul met with despair
and in the dark of night I
beg with you my life to share.

The warmth of your arms,
the magic of your smile,
to close my eyes and
dream if only for awhile.

There are many forms of isolation, I once felt the barriers that separated me from the rest of the world. I now know the needs of the heart and soul and that is another form of loneliness.

If nothing else he gave me a dream...

Sunday, October 07, 2012


 Church is located a couple miles away. One day years back we were running late for church. I had this bright idea that if we cut through the woods we would shorten the walk. We crossed the stream, I slipped on a rock, I reached for a branch and I sunk in the mud. By the time we reached  the other side of the short cut I stood there dirty muddy and frustrated as we turned around and headed back home to change clothes. What started out as a short cut ended up taking us twice as long to get to church.
There are many paths that lead in the same direction,some a little more difficult than others and rarely is there a short cut that will get us where we are going that much faster.
I find on this path I am still learning. Which has a little irony because a friends years back said " this is not the time to be learning but the time of our lives to be enjoying our harvest." But in fully experiencing life I find that we never stop learning. Each day comes with an experience I had not yet come across. My wants and my needs as well as my moral standing come into question as I am confronted with new challenges along the way.
Sometimes we are a train that jumps track and other times we are a steam locamotive moving full force ahead. The memories of life are swirling around like a tornado, every now and than it drops a memory to review. It is almost as if memories are filed and retrieved when standing at an intersection deciding which way to go.
Sometimes I feel like I am on that shortcut to church, slipping on rocks, sinking in mud and not getting anywhere fast.
I want to go back and edit my thoughts, but my computer has other ideas, as it is only letting me go forward. When I think of each time I fell and who pulled me up, the few times I was sinking in mud and who made sure I was brought to safety, tears welled like puzzle behind my eyes.

I woke up in the dark of morn
and waited to see what the
day has in store.

There were dreams of yesterday
and a few that had not found
their way and as I sit here
think of you the sunshine
brightens the day.

My flesh trembles at the thought of your touch and weakened in the moment reached out for your love. The morning is a blanket of dark and gray and as I close my eyes your smiles brings a warmth to the day. Tears are falling and I know not why as I ask my heart why do you cry? It spoke in silence of a road long an filled with despair and again of the dreams that bring you here.


The leaves are all in color,
almost at their peak as
they stand to document
another season and hold
steadfast the memories.

Stories of friendship, one
golden like the sun, warms
my heart each morning and
like a weave of love now

There is exciting, fun and the tease 
and then there is warm, wonderful 
and safe. I'll take warm, wonderful
 and safe. With maturity you learn
the difference between love and lust.
Love with a little lust is a whole lot
nicer than lust without a little love. 

Friday, October 05, 2012

Blue skies Blue

Singing>Blue skies blue, they have me
dancing on the clouds with you.
Blue skies...oh blue skies blue.

Blue skies blue, I am so happy
when I am here with you.
Blue skies... oh blue skies blue.

You're My Sunshine...

You're my sunshine on a rainy day and the blue skies when everyone else see's grey. You are the dreams that cradle me in the night, as all I have to do is close my eyes and see the love of my life.

The mountains seem to disappear, as I can see beyond them when our hearts we share. Connected like the clouds to the sky, with you  in my heart, we cross the great divide.

You're my sunshine on a rainday and the blue skies when everyone else see's greay. You are the dreams that cradle me in the night , as all I have to do is close my eyes and see the love of my life.
Eternal Love

When the wind takes my spirit and a memory I become, I pray you'll remember we found the greatest love.  Danced in the heavens beyond the mountains high and slept in each others arms if only in our minds.

When the words are written and stored in eternities fold, I hope that all will know what our hearts hold. Embraced in the moment the flow of love soars, like the ocean waves washing gently upon the shore.

When the wind takes my spirit and a memory I become, I pray you'll remember we found the greatest love. Danced in the heavens beyond the mountains high and slept in each others arms if only in my our minds.
There is comfort in the visions,
happiness in every dream and
when I close my eyes it brings
you close to me.

There is joy in the memories,
they warm my heart so and
tickle my spirit and I am
never letting go.


Thursday, October 04, 2012


Dancing between the drops of falling rain,
sunshine and blue skies are just a thought away.
The pitter patter lulls the resltess mind to sleep,
but the heart stays awake to daydream you next to me.

I can feel the moment when your lips were next to
mine, life's little pleasures that still make me sigh.
From the moment you took my hand to say and
whispered words of love, I felt the magic that the
heavens sent from above.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Buona notte mio amore...

This is relatively simple and I'll tell you how it goes, you just go on and close those eyes and see the oceans flow. I'll send my love via across the sea and  in the waves of love i'll send to you a kiss to bring you to your knees.

You can close your eyes and see, that I am always  there with you and your always here with me. Like a mountain to the blue sky and seas to shore, my love is here waiting for you to explore.

Dreams are all I have,
they are there to bring you
to me. Of all the wishes I
could ask for, I'd wish you
next to me.

There is nothing more that
I could want, than to wake
in your arms. So I continue
dreaming to bridge our hearts.

There is a void deep in me,
it begs for your love and all
a day can bring.

Like the road before us and the
night sky, you never know where
 we are going, until we meet in
he heavens high.

Rainbows a colorful delight,
arches the heavens with
an amazing sight.

Red yellow and blue, the
colors of life a bouquet
for you.

Rainbows a colorful delight,
arches the heavens with
an amazing sight.

Here and quickly gone,
unlike your love that
is still going strong.

I hummed a tune fine,
wordless and yet it 
spoke from my heart
soul and mind. 

Calling to you , my 
love, my sweet, to 
reach on out for 
a nightly treat. 

Wind blow kisses
from my lips to yours,
magical interlocking 
like nothing before. 

The canvas inscripted
with the words " I love
you " and it reveals all
that love can do. 
Sometimes people spew hate, 
filled with anger and a loss
of faith. 

But they can't touch the love
we hold, for it is more precious
than most precious gold. 

Follow me, my love, my darling, my dear. Follow your heart and you'll be halfway here. Follow me , my love, my darling , my dear. Follow your dreams and a lifetime will share. 
I saw an end, bitterly sweet and I cried for what it would mean. The day anew reminded me so that your love is me wherever I go. 


When I close my eyes,
I still can see, for your
smile is now a part of

I learned to dance on
the clouds high, my
hand in yours , your
hand in mine.

Flames of love,
a flicker of light,
your dreamy embrace,
holds me through the

The smile came naturally,
as I felt you inside,
like a warm summer day
at the end of the tide.

Monday, October 01, 2012

La da da , takes your hand...good night

Is it the twinkle in your eyes
or the warmth of your smiles
that tickle me from inside?

Is it the dreams that bring you
near or the magic of life that
I wish to share?

Is it your love that I feel so
warm, the ones that chase
away all lifes storms?

Is it the mystery of the night,
like the moon shining bold
and bright ?

Is it your heart that beat with
mine, the rymthic celebration
for all time ?

Is it the story of loves desire,
the bond of souls in a flame
a fire?

Is it the light that allows me
to see, beyond all the mountains
and streams?

Is it the faith in heaven above
that sent you to me to love ?

Is it the struggles that made me
see, how happiness was meant
to be?

Is it the journey where the path
now leads, beyond our every
dream ?

Is it your arms I feel in the
night, so comforting they
hold me in the twilight?


This is my story,
the words I write,
tell of a love and
the dreams of life.

This is my pages,
of a chapter, one
that tells of me
and you.


La da da, takes your hand, la da da into dreamland. Pulls you close and whispers good night, to you my friend I turned out the lights.
La da da , kisses you sweet, la da da from memory. Feels your heart beating nexting to mine on a journey that challenges time.

The Mirror of Life

It is without a doubt that our actions and experiences reflect the mirror of life. I remember as a child looking forward to the yearly excursion to the local amusement park. One of the highlights was walking through the Penny Arcade. At the entrance to the Arcade was a fun house mirror that distorted the view of the person standing in front of it. The altered reflection made a person appear really tiny or gigantic.
Our past and current achievements and failures become a part of our mirror of life. The reflection in the mirror is sometimes distorted by our own thoughts of who we are and our place in the world. Our daily actions alter the reflection of who we will become by the tool of choice.
An old friend use to call the reflections of life drama. But as I look back I see that it was nothing more than a reflection of our journey. Gazing into the mirror, there were reflections of sinking in the sand, of swimming to shore and of course climbing over the mountains.
As I presently stood in front of the mirror of life many things were altered and morphing with the moment. One image that never faltered and stayed strong and clear before me, was an image of you bold and unwavering. The revelations in the view of life revealed that my hand was always being gently held. When life becomes so distorted from the daily challenges, we sometimes fail to stop and see the reality of the view.
Today's reflection  reveals as it did years back, strength, trust , respect, love, peace and as I gaze once more into the mirror all other images fade but one. The image ingrained forever shows the true meaning of the " mirror of life" as I view your hand gently interlocked with mine.

You were climbing your own mountains
and still worrying about me, you reached
for my hand and you pulled me free.

There were quite a few distractions that
came our way, but you stood steadfast
and held my hand night and day.

The image clear and never fades, of my
head on your shoulder and in your arms
to stay.

Patiently you stood by my side, not
just holding my hand by my heart
from inside.

I know this is special it is made
from love and I am sure it's a
gift from the heavens above.

When I say I love you, love
you I do, yours is the hand that
I reach for in gray skies and

The only mirrored reflection that never wavered
was the image of your friendship. 

I know I'll be okay as you are beside me. 

The true reflection of friendship
is of an interlocking weave,
that only tightens when 


I wish only to be to you ,
what you have been to me,
strength, love and friendship. 

You are my Rock of Gibraltar
everyone else is a mere distraction.