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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Buona notte mio amore...

This is relatively simple and I'll tell you how it goes, you just go on and close those eyes and see the oceans flow. I'll send my love via across the sea and  in the waves of love i'll send to you a kiss to bring you to your knees.

You can close your eyes and see, that I am always  there with you and your always here with me. Like a mountain to the blue sky and seas to shore, my love is here waiting for you to explore.

Dreams are all I have,
they are there to bring you
to me. Of all the wishes I
could ask for, I'd wish you
next to me.

There is nothing more that
I could want, than to wake
in your arms. So I continue
dreaming to bridge our hearts.

There is a void deep in me,
it begs for your love and all
a day can bring.

Like the road before us and the
night sky, you never know where
 we are going, until we meet in
he heavens high.

Rainbows a colorful delight,
arches the heavens with
an amazing sight.

Red yellow and blue, the
colors of life a bouquet
for you.

Rainbows a colorful delight,
arches the heavens with
an amazing sight.

Here and quickly gone,
unlike your love that
is still going strong.

I hummed a tune fine,
wordless and yet it 
spoke from my heart
soul and mind. 

Calling to you , my 
love, my sweet, to 
reach on out for 
a nightly treat. 

Wind blow kisses
from my lips to yours,
magical interlocking 
like nothing before. 

The canvas inscripted
with the words " I love
you " and it reveals all
that love can do. 
Sometimes people spew hate, 
filled with anger and a loss
of faith. 

But they can't touch the love
we hold, for it is more precious
than most precious gold. 

Follow me, my love, my darling, my dear. Follow your heart and you'll be halfway here. Follow me , my love, my darling , my dear. Follow your dreams and a lifetime will share. 
I saw an end, bitterly sweet and I cried for what it would mean. The day anew reminded me so that your love is me wherever I go. 


When I close my eyes,
I still can see, for your
smile is now a part of

I learned to dance on
the clouds high, my
hand in yours , your
hand in mine.

Flames of love,
a flicker of light,
your dreamy embrace,
holds me through the

The smile came naturally,
as I felt you inside,
like a warm summer day
at the end of the tide.

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