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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Challenges of the Heart

Gonna send the rain,
gonna send the snow,
gonna said my love
in mother natures note.

Winds blowing strong,
rain keeps falling down,
like a spinning dance
all over the ground.

The Storms in control,
like a river that lost
its hold, powerful
indeed like the flow of
love from inside of me.

The day is dark and a spell is cast,
as I lay here in the darkness where
dreams have the last laugh.

My heart speaks in foolish riddles
as I try to understand, the depth
of your love that knows not my

It all seemed so clear and it
all felt so real, until I reached
into the night and you just

Every thought I have consist
of you as it takes the grayest
skies and turns them a soft
and baby blue.

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