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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Making of a Memory

I traced the memories both happy and sad, while wiping the tears that I held inside. I should have been grateful and delighted indeed, but the memories solemn had a hold on me. I battled them daily, like a mountain to climb and though smiling outside, the tears were hidden inside.
Time was passing and the years were slipping away as I stood there wondering what tomorrow would play. Would there be laughter, happiness and glee or would loneliness keep its hold of me?
The room darkened as winter prepares to move in and I watch out the window at the hurling wind. There is bits of sunshine speckled on the leaves and the colors of green are quick fading.
My heart feels the ache from deep inside as I follow the memories stored away in the mind. Is it a blessing or a curse that surfaces without any words?

The making of a memory,
like a dream come true,
the kiss from your lips
and all my love for you.

The night lights in the city,
the stars shining bright and
each magical moment gave
more meaning to my life.

Spring in succession,
summer passing away,
brings to us a season
that documents each day.

Like a rainbow across the
heavens and the Autumn
leaves falling down, the
making of a memory is
where you and I are

Heart palpitations,
smiles upon the face,
eyes that sparkle and
and the soul that shivers
like a quake.

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