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Monday, October 01, 2012

The Mirror of Life

It is without a doubt that our actions and experiences reflect the mirror of life. I remember as a child looking forward to the yearly excursion to the local amusement park. One of the highlights was walking through the Penny Arcade. At the entrance to the Arcade was a fun house mirror that distorted the view of the person standing in front of it. The altered reflection made a person appear really tiny or gigantic.
Our past and current achievements and failures become a part of our mirror of life. The reflection in the mirror is sometimes distorted by our own thoughts of who we are and our place in the world. Our daily actions alter the reflection of who we will become by the tool of choice.
An old friend use to call the reflections of life drama. But as I look back I see that it was nothing more than a reflection of our journey. Gazing into the mirror, there were reflections of sinking in the sand, of swimming to shore and of course climbing over the mountains.
As I presently stood in front of the mirror of life many things were altered and morphing with the moment. One image that never faltered and stayed strong and clear before me, was an image of you bold and unwavering. The revelations in the view of life revealed that my hand was always being gently held. When life becomes so distorted from the daily challenges, we sometimes fail to stop and see the reality of the view.
Today's reflection  reveals as it did years back, strength, trust , respect, love, peace and as I gaze once more into the mirror all other images fade but one. The image ingrained forever shows the true meaning of the " mirror of life" as I view your hand gently interlocked with mine.

You were climbing your own mountains
and still worrying about me, you reached
for my hand and you pulled me free.

There were quite a few distractions that
came our way, but you stood steadfast
and held my hand night and day.

The image clear and never fades, of my
head on your shoulder and in your arms
to stay.

Patiently you stood by my side, not
just holding my hand by my heart
from inside.

I know this is special it is made
from love and I am sure it's a
gift from the heavens above.

When I say I love you, love
you I do, yours is the hand that
I reach for in gray skies and

The only mirrored reflection that never wavered
was the image of your friendship. 

I know I'll be okay as you are beside me. 

The true reflection of friendship
is of an interlocking weave,
that only tightens when 


I wish only to be to you ,
what you have been to me,
strength, love and friendship. 

You are my Rock of Gibraltar
everyone else is a mere distraction. 

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