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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Void Within

If God should lead me ,
may it be into your arms. 
What is truth and where does it lead ?
It is my soul that whispers 
and my heart that cries. 
... to be loved. 

Life is kind of like Swiss cheese, where there are holes that somehow remain empty. Loneliness creates a void within that not only tempts one to make choices but leads us down the path of darkness.
You know the old saying " alone in a crowded room' I have been there many times. The void I feel goes deeper as I awake to sorrow past and present.
I ask the heart to speak in truth and yet silence remains, for the day is cast and the journey met like a storm filled day of rain.

Shards of shattered glass
deep inside remain, like
a thorn from a rose, I
awaken deep in pain.

Remove the darkness,
lead beyond the cold,
for sunlight is cast upon
the mountain and in
the heart i'll hold.

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