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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Around in Circles

There are many roads, a few take us on a detour,some are a dead
ends and others just circle on back. I prefer the road that takes us a little further than we are today.

Dreams, the topic of lovers both near and far. "Dreaming, I'm always dreaming, dreaming my life away" Reality fades like a distant memory cast in darkness.  I find that happiness exist in motion, but as if time stands still, the walls create barriers and the weight of negativity presses down.
My heart within yours,
side by side, soul to soul,
the night is forgiving ,
not so is the cold.

Frozen and icy,
a mountain to soar,
and a journey to follow,
to settle a score.

Wipe away tears,
rewrite those wrongs,
the words of love
written in song.

Sand on the shores,
sun in the sky, the waves
make a sound that
empowers the night.

The season is changing,
leaves fall from the trees,
gray and bare branches
and I on my knees.

I am lost and troubled,
which way shall I go,
in the center of a storm,
on a dark winding road.

Unveiling the secrets,
exposing the soul,
one journey begins
and another one folds.

This is really simple, hold my hand and follow me, Imagine I beside you and you are here with me. The sky is blue, as blue as it can be, lay down on the grass and let your soul be free. The sun is now shining, the river breaks up against the rocks, listen to the barges as they are passing through the locks. 

No birds from the heavens, no angels near or far, no roads left to travel, no trouble in our hearts. Now the time is nearing close your eyes and let your heart see me, I lying next to you, our hearts the treasure out at sea. Silence is speaking to the heart and soul and now controls the time both new and old.. 

Weep not of yesterday, for love is awfully near, emanating from the heart so that we may share. Distance builds the walls,love takes them down and time spins it gently as it brings us down. Keep closed the eyes, keep open the heart and through the day and night ignite the flames of love with a spark. 

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