Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, February 28, 2011

It was the willow that caught me by surprise,
the winter in its fury and the catkins were
blooming on the branches that stretched
tall reaching to the sky.

Tired  and a bit exhausted, I know
not which way to go, like my spirit
is lost and the darkness just won't
let go.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Sings>Everyday I dream a little more,
twice as much as the day before.
Sweet thoughts of you and I
dancing under blue skies.

Everyday I wish a little more,
twice as much as the day before.
Hoping that you love me just as
much as I love you.

Everyday I dream a little more,
twice as much as the day before.
Sweet thoughts of you and I
dancing under blue skies.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Version

I can't help but think of you, no matter what the time of day or what it is I stop to do. Words simply can't explain this crazy love that drives me borderline insane. All I really know for sure is that my love for you continues to grow like wild flowers in a field of forevermore.When my earthly time is done, I want only for the world to know that I have loved. and felt the magic of love as it welcomed the dance of souls upon the heavens.

 Sings>Another day, another night
and I lay here thinking of you,
wondering are you thinking of
 me, like I am thinking of you.

Another song, another dream
and it always cast you in the lead,
 I love you and you love me 
I know that we were meant to be.

Another day, another night
and I lay here thinking of you,
 wondering if you are thinking
 of me, like I am thinking of you.

 Another wish, another prayer
 as I gaze into the midnight sky
I hope you hear, my whipsers
soft and sweet of how much
I love you.

My whispers.... soft and sweet,
not so concerned about melody,
whispers of my love for you,
as close your eyes to sleep.

Tc;another night another day spent thinking of you and my love for you...this too shall never pass and as the stars take their rightful place in the sky I am so aware that what once seemed so far is as near as each beat of my heart

Friday, February 25, 2011

In war we are defined by our differences,
with love we are united by peace. 

Blue, blue and bluer

The snow fall and the cardinals  call
and there I stroll with you, 
like the trees woven as two, 
I am entwined with you. 
True love is never lost 
as it lives deep within the heart.
The memories of love are like warmth of the 
sun on a summer day. 

The sky is bluer... that is my love for you. 
The cardinal came to visit his feathers brightly red 
and as I listened to his mating call I knew that 
winter would becoming to an end. 

Caught up in the moment I watched in such delight, 
as the cardinal spread his wings and quickly took
to flight. 

His presence was replaced by the blue of the sky 
and as I gazed into the vastness, the tranquility 
caught me by surprise. 

Peaceful was the moment, magical indeed as 
I felt your love beating inside of me. 

It wasn't the season nor the majestic scene,
the canvas that was painted was your soul 
reflecting through the hills and trees. 
I knew that this was special and that it would
never fade away, that the image was of our 
love on the path eternity made.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet Dreams My Love

Do you remember the first snowfall of the season? There is something so wonderful and beautiful about watching the snow fall and cover the cold dark hills for the very first time. By this time of year its much more difficult to look at the snow falling for the umpteenth time and say wow what a beautiful snow storm! As with all seasons it is easy to appreciate the beginning, the first warm Spring day apple blossoms flowing in the warm breeze, the first blast of Summer sunshine and plans of vacations and  Autumn with its beautiful array of colors and the snap and crunch of dry leaves beneath your feet.  Winter is not always appreciated as much as the other seasons, unless you're an avid outdoors person and you make time for skiing an winter sports. As I look out the window I have lost my enthusiasm for the present season. I find it so difficult and that is partially because I have not been focused on photographing or working on poetry etc. I am trying to take into consideration that the seasons are all a reminder of the various stages of life. Soon winter will be replaced by spring and another chapter of life will be documented. Each ring within the trees will count as another year in passing and again we will enter into spring and rejoice that we are here to celebrate the season of renewal. I look to tomorrow as a way of cleansing my soul and forming a new platform in which to launch into the celestial heavens.

You have given me love and I held it close and
like the season of summer it bloomed a rose.
Opened petals reveal the dreams and the magic
and beauty of our memories.
True Love

They say infatuation never stands the time and that it is true love
which is the everlasting find. It doesn't need any explanations
nor reason or rhyme for true love is so powerful it bonds soul
to soul in the time it takes to sigh.

Where one can understand without any words exchanged the
feelings of the heart and images of the mind. It senses the
sadness and can erase it just the same and replace it with
gladness in the time it takes for the soul to lay claim.

When the world is filled with darkness and you know not
what to do true love opens up its arms and is there to
comfort you. Gentle kisses from the distance appear and
like the wind in the night I can feel your love in the air.

I have loved and therefore I have lived. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet Love...hear the whispers of my heart

I am trying to focus, clearly I see nothing but hell,
and in the darkness of the night, sorrow dwells.
My heart foolish reached out in vain, grasping
for your love even though it dwindles like the day.

Can you hearing me calling ? Do you know my
needs ? Just once to wake up in your arms and
through the day remain. Louder says the heart,
shout from mountains high, remember that I
love you forever and a day.
I can't keep my eyes open as the darkness calls
out your name, I know that I am at forever's 
door and our love shall always remain. 

My eyes are awfully heavy
and a rose in front of me lay,
a stem of thorns and petals
of red reveal what is now
in store.

I feel an emptiness,
I so desperately tried to fill,
the void in darkness,
and through the light
of passion the dreams
broke down the shield.
It is not he who speaks of love,
but the soul that reached out
to hold my hand in my time
of need.

Spinning and spinning and round and round I go,
and like a hawk caught in a storm down and down
I go. . Catch me my love and don't you let me go,
for you my love are the angel and I the one who
loves you so.

Dancing on Clouds

Nothing is more wonderful than the euphoria that comes with " Dancing on Clouds." The window that you look out is the same but the view changes. It happens when you least expect and it is a unique blend of physical  and spiritual as well as the comfort that comes with being compatible. In many ways it is like being a keyboard and all the right notes are being played and the music is incredible. But I think it is more than that, it is standing naked and I don't mean in the flesh but the baring of one soul to another and feeling a kindred spirit relationship that acknowledges and views with the ultimate acceptance.

Sings>When the birds sing along
and the stars realign and the sky
is always blue, when the day is full
of happiness and joy, is when I am
 " dancing on clouds" with you.

When my feet leave the ground
 and there is love all around ,
is when I am "dancing on clouds"
with you.

 When the heavens come down and
invite us on the cloud, is when I am
 "dancing on clouds " with you.

When my heart races on and the day
becomes a newly written song is
when I am "dancing on clouds "
with you.

When there is a smile on your face,
and you are walking in outer
space, is when I am "dancing
on clouds" with you.

When your heart speaks
and your soul can't deny,
when the day quickly passes
 and there is no rain from the sky.
That is my darling, the time in the
day when I am dancing, yes
darling ,dancing on clouds with

Zodiac Wheel

Monday, February 21, 2011

Da da da ... da da

This I will tell you,
this much you must know,
how much I love you and
how I need you so.

You're that special someone,
so wonderful and dear to me,
like a summer day you  are
so amazing.

I celebrate each morning and
again each night, that you have
been directed into the path
and that's what gives light to
my life
This kiss of mine is meant for you, 
it is full of my love and masters the blue,
the stars at night and the early morning
sky are a simple reminders that I am 
yours and your mine. 

There is nothing more exciting nor wonderful to me than to share my life and all of my dreams in your company. Tonight my arms are open, just like the night before and they are there for you my darling beyond what the heavens have in store. Eternity is just another day to me, for I am your forever and you're my fondest memories. 

I know life has struggles, dark days but a few, but as I long as you are with me, the sky will always be blue.The sun will always shine and my heart will always beat for you, for you are my Ace of hearts and I so love you. 

The night is quickly approaching and silence seems to rule, until I listen closely and find what only lovers are told. The wind calls your name, the winter branches whisper sweet, that love has a hold on us and each day is that of spring. 

We are a flower in bloom and each petal reveals that life is mystical and to a heart heals. It takes us to tomorrow, it spans beyond the hills and like a boat afloat at sea the waves of life it sails. Take my hand, it will lead you to my heart and their you'll find me waiting both near and afar. 

Love has spoken, it calls out to me, Love reminds us that our happiness is truly meant to be. Listen closely and you will hear the angels singing our song " I love you dear."Listen closely and you will hear the angels in the heavens celebrating the love we share. 

Sings > 
The words need not rhyme and you need not know how to sing, 
just play the chords of my heart and dance right through the dreams. 
The day started with rain and a little bit of hail and now it is all snow 
blanketing over all the many hills. Fickled the season, unlike my love 
for you, it knows not what to do, but I know that I love you. 

The words need not rhyme and you need not know how to sing, 
just play the chords of my heart and dance right through the dreams. 

 My head is hurting and negativity rules and I feel anchored in darkness and lost within the cold..I want to erase my yesterdays and make them forever go away.

Mirrored reflection cast but still not seen,
the image of souls ponder on borrowed

I can't control  the madness nor make it
fade away it has its hook on the moment
and it plays a viscous game.

I knew life wouldn't be easy,  I just didn't expect it to be so difficult.

It is the cries in silence that beg for your love.

The death of a spirit is is seen through the loss of love.

If the whispers of my heart could cross the mountains
the song of love would fall upon your ears.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One More Day in February

 One more day closer to spring...

First went the bluebird,
quickly followed was the
sun and in the darkness
of the moment all that
was left was my love.

Gone is the melody, lost
is the dance and quickly
fading on the hills of faith
is the opportunity at one
more chance.

To wake up in the morning
and feel your breath against
my cheek and roll closer
into your arms and form
tomorrows memories. 

Nothing is as divine nor speaks more fluid in
the tongue of Gods than when I watched the
flowers bloom and listened to the 
heart speak of love. 
There is a fine balance between sorrow and happiness!
The framed heart of silver no picture
does it hold but as I held it a little closer
and placed it in my hand ,I saw the images 
of yesterday like a billion golden grains of sand. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Morning Love Good Morning

Wakening up to the sunshine of my life,
when all seems impossible you bring
your warmth  which feels so right.

The day is lonely until I think of you
and then all of a sudden the sky
takes on a more beautiful blue.

I can't explain, but I know it to
be true, that you hold my heart
and dance underneath  the moon.

The dreams are but a gateway
to get closer to you, that is why
I go through life with  my eyes
closed thinking of you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fond Memory

There are people smarter than me
and a fond memory it is.
My son's knew my favorite song was Amazing Grace, each one of them learned to play it on their instrument. When we were coming home from chorus, my daughter asked "what song do you want me to sing?" Of course I responded with amazing grace. We graced over the issue of death, I said when I am gone have your brothers play the song and you sing it. She said "why would you say that?" I said " because it will be a party, I'll be going to heaven. " Well she didn't want to hear anything about death. Life I imagine is a struggle for everyone at one time or another and like the many I struggle each day and I have to remind myself " I have lived and loved and have had love returned to me. " Every day from there on  is a bonus.

Come Sing With Me

Have you ever watched the wind take control of the Northern Hemlock? The movement of branches as they sway gently in the wind looks like the quintessential ballet. The weather teasing us with warmer temperatures and signs of winter apparent as unattractive piles of ice slowly begin to melt. Stirring soap upon the counter I stared out the window as the wind appeared to cascade from the highest of hemlock down through the trees and promenade proudly across the surface of the hills. The sun passing in and out from behind the clouds complimented the moment as I felt and saw early signs that spring was not far away. The birds caught my eyes as a variety of them took turns on the perch of the feeders. The went about eating and yet cautious they kept their eyes on me. The moment was unique in that it held no reminiscence of the past nor the future. Here I am calm, no tears, no sadness equal to my surrounding one with the blue of sky and comforted that I had passed through the gates of winter and wait impatiently for the warmer days of spring. Here in the hollow yet my heart knew well that no hills nor rivers could barricade the power of love and its ability to reach out from heavens high.
Dusting off the memories,
there shines the ones with you,
warm and bright and loving,
I am holding on to you.

Acceptance of who I am inside
and the magic of love that
brought you to my side.

The heart whispered of love,
but it was my soul who said
 you are the one.

The one that makes me happy,
that taught me how to dream
and gives my spirit fire when
with it sings.

Come sing with me, go on and let your soul be free,
dance on those clouds of ours under star dust showers.

Open up your heart, you know that is where our love
starts, sharing a moment in the day, let our love lead the way.

Come sing with me, you know it is easy, from your soul the
words and like a bird we are soaring free.

Extreme Rain

 Unlike those who believe maturity replaces childishness, I find life to be like a set of building blocks. Each experience illuminates a part of the soul and builds one experience upon the other. Expanding on our needs is a sign of our accomplishments. Life like a well sought out adventure has us filtering through our trials and triumphs.
When you are very young you are given both freedom and restrictions. The limitations set form a sense of security, as we mature it is up to us to create and form the foundation in which we set and remove barriers. Intellectual freedom allows us the ability to scope as we explore the opportunities that are granted. There is sometimes a trade off when we barter with time and the choices that bring us to this moment.
Our needs are relatively simple and yet they are lost in this mass confusion that we ourselves are capable of creating.  Love is the one necessary component, for no matter what life throws our way, love will surface to help us not avoid but deal with the negativity in which we have little to no control.

Simple Needs

To feel the sun rays warm against my cheek,
and lay in your arms and let my dreams peak.
To walk beside you each and everyday and
as our souls remained bonded for all eternity.

My needs are rather simple, to spend my life
with you, living and loving as lovers were
meant to do. Living and loving my whole
life with you.


The sweet enchantment played through melody,
fills the air with music enhanced by memory. 
It is most certainly true,
that if not for the heartache, 
I would not have not known
what to do. 

Once I followed it , it led me 
to you and there in the  darkness
was my first  glimpse of the blue. 

First to the heavens and to the stars
beyond, for there was no doubt
where I belonged. 

The laughter removed all signs of tears 
and even in the darkness your love
I could hear.

I like the color of amethyst it glitters and sparkles so, 
a reminder that with time love will continue to grow. 
One night in the arms of love
is more powerful than a million years without.
I recognized my own emotions 
in the reflection of experience... only true love remains. 

Identifying a kindred spirit is 
to see your soul within another. 

The extremes found with each passing storm,
reveals the power of love like the rivers
flow from the fallen rain. 
There is no such thing as ordinary love, 
for love is an extraordinarily wonderful 
emotion capable of crossing the miles. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Angel

My angel, my darling, my sweetheart true,
I look to the heavens to send my love to you.
You're my smile in the morning, my dreams in
the night, you're the love of my hearts delight.

My angel, my darling, my sweetheart true,
I wait for the moment to be there with you.
You're the ping in my heart the magic of the
hour, the fuel that set my soul a fire.

My angel, my darling, my sweetheart true,
your the love of my life and I so love you.
My angel, my darling, my sweetheart true,
I am under the full moon, waiting for you.

Confused Little Honey Bee

Confused little honey bee,
things it is almost spring,
buzzing around the feeder,
no longer has to dream.

The break in the weather,
the sunlight our of the norm,
teasing us with the season,
before tomorrow's storm.

I quivered at my thoughts of loving you,
it sent a chill down my spine as I
longed to be with you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Night Sweet heart Good Night

The room is dark and silence rules,
my pillow fluffed awaiting your hold.
 The day is done and night unfolds with
my desire for you.

I wanna to share my tonight with ,
 to nibble and kiss as I make love to you.
I wanna dream of your kisses sweet and
feel your flesh as our hearts tender meet.

The room is dark and silence rules,
my pillow fluffed awaiting your hold.
The day is done and night unfolds with
my desire for you.

I wanna lay my head upon chest and
let my fingers rove at their best. I
wanna love you for the rest of my
life and having you loving me.

Good Night Sweetheart Good Night

The darkness I shall not fight, I will hold you

and love you and dream I"m  in your arms,

Good Night Sweetheart Good night

Teddy Pendergrass - Turn Off The LIghts (Live 1982)

Martina McBride - Help Me Make it Through the Night (LIVE)

Five Satins - In the Still of the Night

Crazy Love - Van Morrison

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


To feel the infusion of your love
like a river that floods my soul.
My soul speaks in riddles and my heart tries to define, 
the magic of love in a dream that stands still with time. 
Whispers from the heavens, a song at sea and the 
silence was broken when your love spoke out to me.

The day is not forgotten nor will it fade from memory,
the moment you touched my heart you became a part of me.
I can feel the power of your most precious love and like 
the beginning of our story, it starts in the heavens above.
Kisses sweet with desire,
ignites the blaze that
set my soul on fire.

Love made from a dream,
but cast on the clouds is
our everything.

I knew from the start,
that you my darling,
held the key to my heart.

The gateway through technology

I wrote the words and they disappeared and suddenly I was draped in fear. I WANTED AND NEEDED TO FEEL YOU CLOSE , TO KNOW YOUR LOVE I WOULD NEVER LOSE. THE DAY WAS LONG WITH NO TIME TO SPARe and so my love with you I SHARE. THE ARMS ARE HERE TO HOLD YOU TIGHT AND I place my kiss on your lips tonight.Sleep well ,be well I love you so and this my love I want you to know. That when the stars rule the sky, I will be there by your side,to live , to love, to dream each day and in the process sweet memories make.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Touched my soul and grows in my heart...

 Once love has left an imprint upon your soul,
it becomes an internal part of your being... 
like the grain of sand to a oyster,
I stand before you.

Just A Dream Away

I can't wait to close my eyes and dream of you each day, 
as you are in my heart and always one dream away. 

I can't wait to see the stars that light up the night, 
knowing that it's you and I who dance in the moonlight. 

I can't wait to wake up in your arms and know that we
are safe and far away from misery and  harm. 

I can't wait  to tell you how much I love you and as
I gaze into your eyes, my heart takes on a glow. 

I can't wait to sing the songs of love and wish upon
the heavens to listen to my words of love. 

I can't wait to erase the wrongs, because I know
for certain your arms are where I belong.

Valentine please be mine, 
kiss your lips so soft and fine
The gentle flutter in my heart whispers the words of love, 
directed by the heaven above, sent on the wings of a dove. 
The quest was aimed  directly at you, so I put in my 
gps the words "I love you "and to you the birds flew. 

The weather contributed in giving to us the blue, the 
sunshine warm shining bright anew, a puffy white
cloud where lovers dance by two.
 In life we think about gifts as the little surprise packages that come nicely wrapped in pretty paper and bows and knowing that someone special for one moment thought about you enough to surprise you with something they think you will treasure. Over the years I have learned that gifts come in many kinds of packaging and are  far from the traditional packaging  of tissue and bows. So this poem is about the  few the gifts that are given that have altered my life and give to me  new perspective on the joy of living.

There is the gift of acceptance, 
I am just me being me and then
the surprise that its not all that
unique and separated only by
our ablities and dreams.

The confidence to be anything,
and make those goals come true
and the ability to hold my hand
and stroll our whole life through.

The laughter that only friends can
share and the happiness a treasure,
that proves we both do care. 

The gift of love which holds me in 
the night and whispers in my ear 
that everything will be alright.

The glory of a day, the energy 
that leads the way, the magic
that your bring in the most 
exciting way.

But of all the gifts the most 
precious to me, is the gift 
of loving memories.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Vulnerable as a butterfly caught in a storm

There are extenuating circumstances that interfere with  the day to day running of a business. It wasn't  so long ago when I complained about being overwhelmed that I was given advice" place everything you need to on a piece of paper and pick one. " It is impossible to do everything at once and so placing structure by forming a daily syllabus allows you to see the various aspects necessary in keeping the gears running smooth. What exactly causes one to feel overwhelmed varies. I called the distractions winter, easy to blame winter for everything, it is the season of less sunlight new battles like keeping warm and fighting every thing from common colds to stomach viruses and yes the pressure of holidays. Sometimes I feel like I have a bit of cabin fever and the walls begin to close in.
I thought back to when I was a child and how glorious the snowfalls were. Staying outside playing in the snow till your fingers froze and nearly fell off and going inside to warm up enough to go back out and freeze all over. Somewhere along the line we lose that love for the season or maybe it is just that love for life. It is the ever so crucial balance which is necessary to maintain our own personal wellness. But unlike a child the adult being loses the freedom of simplicity. Thrown into the equation is our responsibility not only to ourselves but to others around us as well as projects and goals that we hope to obtain.I always said there was a really big difference between saying what we are going to do and doing it. All that saying just backs up and nothing becomes accomplished.
There are a few things that I try to do to lift my spirits when trapped in the season of winter. I liked to play music and escape via the heavens. So before I get up and start with inventory, I'll meet you on the clouds.

Sings > Ta lo roo la , ta la la the day has just begun and still the sun has yet to rise as the clouds are gathered above. Set free the memories, don't let them hold you down, we are living for the moment,whether or not a storm is found.


Lead with love,  follow the heart and 
there you'll find I have been there from
the start. Like the stars in the heavens
cast through the blue, I promise I'll
always be here for you.

I moved aside the curtain and I peered cautiously at the February snow, for I knew it was just the beginning and as it melted new flurries in the wind would blow. Torn is the spirit, dazed and a dream away and as I tried to understand I watched as the darkness fade. It was not a speculation but a revelation from the core, revealing the souls reaction to what can't be ignored.
Sometimes people think that you are strong and you can surface above everything...it is not always that easy.I want to run, open your arms...

I will always love you!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Listening to the waves...

The water seem to call out to me
and there on the wall I began to dream.
The feel of your hands gentle against my cheek,
and the magic of the moment that places you here with me.

There is something awfully special and I can tell you why,
as your sweet hands tenderly caress my inner thigh. 
My heart rapid it has a rhythmic beat and a sound of
a melody of lovers on retreat.

I can tell you, our souls met by surprise and the moment
we came together there was stardust in our eyes.
Unbelievable some may say, but I know what
happened when your love came my way.

I started singing and my heart joined on in, it knew that
this was different and we were life long friends.
The day holds a special place within my heart, its the
moment when you took my hand and since we had
not part.

I lay here dreaming of how life is meant to be, you
beside me and each day we live a new dream.
Sunlight cannot compare and nothing  can out
do what heaven sent when it gave to us the blue.

Cast by the angels, bonded by the soul,
melded together our hearts surely hold.
All the love that we share, all the joy that
a soul can spare and  all the happiness of
life when you are here .

By the sea,
by the river,
by the waters,
by your side.

One Dream Away

The sand beneath my feet,
the sunlight through my hair
and the moisture filled with
salt flows in the air.

Memories of yesterday,
dreams to hold you in the night,
and cradle you in happiness
to last you throughout your life.

Sing with Me

I was outside when I started to sing,
the ground still frozen but I can still dream.
Ice on the mountains and snow everywhere,
but I could still feel your love warm in the air.

I was outside when I started to sing,
imagining your arms gentle around me.
Ocean peaceful and the sky blue and
oh how powerful is my thoughts of you.

I was outside when I started to sing, 
my heart started dancing and my
soul to the breeze.Soaring like the
gulls in flight, with you by my side.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pull me close and kiss away the tears

I don't hear bells, can't see the birds
don't feel the sun on my cheek and
yet I believe my heart sings for you.

I don' t hear bells, can't see the birds,
don't feel the sun on my cheek, and
yet I believe that you are here with\

I don't hear bells, can't see the birds,
don't feel the sun on my cheek and
yet I believe that this dream will
come true.

Sings>There is a flame in my heart for you,
you surely must feel it to. It is my way of
telling you how much I love you.

There is a dream I'm living day and night
with only you in sight, oh how I delight
in sharing my life with you.

There is a song that waits to be sung,
it can't be undone it flows from my
heart to yours.


When it is a little overwhelming and I need to get away,
I quickly close my  eyes and I am in your arms to stay.
The darkness has no power, the devil quickly fades,
and the only thing between  us is the love the angels

The Newly Fallen Snow

The newly fallen snow is as beautiful as can be,
but I have had enough of it and impatiently wait
for green.

Waiting for the sunshine, the smile on your
face, as just the thought of you makes my heart

The newly fallen snow is as beautiful as can be,
but I have had enough of it and impatiently wait
for green.

Waiting for tomorrow to feel your hand in mine
and stroll through life, body, soul and mind.

Friday, February 04, 2011


Weep Not Heart

It might be that winter is just a little to long or to much time on my hands. I could be doing an awful lot of things and yet I find today to be especially a battle. I have always believed that I lived my life with no regrets, it is not like you change the past anyway. Yet I find myself looking back and wondering if... "If "how can such a little word be filled with so much? I had wondered how life would have been like today had I met that someone in my earlier years who understood the value of love on a equal level. I felt troubled as I saw myself standing at the crossroads and wanting so badly to know which road to take. There is not a very distinctive difference between what  the heart says and the will of my own soul and still I did not follow through with what I knew was my destiny. Did I deserve the darkness that surrounded me? Had it all to do with my choices? Sometimes I think responsibility is equal to guilt and that in it self ways heavily on the spirit. Call it a conscience that inner guide that tells you what is right or wrong. Sometimes that conscience is the cross road in it self, for what is right for one person maybe wrong for another. So I decided that this moment would be dedicated to the moment in time when all felt right within my spirit. 

I opened the door and I walked outside and there was something different I felt from inside. My spirit was free with no reason or rhyme and surely there was no mountain to high to climb. Something had happened no toying with the mind it was okay to let out the person inside. I laughed to a giggle, I was simply just me and the road that I was not of a dream. I looked over the ravine, no fear and no shame and I gathered the strength to that moment lay claim. I knew when it happened and that is the pain, when first the soul soars and than falls covered in chains. I wanted to deny, but I knew it was true, when the stars fell from the heaven and I became with the blue. Confusion and madness another plan laid but it was not of my doing the hell that won't fade. I ran and I ran as fast I could and I tried to hold on if only I could. Time the keeper with a reminder of sort through the journey of life this is a time to abort. What was the reasoning, where it did lead, was it my heart that set out to tease? The path like a thicket of rambling brush, tried to get through but it seemed like a fuss. I tried to circle around take a new path, but the darkness was gaining way to fast.

I know the heart always knows the truth 
and when you refuse to listen that is 
when you have everything to lose. 

If tears could erase all sadness 
 than happiness we'll find was always there waiting to bring you to myside.

If you intentionally set out to hurt a person 
you cannot possibly understand the value of love.

Survival is when you can reach inside yourself and find 
that person you didn't even know existed. 


 Truth is when you learn to  be  responsible to yourself. 
I wish to forget... but it is never that easy.

When the well is frozen 
I feel a chill in my soul.

Strength is when you don't need to lean
but it is awfully lonely.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Open Your Heart

 All I ever needed  was the simplicity of touch
for your lips to mine are bonded with star like dust.
The gateway to heaven is through the doorway of the soul.

To place your hand to my cheek and gently stroke the flesh and feel the tenderness of your hand is heaven at its best.Sunshine in the morning, starlight in the night as the beauty of your love shines so very bright. My body begins to quiver, my soul trembles so, as our hearts come together and the passion between us flows. My breath a bit labored sometimes deep and very slow as I imagine the depth of love that only you and I would know.
I have always like colored glass, pink, blue and greens, as they are but quick reminders of what few will ever see. I see a wide spectrum of colors upon desire, sometimes gentle like a lamb and other times blazing like a fire. Traveling through the emotions, many flow like a river are the ones from in my dreams. Love is not a notion or a think to obtain, it is the moment when souls come together like a collision between two trains.

There is something special about the blue in the sky, there is something wonderful about the love from you and I. It gives the mountains a majestic sort of green even it is snow covered, I know what I see. Everyday is like a golden day of summer, every moment not like another, everything thought is filled with all my love for you. Every dream places you in my arms and every thought reminds me of your charm. The hills are quiet the and the tree's might now be bare, but they still can't hide the magic of the love that brings you here.

Listen Closely Baby

 This is relatively easy and here is my show and tell, just place your hand over your heart and feel my love swell. I placed it within you and I know you'll will keep it safe, for it is there with you in the night as my most gentle embrace. It goes where ever you go, it never leaves you alone, this love is always with you and it by the day it grows. You can see it in your face it's the smile that you share, you can feel it throughout the day its the magic we share. This is relatively easy and here is my show and tell, just place your hand over your heart and feel my love swell. I placed it in your  heart to keep my love  safe and sound to protect you from the darkness when my flesh can't be found.

Listen closely baby,
let me whisper in your ear,
a few simple words
" I love you dear"

I whispered to the song birds,
"fly high and sing the words of
the sweet love of mine."

The sun has yet rise and still I
can see the bright reflection of
your love on me.

Listen mountains and stream,
reach to the blue sky to reveal
my dreams.

I know what you mean to me,
and now I celebrate by singing .

Listen closely baby and I'll whisper
in your ear, a few simple words,
" I love you dear"

I'm all out of love songs,
I'm all out of dreams,
I'm all out of mistletoe
but I still have your memory.

I hold it in my heart and I
have yet to let it go,
sweet reminders of yesterday
compound like mountains of snow.

I'm all out of love songs,
I'm all out of dreams,
I'm all of mistletoe , but
I still have your memory.

Warms me on the coldest night,
puts a smile on my face and teases
my spirit and causes my heart to

I'm all out of love songs,
I'm all out of dreams,
I'm all of mistletoe , but
I still have your memory.
Breaking the silence, the words just come to me and in the night I tremble by what it is I see. I see you in the distance, your arms reaching out to me and as I begin running you disappear as if it were nothing but a dream.

Breaking the silence, the haunting begins and I know that this is not merely words but the soul speaking from within. It tells of heartache, it tells of goodbyes and speaks of my trouble that held down my mind.

Breaking the silence, is the kindness of your voice, little whispers that give to life a choice. My head is spinning and round and round I go, feeling dizzy, and yet you have never let me go.

Breaking the silence,  is the song of the heart and to it I dance with you from afar. I chose the brightest star in the sky and there is where I'll you with my heart, soul and mind.

Breaking the silence,  is the rivers flow, it rages from it banks and with it our story travels so.Around the mountain,  through cities wide and as  far it takes to take my spirit to your side.

Breaking the silence, the world will come to know, the greatest love on this earth and in the heavens where angels go. Celebrating this day so divine as it is a reminder how you kissed this soul of mine.

Breaking the silence, are the words " I love you so" just hold them in your heart and don't you, don't you, don't you... ever let them go. the words, " I love you so" are meant for you alone, so hold them in your heart and don't you, don't you every let me go.

I quivered and I shook and I knew not where to go, I begged the heavens to guide me so. I am lost like a sparrow whose wings were cut in flight and all that remains is the voice lost to the night.Get up spirit and relearn to fly, you can do it if you use what is deep inside. Open up your heart and let the love proceed, this is reality and far from a dream. The road confusing to some, for there is an uncertain journey that my soul has just begun. I quivered and I shook and I knew not where to go, I begged the heavens to guide me so. 

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

XO Back AT You

Did you ever get déjà vu ?  The odd feeling that you have been there or that it is something you can't put your finger on but that you know it is something you experienced before. It is that compelling sense of familiarity, it could be a word, a phrase or an action and sometimes even a person or place or thing.
I have had the déjà vu  experience  many times through out life, once it was in a dream, I felt as if I had experience or would experience the dream and it was so vivid, a game of the subconscious. Another time I connected with a place as if I had been there before, knowing where to turn and the layout of the event. But sometimes it is something someone says, that strokes your being stirring a déjà vu  moment. I find it to be between a puzzle and a game, what puzzle piece is missing or what game is someone playing. Funny how you pick up on  personality and thought, like the personality behind the image.
I always believed that everything happens for a reason,so that means everyone you meet is a piece of the puzzle. I have always admired those who were so confident with their choices that they knew exactly what they wanted out of life and where their life would lead. I never found it that easy, I always felt as if there was some exterior power directing my life. Not quite like a puppet but like pre-laid  stepping stones that you don't see until you stumble upon them.  Sometimes I find that confusing and other times much more clearer, was is it I am missing?

Words of endearment, common at best,
inquisitive nature, life long quest.

Over a mountain, beyond the cascade,
of memories, stories and dreams relayed.

Stream to the river, river to the sea,
stars to the sky and your in me.


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February..the month of love

The winter sun shines down on the snow covered hill and the ice melting above the window drips down upon the sill. The music box playing and spring one short month away and here I sit dreaming of sharing a warm summer day. Take my hand and hold it tight, don't you let it go, no matter what's in sight. Just allow our love to grow.. Stroll through life and through the many stormy days of gray, until we reach that one special warm summer day. Think of all the possibilities for you and I, lying in the grass and in your arms gazing at the blue sky.Picnic on the mountain,  looking over Coopers Rock and taking in the Mountain Laurel as if the rolling hills could talk. Hold still the moment and allow it to infuse, deep into the heart and soul for later use. When you are feeling lonely and you gaze unto the sky, remember that I am looking back and I am yours and you are mine. Nothing can erase the love I feel for you, for you are a part of me and that is so undeniably true. Take my hand and hold it tight, don't you let it go, no matter what's in sight remember I love you so. Rainbows over the mountain and sunlight at your door just waiting for our love to explore

 My mind explored the distance it traveled both near and far as it broke down the barriers to reach out to your heart. I have come to know the feeling of the void you left behind when you first tickled my spirit and ignited a love from deep inside. The winter is often challenging and I can neither run or hide, as the tears overwhelming flood from my heart, soul and mind. One tear was for my yesterdays which have come and gone and another for the moment  when my heart was empty of song. The tears they kept on falling and I tried desperately to hold them back and use the warmth of your love to create a passion pact.   It might have been the darkness or the season long that makes a play but I think its the dreams of love that simply just won't fade.

Historically in the Christian faith Valentines day had little to do with romance between lovers.But like many holidays that are honored and celebrated their meaning over the years morph and take on a new genre . There are many stories, myths and legends  of why and who valentines day was and many believe it was St Valentine. Though many third-century priest were named Valentine and the name rather common  there  remained an issue of who actually was the time honored saint.Though many believe that it originated from the Legend of a priest named Valentine who persisted in performing marriage ceremonies despite a ban by the Roman emperor Claudius II . Claudius believed that single men made better soldiers for his army. Thrown into jail, Valentine formed a relationship with his jailor's daughter  and he signed his last message to her "From your Valentine," which still is used quite frequently today. St. Valentine was executed on February 14,  the year 270, and his remains  are now on display in the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin. There were also Pagan holidays that coincided with St. Valentine and it might have been a combination of several events that led to the holiday we celebrate today. There is no doubt that marketing and the media of our time took a bit of history and created a holiday unlike the one that was so intended and introduces to young children our first knowledge of romance via the Valentines Day Card. Of course I look back on the holiday of my childhood with fond memories. What was the prettiest card, the largest card, who sent and what it said. There have been many traditional sayings that belong to valentines day alone. Be Mine, Dear Heart, luv you.
No matter where the holiday originated today it has special meaning for those who want to acknowledge with a gift or card their love for one another. It is nice that one day is set aside to share more deeply our thoughts on love, but I do believe that everyday is a celebration in the making and that love and the passion in which we live life should be celebrated moment by moment.

Be Mine Valentine!

 Be mine and I will be yours,
here on earth and in the heavens
we yet to explore.

It is true the dreams brought to me
a channel through the darkness
that our love is everything.

 I am lost without you, troubled my soul for I have felt love and its passionate hold. I know the void when you are not here, that is when loneliness meets up with fear.  So I beg to you my darling to gaze into the sky and the star that shines the brightest belongs to you and I. Meet me there my darling, my love, my souls desire, meet me there my love and watch the blazing fire.


I had a bad dream it is a quick reminder 
that the subconscious never sleeps.