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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Open Your Heart

 All I ever needed  was the simplicity of touch
for your lips to mine are bonded with star like dust.
The gateway to heaven is through the doorway of the soul.

To place your hand to my cheek and gently stroke the flesh and feel the tenderness of your hand is heaven at its best.Sunshine in the morning, starlight in the night as the beauty of your love shines so very bright. My body begins to quiver, my soul trembles so, as our hearts come together and the passion between us flows. My breath a bit labored sometimes deep and very slow as I imagine the depth of love that only you and I would know.
I have always like colored glass, pink, blue and greens, as they are but quick reminders of what few will ever see. I see a wide spectrum of colors upon desire, sometimes gentle like a lamb and other times blazing like a fire. Traveling through the emotions, many flow like a river are the ones from in my dreams. Love is not a notion or a think to obtain, it is the moment when souls come together like a collision between two trains.

There is something special about the blue in the sky, there is something wonderful about the love from you and I. It gives the mountains a majestic sort of green even it is snow covered, I know what I see. Everyday is like a golden day of summer, every moment not like another, everything thought is filled with all my love for you. Every dream places you in my arms and every thought reminds me of your charm. The hills are quiet the and the tree's might now be bare, but they still can't hide the magic of the love that brings you here.

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