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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Come Sing With Me

Have you ever watched the wind take control of the Northern Hemlock? The movement of branches as they sway gently in the wind looks like the quintessential ballet. The weather teasing us with warmer temperatures and signs of winter apparent as unattractive piles of ice slowly begin to melt. Stirring soap upon the counter I stared out the window as the wind appeared to cascade from the highest of hemlock down through the trees and promenade proudly across the surface of the hills. The sun passing in and out from behind the clouds complimented the moment as I felt and saw early signs that spring was not far away. The birds caught my eyes as a variety of them took turns on the perch of the feeders. The went about eating and yet cautious they kept their eyes on me. The moment was unique in that it held no reminiscence of the past nor the future. Here I am calm, no tears, no sadness equal to my surrounding one with the blue of sky and comforted that I had passed through the gates of winter and wait impatiently for the warmer days of spring. Here in the hollow yet my heart knew well that no hills nor rivers could barricade the power of love and its ability to reach out from heavens high.
Dusting off the memories,
there shines the ones with you,
warm and bright and loving,
I am holding on to you.

Acceptance of who I am inside
and the magic of love that
brought you to my side.

The heart whispered of love,
but it was my soul who said
 you are the one.

The one that makes me happy,
that taught me how to dream
and gives my spirit fire when
with it sings.

Come sing with me, go on and let your soul be free,
dance on those clouds of ours under star dust showers.

Open up your heart, you know that is where our love
starts, sharing a moment in the day, let our love lead the way.

Come sing with me, you know it is easy, from your soul the
words and like a bird we are soaring free.

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