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Monday, February 07, 2011

Vulnerable as a butterfly caught in a storm

There are extenuating circumstances that interfere with  the day to day running of a business. It wasn't  so long ago when I complained about being overwhelmed that I was given advice" place everything you need to on a piece of paper and pick one. " It is impossible to do everything at once and so placing structure by forming a daily syllabus allows you to see the various aspects necessary in keeping the gears running smooth. What exactly causes one to feel overwhelmed varies. I called the distractions winter, easy to blame winter for everything, it is the season of less sunlight new battles like keeping warm and fighting every thing from common colds to stomach viruses and yes the pressure of holidays. Sometimes I feel like I have a bit of cabin fever and the walls begin to close in.
I thought back to when I was a child and how glorious the snowfalls were. Staying outside playing in the snow till your fingers froze and nearly fell off and going inside to warm up enough to go back out and freeze all over. Somewhere along the line we lose that love for the season or maybe it is just that love for life. It is the ever so crucial balance which is necessary to maintain our own personal wellness. But unlike a child the adult being loses the freedom of simplicity. Thrown into the equation is our responsibility not only to ourselves but to others around us as well as projects and goals that we hope to obtain.I always said there was a really big difference between saying what we are going to do and doing it. All that saying just backs up and nothing becomes accomplished.
There are a few things that I try to do to lift my spirits when trapped in the season of winter. I liked to play music and escape via the heavens. So before I get up and start with inventory, I'll meet you on the clouds.

Sings > Ta lo roo la , ta la la the day has just begun and still the sun has yet to rise as the clouds are gathered above. Set free the memories, don't let them hold you down, we are living for the moment,whether or not a storm is found.


Lead with love,  follow the heart and 
there you'll find I have been there from
the start. Like the stars in the heavens
cast through the blue, I promise I'll
always be here for you.

I moved aside the curtain and I peered cautiously at the February snow, for I knew it was just the beginning and as it melted new flurries in the wind would blow. Torn is the spirit, dazed and a dream away and as I tried to understand I watched as the darkness fade. It was not a speculation but a revelation from the core, revealing the souls reaction to what can't be ignored.
Sometimes people think that you are strong and you can surface above everything...it is not always that easy.I want to run, open your arms...

I will always love you!

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