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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

XO Back AT You

Did you ever get déjà vu ?  The odd feeling that you have been there or that it is something you can't put your finger on but that you know it is something you experienced before. It is that compelling sense of familiarity, it could be a word, a phrase or an action and sometimes even a person or place or thing.
I have had the déjà vu  experience  many times through out life, once it was in a dream, I felt as if I had experience or would experience the dream and it was so vivid, a game of the subconscious. Another time I connected with a place as if I had been there before, knowing where to turn and the layout of the event. But sometimes it is something someone says, that strokes your being stirring a déjà vu  moment. I find it to be between a puzzle and a game, what puzzle piece is missing or what game is someone playing. Funny how you pick up on  personality and thought, like the personality behind the image.
I always believed that everything happens for a reason,so that means everyone you meet is a piece of the puzzle. I have always admired those who were so confident with their choices that they knew exactly what they wanted out of life and where their life would lead. I never found it that easy, I always felt as if there was some exterior power directing my life. Not quite like a puppet but like pre-laid  stepping stones that you don't see until you stumble upon them.  Sometimes I find that confusing and other times much more clearer, was is it I am missing?

Words of endearment, common at best,
inquisitive nature, life long quest.

Over a mountain, beyond the cascade,
of memories, stories and dreams relayed.

Stream to the river, river to the sea,
stars to the sky and your in me.


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