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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Touched my soul and grows in my heart...

 Once love has left an imprint upon your soul,
it becomes an internal part of your being... 
like the grain of sand to a oyster,
I stand before you.

Just A Dream Away

I can't wait to close my eyes and dream of you each day, 
as you are in my heart and always one dream away. 

I can't wait to see the stars that light up the night, 
knowing that it's you and I who dance in the moonlight. 

I can't wait to wake up in your arms and know that we
are safe and far away from misery and  harm. 

I can't wait  to tell you how much I love you and as
I gaze into your eyes, my heart takes on a glow. 

I can't wait to sing the songs of love and wish upon
the heavens to listen to my words of love. 

I can't wait to erase the wrongs, because I know
for certain your arms are where I belong.

Valentine please be mine, 
kiss your lips so soft and fine
The gentle flutter in my heart whispers the words of love, 
directed by the heaven above, sent on the wings of a dove. 
The quest was aimed  directly at you, so I put in my 
gps the words "I love you "and to you the birds flew. 

The weather contributed in giving to us the blue, the 
sunshine warm shining bright anew, a puffy white
cloud where lovers dance by two.
 In life we think about gifts as the little surprise packages that come nicely wrapped in pretty paper and bows and knowing that someone special for one moment thought about you enough to surprise you with something they think you will treasure. Over the years I have learned that gifts come in many kinds of packaging and are  far from the traditional packaging  of tissue and bows. So this poem is about the  few the gifts that are given that have altered my life and give to me  new perspective on the joy of living.

There is the gift of acceptance, 
I am just me being me and then
the surprise that its not all that
unique and separated only by
our ablities and dreams.

The confidence to be anything,
and make those goals come true
and the ability to hold my hand
and stroll our whole life through.

The laughter that only friends can
share and the happiness a treasure,
that proves we both do care. 

The gift of love which holds me in 
the night and whispers in my ear 
that everything will be alright.

The glory of a day, the energy 
that leads the way, the magic
that your bring in the most 
exciting way.

But of all the gifts the most 
precious to me, is the gift 
of loving memories.

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