Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue, blue and bluer

The snow fall and the cardinals  call
and there I stroll with you, 
like the trees woven as two, 
I am entwined with you. 
True love is never lost 
as it lives deep within the heart.
The memories of love are like warmth of the 
sun on a summer day. 

The sky is bluer... that is my love for you. 
The cardinal came to visit his feathers brightly red 
and as I listened to his mating call I knew that 
winter would becoming to an end. 

Caught up in the moment I watched in such delight, 
as the cardinal spread his wings and quickly took
to flight. 

His presence was replaced by the blue of the sky 
and as I gazed into the vastness, the tranquility 
caught me by surprise. 

Peaceful was the moment, magical indeed as 
I felt your love beating inside of me. 

It wasn't the season nor the majestic scene,
the canvas that was painted was your soul 
reflecting through the hills and trees. 
I knew that this was special and that it would
never fade away, that the image was of our 
love on the path eternity made.

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