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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February..the month of love

The winter sun shines down on the snow covered hill and the ice melting above the window drips down upon the sill. The music box playing and spring one short month away and here I sit dreaming of sharing a warm summer day. Take my hand and hold it tight, don't you let it go, no matter what's in sight. Just allow our love to grow.. Stroll through life and through the many stormy days of gray, until we reach that one special warm summer day. Think of all the possibilities for you and I, lying in the grass and in your arms gazing at the blue sky.Picnic on the mountain,  looking over Coopers Rock and taking in the Mountain Laurel as if the rolling hills could talk. Hold still the moment and allow it to infuse, deep into the heart and soul for later use. When you are feeling lonely and you gaze unto the sky, remember that I am looking back and I am yours and you are mine. Nothing can erase the love I feel for you, for you are a part of me and that is so undeniably true. Take my hand and hold it tight, don't you let it go, no matter what's in sight remember I love you so. Rainbows over the mountain and sunlight at your door just waiting for our love to explore

 My mind explored the distance it traveled both near and far as it broke down the barriers to reach out to your heart. I have come to know the feeling of the void you left behind when you first tickled my spirit and ignited a love from deep inside. The winter is often challenging and I can neither run or hide, as the tears overwhelming flood from my heart, soul and mind. One tear was for my yesterdays which have come and gone and another for the moment  when my heart was empty of song. The tears they kept on falling and I tried desperately to hold them back and use the warmth of your love to create a passion pact.   It might have been the darkness or the season long that makes a play but I think its the dreams of love that simply just won't fade.

Historically in the Christian faith Valentines day had little to do with romance between lovers.But like many holidays that are honored and celebrated their meaning over the years morph and take on a new genre . There are many stories, myths and legends  of why and who valentines day was and many believe it was St Valentine. Though many third-century priest were named Valentine and the name rather common  there  remained an issue of who actually was the time honored saint.Though many believe that it originated from the Legend of a priest named Valentine who persisted in performing marriage ceremonies despite a ban by the Roman emperor Claudius II . Claudius believed that single men made better soldiers for his army. Thrown into jail, Valentine formed a relationship with his jailor's daughter  and he signed his last message to her "From your Valentine," which still is used quite frequently today. St. Valentine was executed on February 14,  the year 270, and his remains  are now on display in the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin. There were also Pagan holidays that coincided with St. Valentine and it might have been a combination of several events that led to the holiday we celebrate today. There is no doubt that marketing and the media of our time took a bit of history and created a holiday unlike the one that was so intended and introduces to young children our first knowledge of romance via the Valentines Day Card. Of course I look back on the holiday of my childhood with fond memories. What was the prettiest card, the largest card, who sent and what it said. There have been many traditional sayings that belong to valentines day alone. Be Mine, Dear Heart, luv you.
No matter where the holiday originated today it has special meaning for those who want to acknowledge with a gift or card their love for one another. It is nice that one day is set aside to share more deeply our thoughts on love, but I do believe that everyday is a celebration in the making and that love and the passion in which we live life should be celebrated moment by moment.

Be Mine Valentine!

 Be mine and I will be yours,
here on earth and in the heavens
we yet to explore.

It is true the dreams brought to me
a channel through the darkness
that our love is everything.

 I am lost without you, troubled my soul for I have felt love and its passionate hold. I know the void when you are not here, that is when loneliness meets up with fear.  So I beg to you my darling to gaze into the sky and the star that shines the brightest belongs to you and I. Meet me there my darling, my love, my souls desire, meet me there my love and watch the blazing fire.


I had a bad dream it is a quick reminder 
that the subconscious never sleeps.

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