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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dancing on Clouds

Nothing is more wonderful than the euphoria that comes with " Dancing on Clouds." The window that you look out is the same but the view changes. It happens when you least expect and it is a unique blend of physical  and spiritual as well as the comfort that comes with being compatible. In many ways it is like being a keyboard and all the right notes are being played and the music is incredible. But I think it is more than that, it is standing naked and I don't mean in the flesh but the baring of one soul to another and feeling a kindred spirit relationship that acknowledges and views with the ultimate acceptance.

Sings>When the birds sing along
and the stars realign and the sky
is always blue, when the day is full
of happiness and joy, is when I am
 " dancing on clouds" with you.

When my feet leave the ground
 and there is love all around ,
is when I am "dancing on clouds"
with you.

 When the heavens come down and
invite us on the cloud, is when I am
 "dancing on clouds " with you.

When my heart races on and the day
becomes a newly written song is
when I am "dancing on clouds "
with you.

When there is a smile on your face,
and you are walking in outer
space, is when I am "dancing
on clouds" with you.

When your heart speaks
and your soul can't deny,
when the day quickly passes
 and there is no rain from the sky.
That is my darling, the time in the
day when I am dancing, yes
darling ,dancing on clouds with

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