Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another September

Happiness and sadness caught be my surprise,
as I hold on to your memory a
a tear falls from my eye.
It is through the scope of my trials
that I find myself anchored to a memory.

The walk through life,
comes with no guarantee,
no matter where we journey
it is time which holds the lead.

I take this moment to celebrate
and show my deepest gratitude
for a love that surfaced by surprise
as it causes my heart to race.

If compared to the sun,
your love is brighter by the day,
warming my heart as it
touched it in special way.

I know this love to be true,
it gives meaning to life
and cast the sky in the
most royal of blue.

From the corners of earth,
to the galaxies above,
there is only you and I
that joined one to one.

Unlocked and freed the love
that kept you here with me
and yet I tucked a little away
to hold for all eternity.

You are free to come and go
in heaven and on earth
but you must know that our
love has an everlasting worth.

Stories will be written,
they'll tell a tale or two
and the stars will be named
after me and you.

Our love is here forever,
with  time it only gets better,
I 'm the whisper of wind,
the dreams with no end.

Look inside my heart
and you will surely fine,
the images of two ,
you and I entwined.

Darkness has no meaning,
your the light beams through me
and I can see the love
like everyday is spring.

Remember when I am gone,
when time dares to wash away,
the love that brought us together
and embraces us to this very day.


Reached for your hand and
found your heart.
Even in a storm the sky
is blue when you are beside me.
There are many ways to love...
Your love replaces the chill of darkness.
I never cry at the end of a chapter,
but at the end of a story, that is something else.
I am sure I didn't write this script...
They say we walk hell on earth,
there we go listening to the " they sayers"
Life is good , we wake up
and that is a celebration in it self.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Unchained Melody with lyrics

Happiness and Dreams

I reached out to the darkness
and your love was all around,
I pulled it close and held it tight
and in my heart it is found.

Amazing the moment
and quite joyous the day,
the angels gathered together
to lead us on our way.

Sentimental foolishness,
words scripted of love
from the heart a chapter
secured in the heavens above.

It is quite powerful,
wonderful indeed,
the magic of love
and the thrill of

It is of desire,
the uncontrolled fire,
blazing inside of me,
from summer to  spring.

I dread winter, the darker days, cooler weather and the unknown encapsulated by fair. In all reality our thoughts are followed by action, which directs us down the path of tomorrow.

Your love the kindling
which warms my heart,
removes the chill of life
and rearranges the stars.

No distance between us,
you are always here with me,
I filed your love in my heart,
between happiness and dreams.

Kiss Good Morning

In all reality we are love,
the energy that defies all logic.
One dream,
two hearts.

Good Night, Good Morning,
how are you today ?
I watched as the stars
faded away.

Your at a distance,
that may be true,
but as close to the heart
as  the moon to the blue.

Good Night, Good Morning,
how are you today?
I watched as the stars
faded away.

I shivered from the thought,
my mind was there with you
as the darkness faded and
all I saw was skies blue.

Nothing seem to matter,
no reign for despair,
distance was bridged
and I felt you here.

Speak Heart

Standing on a mountain,
shouting out to sea,
the words of love
from the heart speak.

Dreams of happiness,
songs of love and
a dance upon clouds
with that special someone.

Standing on a mountain,
shouting out to sea,
the words of love
from the heart speak.

Take my hand ,
come dance with me,
spinning in circles
I am so happy.

The music of lovers,
the hearts melody,
is a song of love
my soul sings.

No distance,
the stars ours,
the moon bright,
reminds me your never

Take my hand,
come dance with me,
spinning in circles,
I am so happy.

I know that dreams are real,
in the night it's your love I feel.
Waking each morning to your kiss,
brings a smile  from the heart
to my lips.

I feel the warmth of embrace
as the heavens bow our way.
The approval of angels ,
the stars delight , the twinkle
of love in the night sky.

I know that dreams are real,
in the night it's your love I feel.
Waking each morning to your kiss,
brings a smile from the heart
to my lips.

I didn't go about giving away,
my heart was yours from the
very first day.

Like sunshine in the night
and stars all day long,
I danced upon the clouds
lovingly in your arms.

There was no pretending,
no dreams to come true,
reality is simple,
there is me and then there
is you.

I didn't go about giving away,
my heart was yours from the
very first day.

I see the dream,
feel the love
experience all
there is.

I know that it is you,
the way that I feel,
when you are here.

I see the dream,
feel the love,
experience all
there is.


Stars, rainbows and clouds,
the catalyst for our love,
arching over mountains,
bridging the seas, soaring
above brings you to me.

Waking each morn,
with you on my mind,
a kiss of life that
tickles the mind.

Stars, rainbows and clouds,
the catalyst for our love,
arching over mountains,
bridging the seas, soaring
above brings you to me.

Monday, September 22, 2014

....kiss you goodnight.

Would it be okay if I kiss you goodnight?
Sending kisses on the wings of a blue bird in flight.
Wake you in the morning and hold you tight and
keep you close all through the night.

Would be okay if I sent you my love?
Passing it on the clouds in the skies above.
Little reminders how much you mean to me
and I'll see you in my good night dream.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

La, la , la Means I Love You

La, la , la means I love you,
la, la, la my dream come true.
Whisper of words from the heart
speak to you from afar.

La, la, la means I love you,
la, la, la my dream come true.
The melody is awfully fine
with love lyrics of you and I.

La, la, la means I love you,
la, la, la my dream come true,
whisper of words from the heart
to speak to you from afar.

I would write of dreams come true,
if that dream included you.
I would spin in circles day and night,
as long it was your arms that held me tight.

I would send kisses to land upon your lips
as long as the wind didn't miss.
I would sing of a love true
as long as I was there with you.


I cannot give you,
what was yours from the start,
for I am void of loneliness
as you hold my heart.

I cannot speak
of a tale untold
for it was written in the heavens
and has yet to unfold.

I cannot love you
any more than I do,
for our love is eternal
and will soar the blue.

The stars blanket the night
the moon lights the way
and you will find I am here,
waiting for you.

Dreams a catalyst for love,
a way of reaching out and
bringing hearts together
and uniting them as one.

Tightly close your eyes,
allow your soul to see,
that I have never gone away,
I have always been with you.

Remember what it means to be,
to feel the magic of life and
celebrate each day as we
dance and sing.

Gaze at the night sky,
watch the stars shine,
follow the moon beams,
they lead you to me.

I've been here all along,
I have never left your side,
I am with you day and night
for the rest of my life.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Heavens

Love is rather simple, pleasing as can be,
a kiss good morning and good night as
we snuggle through the dreams.
Tears are miraculous as they carry the weight of our trials
and at the same time wash them away.
Love and hate both take a lot of emotion,
like pushing a bolder and finding it
roll back over you.

I looked towards the heavens
in the deep dark of the night,
the stars spelled out your
name with the sparkle of light.

Close as two souls can be,
your love more than a dream.

Treading in water deep over my head
as I reached for your hand and found a friend.
Magical as can be, when you least expect
what life can bring.

Close as two souls can be,
your love more than a dream.

Some things you can leave behind,
but love like ours grows from deep inside.
I take you with me wherever I go and
it can be seen in the heavens with that
ultimate glow.

Was it my imagination,
did I fancy you were here?
Creating love stories for
all to share.

It might have been a work of art,
but I know that it was special
just by gazing up at the stars.

I have been known to daydream
of how love should be and
afraid to make a move without
you next to me.

Not sure if it was my imagination
that seemed so surreal as I
felt your love and to this day
I feel it still.

It might be unrealistic
the sequence and time,
as years of life have
quickly passed on by.

Strength is perceived as the ability
to rise above the struggles.

Where Dreams Begin

I hold you here in my heart,
so that you are never far.
Where the skies are blue
and the sun shines bright,
I hold you close day and

I hold you here in my heart,
like the heavens holds the stars,
The darkness is nothing to fear
as your love is everywhere.

I hold you here in my heart,
when I am lonely I need not
look far. You are with me
wherever I go.

Here I am sitting,
waiting for you
to share in a moment
that makes the skies blue.

Gazing at the clouds
as they pass on by
and wondering if I
ever cross your mind.

Here I am sitting
with images of sweet,
your hand in mine
and my knees a little

The smiles replace
the flood of fallen tears,
with the warmest of memories
I have yet to share.

Here I am sitting,
waiting for you,
to feel that embrace
of love true.

Send me a rainbow to bridge this lonely heart,
that I may close the distance that keeps us afar.
Send me your dreams and I'll send you mine,
where we tenderly embrace for all of time.

Send me a sign that you love me true
and I'll spend my life sending love to you.
Send me the songs of sweet that I can
listen to as I begin another dream.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Interpretation...I find that each day brings an experience that allows me to interpret past moments of my life very differently. In some ways I have tasted freedom to only find that I am bound by circumstance. It is as if my travels bring me back to a certain moment in time.

There were the faces of strangers,
the words that they say,
that left a mark in an ironic
kind of way.

Reminders of what we have
and what has passed away
on a journey through life
that led you my way.

Does laughter equal happiness
or does one hide behind the smile?
Like a masque of light that shields
where the darkness dwells.

It is not of sorrow locked away,
stories written of the trials
and triumphs of our life
that lead us on our way.

I looked to the heavens
to the wide sky so blue
where I dream the dreams
that unite us two.

Entwined in sweet embrace,
heart to heart and face to face.
Dance as one you and I,
as we watch the clouds roll by.

Our story has been told
and to this day it still unfolds.
Like a dream come true,
I wake up to find you.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Shall We Dance?

More than the greatest love the world has known, this is the love I give to you alone.

I hold the memory, embrace our love,
feel the happiness,when two souls
became one.

Cooler nights
and darker days,
rocky roads and
sunlight fades.

Until I reach out
and find you waiting there,
take my hand , hold my heart
for life was meant to be shared.

Warmth to the night,
a brightness to the day,
clears the path and
brings sunshine our way.

More ~ Bobby Darin

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Single Silhouette

Love is to the heart as laughter is to the soul,
both are energy that is equally amazing.
There is an incredible spell of loneliness,
until I gaze unto the heavens and realize
that you are the smile in the stars.
There are always more questions than answers.
Sit here for a moment,
let the silence speak,
words of the heart,
cast deep in memory.
Stroll under the heavens,
the moon full and bright,
guides us on our way,
leads us with its light.
Tears that have fallen,
tales of yesterday,
on a troubled journey
parting hears along the way.
My eyes are closed
and there I wait to see,
like stars in the night,
your love in my dreams.
Two hearts together,
entwined as one,
a single silhouette
cast as love.

The Dance With Autumn

The smells and sounds of the season seem to announce the changing of Summer to Autumn as if by clock work. Flowers that once lit the gardens now hang petal less as they dry with seed. The stream barely moving, while water slowly trickles over the rock encourage the frogs, fish and turtles to move on to deeper water. There are a few trees that seem to be yellowing sooner than the others and still yet some that already stand bare. The song birds no longer courting as they prepare to migrate south and even my monarch are soon getting ready to reveal their beautiful orange and black wings and head towards Gulf of Mexico.
I find myself a bit restless as I think that Autumn can be an extension of summer or an early invitation to winter. Like a squirrel that stores nuts for winter, I found myself freezing and canning pickles, tomatoes, beets and corn for winter. Putting away summer clothes and bringing out darker warmer clothing, as well as plugging in my electric blanket for the cooler nights that have quickly ascended upon us.
We each have a bit of Autumn in us. It is the passing of time and yet a celebration of life. Like the leaves on the trees that announce "Yes , the season has changed look at me in all my beauty, strong, joyous and filled with color. " It is a time where we gather our strength to stand tall against all that life will bring.
Taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling I try to find the meaning of this cycle of life. Constantly changing yet staying the same. Approaching another chapter in the endless book of life.

Shades of every color and hue,
clouds passing and skies blue,
the wind whispers in song,
your arms are where I belong.

Another season comes and goes,
and through it all I want you to know,
my love for you is ever strong,
you have been in my heart all along.