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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another September

Happiness and sadness caught be my surprise,
as I hold on to your memory a
a tear falls from my eye.
It is through the scope of my trials
that I find myself anchored to a memory.

The walk through life,
comes with no guarantee,
no matter where we journey
it is time which holds the lead.

I take this moment to celebrate
and show my deepest gratitude
for a love that surfaced by surprise
as it causes my heart to race.

If compared to the sun,
your love is brighter by the day,
warming my heart as it
touched it in special way.

I know this love to be true,
it gives meaning to life
and cast the sky in the
most royal of blue.

From the corners of earth,
to the galaxies above,
there is only you and I
that joined one to one.

Unlocked and freed the love
that kept you here with me
and yet I tucked a little away
to hold for all eternity.

You are free to come and go
in heaven and on earth
but you must know that our
love has an everlasting worth.

Stories will be written,
they'll tell a tale or two
and the stars will be named
after me and you.

Our love is here forever,
with  time it only gets better,
I 'm the whisper of wind,
the dreams with no end.

Look inside my heart
and you will surely fine,
the images of two ,
you and I entwined.

Darkness has no meaning,
your the light beams through me
and I can see the love
like everyday is spring.

Remember when I am gone,
when time dares to wash away,
the love that brought us together
and embraces us to this very day.


Reached for your hand and
found your heart.
Even in a storm the sky
is blue when you are beside me.
There are many ways to love...
Your love replaces the chill of darkness.
I never cry at the end of a chapter,
but at the end of a story, that is something else.
I am sure I didn't write this script...
They say we walk hell on earth,
there we go listening to the " they sayers"
Life is good , we wake up
and that is a celebration in it self.

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