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Thursday, October 02, 2014

On the Wings of a Butterfly

To love you is to feel your kiss in the morning breeze,
your embrace in each moment of the day.


Forever love is an endless chapter,
that keeps getting better.

One cannot forget what has
become engrained into their very soul.


It is all in the dance,
two, one to lead and the other to follow.
You can never have all the answers,
each day comes with its own set of questions.
My love for you has no boundaries.
The reality is that it takes a soul
to touch a heart.

I was never quite sure whether we wrote our own script or if destiny predetermined the path we were on.  Though we do have free will and a choice. I believe the doorway of circumstance and fate itself present a moment in time. How we respond to that moment in time determines the eventual outcome. Take for instance the energy companies, they say we have a choice of providers. Company's will tell you almost anything to sign you on as a customer. So you have to determine what is truth, what will benefit you at the moment and what will be the best choice for the long haul. I find we are not always equipped to make those choices for ourselves and that we may falter and have to work through a bad choice.
Life is like a massive game of dominoes, where one choice leads us to another, like tapping one upon the shoulder. The network of people who touch our hearts becomes uncountable. As it is more than one can imagine.
I see our world in a troubling place in time. Wars, disease, hatred, greed, jealousy and pure evil on both a international and domestic front. Yet at the same time, I know that we have a chance to change the course, that destiny and fate offer us opportunities, how we respond to those opportunities redirects the path. On a personal note I realize that each day we are confronted with various choices and those choices do indeed write the script. In the end it is true that we might be encouraged to turn the pages and  write what will become the next new chapter.
Many times I look back at life at the major moments in time that brought me to where I am today. Far from over, there is still way to much to do.

From the moment we met
and the time we shared,
it all came together and
it cannot be compared.

Lifts me up
when I have fallen down,
holds me close
as I spin around.


From the angels a story true,
stars twinkle and skies blue.
Whispered words of love
and a tale where two hearts
bond as one.

Tears down the cheek,
remind me how much you mean to me.
Your the sunshine on a dark day
and the star light when skies are gray.


I raced through the pages,
tore out quite a few,
just so I could find the chapter
where I am next to you.

I refused to let the words fade,
so I scripted them to my heart
where I'll keep them
to my dying day.

I raced through the pages,
tore out quite a few,
just I could find the chapter
where I am next to you.

I reached out at the darkness
and I felt your love here,
as your hand interlocked with mine
and a dream we shared.

My heart knew it to be true,
the happiness I found when
 fate brought us together
and we danced like angels
in the clouds.


I woke up from a dream
I quivered from the thought,
that you were in my arms
and never very far.

The darkness seemed to speak,
in a comforting tone,
No matter the miles
we are never alone.


I chose to love you,
I recognized your heart,
it filled me with love
from the start.

I chose to embrace,
to never let go
and dance upon the clouds
with you alone.

I chose to love you,
I recognized your heart,
it filled me with love
from the very start.

Right, left ,
up and down,
no matter where I go,
I know you are with me
your the joy I have come
to know.


Flit and flutter,
soar high,
on the wings of
a butterfly.

We are free
to live and love
here on earth
and heaven above.

I made a choice,
to journey with you,
no matter where you
are, I am right beside you.

Flit and flutter
soar high
on the wings of
a butterfly.


I can taste the sweetness
of your lips to mine,
feel the magic of
dreams via the mind.

I can hear the songs
that lovers sing ,
while dancing on
a cloud through
a memory.

No matter how many times I say it,
expressing my love for you,
each time I rearrange it,
it comes out " I love you."


There is no returning
the love I give to you,
you hold my heart forever,
you are a dream come true.

This moment is ours,
reach out and pull me next to you,
let's dance upon the clouds
as lovers do.

Feel the rain wake your spirit,
feel my love touch your heart,
the quiver that you experience
is our souls uniting from a far.


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