Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, June 23, 2017

One Sky, Two Souls

Few could understand and even less would have survived. But as I reached for your hand to find you reaching back I realized that this was more than something special it was pure and unadulterated love.

I looked to the heavens 
one sky above us two, 
no matter the distance
there is me and you. 

I'll try to explain it
as easy as I can,
the joining of souls
in this crazy plan.

Our love is forever
like an eternal flame,
where nothing can 
extinguish the blaze.

Reaching on out as a
tear rolls down my cheek, 
the tears of happiness 
as I close my eyes to dream.


Mr. Inspiration

Inspired by the moment
with thoughts of you and me,
where passion plays a part
and we walk right through
a dream.

Memories are coated
with happiness and desire
and when I think them over
my soul feels the fire.

As long as I have you
nothing will ever change
as my heart is filled
with the love you gave.

Do Nothing Kind Of Day

I'd choose to spend each moment
in a do nothing kind of way
as long as I am with you
just go on and let it rain.

I'd choose you as my forever
when skies are dark and gray
I'd choose your love as it
brings sunshine my way.

On this do nothing
kind of day where there
is nothing but more rain,
I'd choose your arms to lay.

You can find happiness
in almost everything ya do,
bringing a bit of sunshine
and turning gray skies to blue.

I'd choose to spend each moment
in a do nothing kind of way
as long as I am with you
just go on and let it rain.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

...your heart.

My promise has always been to take each day to document our love. Allow life to breathe through words and express all the emotion that so flows from the soul. That somehow after we have left this earth our love will indeed go on.

Song birds in the morning
and flowers fully in bloom
all come with a message
of how much I love you.

Open up your heart
and you will truly see,
that love is all around
it's a blend of you and me.

It has no limitations
no boundaries between us two,
the love that we share
stretches beyond the heavens blue.

It's my morning wake up
my dance through the day
this amazing gift of of love
will never fade away.

It has the thread of patience,
with deep passion and desire
and the truth of kindness
that rules each and every hour.


From my heart the words
and from my soul a song
filled with sweet love
it could never do us wrong.

Like the kiss upon my lips
and the dreams that make it so,
our love is more than forever
as it continues to grow and grow.

Feel the moment
it belongs to you and I
and like a sea to the shore
love has touched this heart
of mine.

It calms me when I am restless
when sorrow takes me by surprise
and excites me with the dreams
that take us to the clouds in the sky.

If today comes with and ending
than tomorrow comes with a start
as I leave behind my love
to live on within your heart.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Forever Love

Interpretation, comprehension, the alternate outcome, expectation, realization , complication and the acceptance that comes with reality. In this world we continuously crave for more, it is in our DNA. I have come to terms that a gift is packaged in ways that we may not recognize till a day, a year or a lifetime later. It can alter a moment in such away that triggers the mind and reveals a different view. It is like going on with life and trying to please everyone but yourself. Sooner or later you find that a void remains. The gift of love, memories, guidance, caring, happiness, dreams, romance, life remain within us on a forever basis. Thus these gifts reveal themselves throughout the journey.

I am holding on
and not letting go,
for your sweet love
within me grows.

Like a mirror
on the wall,
the reflection
tells it all.

Flowers bloom
a season new,
as summer time
is here once more.

Beyond the dreams,
the heart can see,
what true love
can really bring.

The guided path
the joy and laughs,
engaged as one
this special love.

I am not the same
so some may claim,
as love has showed
me another way.

I understand the reason
your heart met up with mine,
for it reveals with each season
our love time after time.

Your the sunshine
that warms my heart and
the blue sky is where our
love got its start.

No matter the darkness,
the gray skies will fade
as I look unto each moment
and find your love replaced
the rain.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Touched My Heart

Here in the moment
where time rules the day
I look to the heavens
to find my way.

Wanting and needing
that is what I say,
to be in your arms
day after day.

Here in the moment
where time rules the day,
I look to the heavens
to find my way.

Your laughter intrigued me,
your warmth I engaged
as we shared in smiles
the love remained.

Here in the moment
where time rules the day,
I look to the heavens
to find my way.

My way to your heart
where dreams start anew,
my way to your soul
under heavens blue.

Here in the moment
where time rules the day,
I look to the heavens
to find my way.


Running without moving my feet,
I race to your arms to my heart please.
Feeling the magic, the joy that you give
as you once more gave me reason to live.

Wanting and needing a little bit more,
to wake in your arms like never before.
I spend each moment with thoughts of you
and wondering if you share in them too?

Touched my heart, held on to my hand
led my soul to quickly take a stand.
This I can tell you is special indeed,
it is starts with love and ends with the

This Gift Called Love

In the morn before the sunrise
or a movie with lover's highlights,
in a moment of sweet romance
I accepted the cloud dance.

Like the river flows to the sea
and the night sky in revelry,
my love for you goes on
like a replay of loves song.

This touch of sorrow for the space
that separates us from face to face,
but the joy remains deeps inside
as a reminder of our special time.

Silence is no longer here
as I know how much you care,
rhythmic in its own way
the heart celebrates each day.

For you are the gift,
the gift we call love,
magical and wonderful
on earth and up above.


I think of you each morning
and throughout the long day,
you are my every thought
in every kind of way.

I hold onto the magic
that brought you here to me
and that is how I start each day
in your arms through a dream.


All kinds of love,
but only one like ours,
for ours is wonderful
and warmer than a fire.

I can't ever deny it
what took a hold of me,
from the moment you said hello
I stepped into your dream.

On this fragile plane where our souls are united and divided,
 reveals the bitter sweet of love that has the ability
 to brake and mend the heart. 

Thursday, June 08, 2017


I found the impact of other peoples choices can be counterproductive. If nothing else it always feels like a derailment and you have to find away to get back on track. No pun intended with the reference to the train. Throughout life I wondered" what part in the choice making process did I have?" The fiber like network includes those that we share a stage both by fate and by choice. When you are a child you have no choice what family you are born into but you quickly realize you are responsible for the friends you surround yourself with. It always feels like climbing to the top of a mountain to find so many doors or my least favorite childhood game " chutes and ladders." Always nice to climb up but sliding backwards was never to much fun. The same can be true for life as they say " one step forward , two steps back."
The sun has risen early this morning and whether I wanted to be up that early or not I am. Laying here thinking about all the people who have come into my life and the part they played in a most uncertain journey. I kind of envy people who have a major plan that plays out well to the end. In my normal survival mode I find myself dwindling from circumstance. It is a scream in silence moment, where you are shouting as loud as you can but no one can hear you.

It looks a little gray
but the sky is blue,
wishing on a cloud
to sail to you.

Sun shining bright
and the trees are still
as I dream you here
by share will.

Taking on the silence
my heart begins to sing,
accompanied by your love
on this late day in spring.

The verse haunting
and bewildered am I,
as I look to the heavens
and you disappear before
my eyes.

Lilliput moment
as I feel tied down,
my head in the clouds
and my feet on the ground.

Wishing and wanting
you here with me,
I am caught up in
a morning day dream.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Feel The Joy

Dionne Warwick sang it best " I know I'll never love this way again."  You can't help but think about the experience. Moments that make you laugh and sometimes cry and there is the time that makes you feel an array of emotion. When people buy poetry they don't necessarily relate to the story behind but the emotion that it triggers. I am well aware no two experience are ever truly alike even though there are only so many emotions that we feel from happiness, sorrow, anger, fear to contempt.  We will cross the path of these emotions many times but " I know I'll never love this way again"

I feel the joy
bubbling inside,
happiness and smiles
I just can't hide.

Your heart placed
here within mine,
reveals forever the
love of you and I.

I can't explain it,
no matter how I try
as there are no words
that can truly define.

My fingers keep typing
each and every day
searching for the combination
to send my love your way.

I look to the sun rise
and again to the night sky,
in hopes that a breeze
will reach you in time.

Packed filled with memories,
laughter and dreams
in the hope that tomorrow
it will arrive in the breeze.

Feel all of my love
for you and you alone
as you hold my heart
and have yet to let go.

Monday, June 05, 2017


The rain is falling,
gray skies everywhere,
an emptiness resides
without you to share.

Heartache, heartbreak,
wishes you were here,
to ease my troubled soul
when a heart stops to care.

The best that I can do
is close my eyes to see
and here you are my love
deep within me.

I can feel the moment,
the magic of embrace
as I lay in your arms
and a calm takes place.

Might it be a dream
that has yet to come true?
Chapters still not written
of all my love for you.

Sunshine breaks the darkness
as my thoughts all race to you,
and the moments we shared
coming shining through.

Sunday, June 04, 2017


Fireflies light the evening
as they dance in the night,
the reminder of a season
passing before our eyes.

Like a flip book before me,
all the pages form as one
and I know that somehow
this reveals our love.

One moment or a day
a lifetime it will make
as we record our forever
by the rules of fate.


Whispers, whispers
from my lips to you,
a whisper of love
all the love I have for

Whispers, whispers
from my heart you'll hear
given from the first moment
we stopped to share.

Whispers, whispers
of much I care
as time marches on
the heavens our love

Whispers, whispers
I hope that you hear
sweet words of love
meant only for your


I traveled back to yesterday
as if time travel set us on display,
your heart and soul with mine
made still the hands of time.

The visual was very clear that
I could almost feel you here,
reviewing the script of life
I knew that this love was
so very dear.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

...with you.

I woke to the morning,
to the sun shining bright
and all of my thoughts
raced to you and I.

Days that have passed
and the new that begin,
all start the same way
from deep within.

You're so close
that I can see you,
the visual surreal
as if life had suddenly
stood still.

Stuck in a chapter
and there is no return
for my love for you
continues to burn.

La la la sweet heart
la la la with you,
la la la  my darling
la la I do.


Friday, June 02, 2017

Bobby Goldsboro - See The Funny Little Clown 1963

Forever Set To Rhyme

I am not alone my darling
as you're just a dream away
while I close my eyes tightly
I share with you another day.

My pillow starts the chatter,
it knows both you and I
are all that really matters
we are forever set to rhyme.


I woke up in the morning
to the rise of the sun as my
heart woke up once more
to another day of your love.

I swept away the darkness
and the sadness and blue
as I laid here thinking
of how much I love you.

I wanted to tell you
as a whisper came to mind
that there is no separating
your heart from mine.

I lay here on my pillow
as miles keep us apart
and reach into the air
to touch you from afar.

I'll try to explain it as if
you don't already know
how much one can love
another and continue to

You don't know forever
until forever knows you ,
that is how I felt when
I first fell in love with you.

It's something quite special
that belongs to you and I,
connecting hearts and souls
together reveals forever's
rule over time.

One moment or a song
a rhyme or a wrong,
everything around me
knows your arms are
where I belong.

Speaking in silence,
shouting from the heart,
the love I feel for you
was there from the start.

One moment or a song
a rhyme or a wrong,
everything around me
knows your arms are
where I belong.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Flip Side

There is a flip side to everything that happens. It all depends who you are, timing and interpretation. Though sometimes I think interpretation can change as we grow through life. If life is about the experience what is the lesson from all the negativity? Heartache, heartbreak, sorrow, despair, loneliness and a occasional fear. Erases away the darkness with loving thoughts of you. 

Tears were falling
and I was so blue 
as the pain of absence
just grew and grew. 

Wanting and needing
to be there with you 
I looked upward 
and envisioned two.

There in the heavens,
your soul and mine, 
cloud dancing as our
hearts entwine. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

..in your arms.

Rest the mind and
bring peace and calm,
rest the heart and
I'm in your arms.

Sharing each heart beat,
silence replaced with memories,
laughter and giggles too
when I daydream of you.

The script of time
wrote your soul to mine,
and there is no erasing
the what or why.

Rest the mind and
bring peace and calm,
rest the heart and
I'm in your arms.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sing A Little Song

Sing a little song and
hold you in my arms,
that is how I start each day
in this most amazing way.

In my heart you will be
not just in my dreams as
I feel your presence
take a hold of me.

Sing a little song and
hold you in my arms
that is how I start each day
in this most amazing way.

I am moved by the thought
that our love is never lost
as I keep you close even
when you are far away.

Sing a little song and
hold you in my arms
that is how I start each day
loving you in this most
amazing way.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Flowers in Passing and Flowers in Bloom...

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quote "Into each life a little rain must fall."  No one avoids a storm so in reality we all get a little rain. Of course this week they are calling for more than a little. It is like we can't get out of this world without experiencing the negativity. Quite the reminder that good and evil flourish and more than sometimes is unbalanced. With a long trip ahead and the forecast calling for a weeks worth of rain , I am not so looking forward to a long drive across state. But ever so the optimist I am sure things will work out. 
It's memorial day weekend and though most people will be celebrating it is a work weekend for me. It is almost as if people need reminded what the holiday represents it's not grilling hamburgers and shopping sales,  Memorial day is a time to reflect upon those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom, soldiers who have given their life so that we can go on about ours. One day set aside to honor those men and women who died serving our country through military service.
It is easy to disagree with our government on whether we should interfere , battle and how to protect the citizens of the United States but we shouldn't forget that men and women of the military are just following orders and that they are typically mothers and fathers , son and daughters etc.
I look on at the world as it stands in a form of unrest, it is obvious that evil survives in its most cruelest form. I once read where it said " hate is the closest emotion to love:" How could two polar opposites come from the same place in the brain? I have honestly believed if you seed negativity in your weakest moment evil will flourish. Sounds like a simple solution to a better world for everyone to seed positive thoughts and grow the blooms of love.  Which brings me to another old adage " we reap what we sow."
I want for you peace, love and happiness

Seeds of love
flowers in bloom,
a field of daisy's
under skies of blue.

Warm hearts,
wonderful dreams
cast the visuals
of you and me.

Time lost,
time found
perpetuates love
when you are around.

Wipes away tears
brings out the smiles
as the memories
gently surround.

Holding on tightly
and never let go,
as my heart in yours
is a love that grows.

This forever
in my words for you ,
will certainly live on
as love stories do.

Good Night...

Warms rays of sunshine
and blue skies above,
reflect on the waters
of our sweet love.

From my heart to yours
hand in hand as one,
as we walk through each
day embraced with love.

Call it magic if you will
as I reached in the darkness
my heart quickly stood still.

I felt your presence near as
if the moment was meant to
be shared.

The hum broke the silence
as an image appeared and
I knew that our loved
was between two souls that

Peaceful and loving
this time of ours
as I feel your embrace
set my heart on fire.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Who wrote the script
and set us on this path?
Created a distance so
that they had the last

What caused this collision
and then set it all apart?
They must have known
that they were playing
with my heart.

This is some story and the
chapters are quite a few,
some of them are old and
others are so very new.

Sweet gifts of love
within my very reach
as I close my eyes
I fall into a dream.

There I can hold you
and kiss you good night
and wake up in your arms
as I gaze into your eyes.

Who wrote the script
and set us on this path?
Created a distance so
that they had the last

Sunshine, there is no sunshine,
no blue skies when you are not around.
Silence, there is only silence,
no laughter as I miss your smiles.

Sunshine, there is no sunshine,
no blue skies when you are not around.
Empty, I am so empty,
with my feet firm on the ground.

la la la

I don't know the why of all my yesterdays
even though the memories are set on replay,
there are tears and sorrow, happiness and joy
as I hold on to the days we thoroughly enjoyed.

I can feel the magic of your precious love
and when I close my eyes I'm with you above,
dancing upon the heavens in a wonderful embrace
as I gaze into your eyes I feel my heart begin to race.

I repeat each moment if only in my mind
as I freeze each treasured frame of our limited time.
nothing can replace what the Lord sent my way
as only you alone made my feet lift off the ground
in a magical kind of way.


I'm here, yes I'm here,
waiting, waiting for you,
I'm here, yes I'm here
wanting, wanting to share.

Love you, yes I love you,
for you are my forevermore,
Love you, yes I love you
and that is all you need to know.


La la la  no words
la la la once more,
la la la my darling,
la la la yes I do.

La la la no words,
la la la once more
la la  la my love
la la la as before.

Your heart in mine
as two souls are one,
for you are that special
and wonderful love.

La la la no words,
la la la once more
la la la tomorrow
la la la to see what's
in store.

Monday, May 22, 2017


In kindergarten we were asked "what is happiness?" I think most people are on a quest to find happiness throughout their life. I found that true happiness is not something attained by money or another person but in reality it comes from our view of the world and how we digest our experiences. It can be heightened when we find that special someone to experience the journey with but never the less it has to be there inside you to surface and grow.
 Happiness has nothing to do with work or health, it is much more deeply seeded within. I have known people who have their health, wealth and companionship that still lacked the essential ingredient of happiness. So I wondered could we consider happiness a mental state? In reality we can't walk through life as I would say " dancing on clouds" sooner or later we would have to step down. I do believe that to have happiness in your soul allows you to not succumb to the negative. That doesn't mean we don't have moments of sadness when we experience death or struggles that we can overcome them when we understand the "why of life" 
I thought about this deep seeded happiness. Why are some people satisfied with life and others constantly cold and bitter. Could there be a genetic disposition towards it. I laughed as I thought of a genetic code or DNA that allowed one to see a beautiful flower blooming and another no that the flowers bloom will end. 
The death of my youngest sister has been on my mind a lot. Not so much was I thinking about her untimely death but her life, from childhood on. She never ever attained happiness and she had more than most. It is quite the reminder for me to remember all the beauty and that no matter how limited the time everything is a gift. Like roses in a vase, so fragrant and beautiful even though they are short lived. 
To share in a moment
and have you by my side
how wonderful this magic 
that brings you to mind. 

To live and to love 
and embrace in dreams 
knowing there is love 
all is as it seems. 

I can feel the joy 
though your a distance away
for you are ever close 
in my heart is where you stay. 

This is my happiness 
when I think of you 
and my heart beats faster
umbrella'd under skies of blue.



I gazed up at the blue sky
as my mind drifted away
and somehow I was there
in your arms for another day.

No sorrow nor sadness
no tears do I bathe,
in this world of happiness
it's the memories I've gained.

I take to sudden travel
like a ship takes to sea
and cut through the waves
to the center of my dreams.

Your heartbeat to mine
our laughter as one,
celebrating each moment
infused in sweet love.

Me and my pillow
that is all I have to share,
as the day passes on
I need to know you care.

The sign from the heavens
shines down with sunlight
as a quick reminder
of this that we call life.

Wanting you forever
companion by my side,
to share each moment
all day and night.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Déjà vu

 Déjà vu  when there is uncanny familiarity with a moment.  I can't really explain it, the surrounding, the people and the stories , a case of "been there done that" . It seemed kind of like something new and not, if that makes any sense.  I am a tad bit numb as my mind travels back in time. Interpretation and how it evolves over time sheds a little on who we are and the lessons that reveal them self throughout the long journey. 

People and stories, 
a moment in time, 
familiar situations 
leading to rhyme. 

Comfort zone 
and a distance if you will 
as I climb on down a mountain
to find I'm standing still. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Living on a dream...but never the less loving you more. 

Whispers of love,
passion and desire, 
trigger the emotions
that blaze with the hour. 

Sweet gentle kisses, 
embrace of the heart
with your lips to mine
causing a spark. 


On my mind, in my heart 
and paired with the soul. 


I have come to realize one view
many interpretations. 


We see what we need to see, 
feel what we need to feel. 

When the heart and soul react 
the impact upon our being is quite magical.


Loving you has always been my happily ever after. 


Thursday, May 18, 2017

..so says the moment

There are many flowers
no two blooms exactly alike,
each in their own beauty
brings with it a new insight.

Strength and all its glory
and a weakness or two
the passing of a season
documents all under the
heavens blue.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The buttercups took root and
their blooms are everywhere,
just like your sweet love
that grows in my heart dear.

It mirrors my thoughts
reflects within my dreams,
your love took to my soul
in an attachment called


Touch your cheeks,
explore your lips
feel the magic of
our passionate kiss.

Spoke your name
and felt a quick chill
while at that moment
my heart stood still.

Close your eyes,
I have closed mine
as I pull you close
within my mind.

Feel what love can do
it has brought me to you,
in my dreams night and day
each thought of you never


It started like a butter
one simple little bloom
and it spread to my heart
and soul these thoughts of you.

Rooted from deep within
there is no ever letting go
like a buttercup takes over
my love continues to grow.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Love Thru My Eyes

Wind blown kisses
just can't miss it,
I'm sending my
love your way.

Morn thru evening,
just keep believing
and it will all
come our way.


I can't give you
what is yours,
my heart is your

From day one
I recognized this love,
lifted to the heavens
where we dance above.

I can't give you
what is yours,
my heart is your

Whether near or apart
you had me from the start,
like a dream surreal
you taught me how to feel.

I can't give you
what is yours,
my heart is your


There is a song bird at my window
and the flowers are now in bloom
while my heart is beating faster as
I envision a stroll between us two.

The trees frogs are talking
the secrets they know well,
that from the moment you entered
you placed me in your spell.

I wanna spend my day dreaming,
dreaming sweet moments with you,
a stroll between two lovers
or just gazing up at the blue.

I wanna hold you close
and whisper in your ear,
the feelings of love
that you and I share.


Words, words, words
so little do they mean
but the feeling in my heart
makes my soul sing.

Words, words, words
I could write them all day
but they could never reveal
what the heart conveys.

When I think of you..

I watched as the
clouds passed by,
knowing that they
would soon be in
your sky.

I placed my love
and a kiss or two
and I begged the wind
to deliver them to you.


One sky above us
and one set of stars,
brings us together
and unites the heart.

No distance between us,
you are here with me,
no matter the where
we're joined by a dream.

One sky above us
and one set of stars
blankets together
two sweet hearts.

Time or place
has no barring
from the moment
we met we conquered

One sky above us,
one set of stars
simply reminds me
that you are never far.

Blue skies blue
blankets beautifully
over me you...
blue skies blue.

Sunshine bright
warms the flesh
like your love
warms my night,
sunshine bright.


Some days it feels like I'm at the end of a story,
only to find life begins writing another chapter.

Every chance I get to gaze at the stars on a clear night,
it becomes obvious how minute we are in the scheme of things. 


Never ask "how much worse can it get ?"

My favorite camp song" staying on the sunny side of life"
...because the glass is half full. 

I overslept ...just to dream a little longer.

We need a little rain ...like all of life balance is the key.

If I could replay a moment, I'd choose the ones 
that brought me the most amount of joy, gave me hope,
taught me love as it touched my heart...
I'd spend them all over with you.

There is no net in life, 
you fall....you fall hard. 


Saturday, May 13, 2017

With a Country Twang

I could write a zillion words and still not convey how much I love you.

Completion comes with sharing the simple things in life
and acknowledging the truth of the heart.

I am content at this moment,
for I have felt the joy of love.

 I saw a heart and a soul and at that moment
                 I knew I witnessed love in action.

... each moment that builds into an hour
     reveals how much more one can love.

I'm gonna write a love letter
and send it directly to you
enclose a sweet kiss
with all my love for you.

My fingers on the keyboard
as I type the letters away,
I think of all the memories
that we shared day by day.

I'm gonna write a love letter,
let my heart speak to you
tell you how I feel and
what this love wouldn't do.

Nothing is ever easy as a
teardrop smudged the page,
the words all ran together
but the love still remained.

I'm gonna write a love letter
to connect my thoughts with you
and explain a bit on eternity
and how I'll wait forever for you.

I started over and over
to create in a perfect way
like a documented story of
how you came into my life
one day.

I'm gonna write a love letter
address it to my lover true,
so that only you will know
how much I do love you.

Like the mountain to the sky
and the river to the sea
that is just the way our love
is embracing a beautiful dream.

I'm gonna write a love letter
in away that only I can do
and express my souls intentions
of this love I have for you.

My thoughts in the morning
and my dreams at night
and everywhere I go
you are there by my side.

I'm gonna write a love letter
and I won't leave out any details,
each beat of my heart and just
how much it feels.

The memories are clear
as if they were all yesterday
as I write the words of love
the sun comes out and replaces
the rain.

I'm gonna write a love letter
put it all to song and in hopes
that if you are listening your
heart won't lead you wrong.

Friday, May 12, 2017

..as lovers do.

It was a solemn type of day
as I walked thru misty rain,
a mix of blue skies teased
with various shades of gray.

An emptiness from inside
tugs at this heart of mine,
reminds me of our love
that caught me by surprise.

Always thinking about you
in the way that lovers do,
I feel a wave of sorrow
as I sit here missing you.

Reaching for your hand,
looking for your heart,
wanting you to want me
the way that I want you.


Tuesday, May 09, 2017

....just to be with you.

There is no maybe when it comes to loving you,
I felt the difference that made all the skies so blue.
I didn't expect it but I knew from the start,
that you had it all when you took my heart.

There is no doubting what happen to me
everyday still feels like the first of spring
and than I go and think about the distance
and time and gray skies replace that
sunshine of mine.

I sit here dealing with the moody blue's and
listening to a love song while humming a tune.
Somethings just can be explained as if  my
soul didn't know the rules of the game.


I close my eyes each evening 
and I think of you and the 
last thought I have is a 
kiss between us two.

The feeling  of elation
peaceful heart and mind.
from the moment I feel
your tenderness touch
this soul of mine. 

I close my eyes each evening
and I think of you and the 
last thought I have is a 
kiss between us two.

Taking a deep breath 
to blow it all away 
and allow only joyful
thoughts to be entertained.

I close my eyes each evening
and I think of you and the
last thought I have is a

kiss between us two.


Some may not believe it but I know it is true, when I reached into the darkness I felt you reaching too. The distance faded and the darkness disappeared as I closed my eyes I knew you were with me to share. Share in the dream, share in the love, share in the memories from day one, share in my heart and share my soul with you. I pull you a little closer and I whisper words of love as I snuggle ever close and celebrate our love.

Monday, May 08, 2017

In the silence....

Feel the magic and
the happiness you bring,
guided me through life
and saw me to spring.

The sounds of a river
flowing to the sea
is like the power of love
that set my soul free.

The breeze of a summer day
and the warmth of the sun rays,
awakens my spirit in a silly old tease
like your love touches me.

I went about erasing
the chapters of life
as I tried  to rewrite
the wrongs and make
them right.

Choice stood in the forefront
and asked me " what should I do?"
and all that I could answer
was" to keep on loving you."

I went about dreaming
dreaming you here with me
and I knew that this was how
our love was meant to be.

Gentle and kind
exciting and new,
that is how every day is
when I share it with you.


...by a thread.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Spring in Motion

                                     Nature's Canvas provides us with an array of color.
                                              Each season brings us a different view.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

When You Wish Upon A Star...

This love like no other
took the reigns of time,
bridged the distance
through the mind.

Soft sweet whispers
for me and you alone ,
the words of love
freely flow.

I feel your presence
all through the day,
I know that you are
with me in this most
unusual way.

True love endures it wrote the chapter
on this journey of ours titled "forevermore. "
To embrace your love is to feel true happiness.

If wishes made it so , I'd be lying in your arms right now.

I am running so fast, how is that my feet are standing still?


The most gentlest of souls...

I have learned a lot even when I didn't want to....they call that experience.

There is an eerie silence...

As a young child, I had always wondered how my grandmother felt to outlive so many family and friends... I now know she felt, lost and empty with heavy heart. That is what it feels like to hold back a tear for a lifetime.

Every tear that falls sears the heart a it finds it way to the soul.

It is rather cruel to bring love together and at the same time keep it apart.

Morning, Afternoon and Night

It is the deepest of silence that the
 heart can be heard speaking the loudest.

Some scripts need torn up and rewritten,
I know of a few better endings. 

Sometimes if not always 
an emotion filled tear is heaviest 

Sometimes the heart is heavy ,
there is only so much it can carry.

Whispers of the heart
no words does it need,
the sound of love is
more than a dream.

Gazed unto the heavens
the stars were shining bright
as if connecting our souls
by the presence of one sky.

Memories document a day,
burnished to the soul
heartbreak and laughter
just a moment away.

Touched my heart
embraced my soul,
on this road that's
sometimes cold.

I hold on to your love
in away that lovers do,
as I know that this is special
in the way that I love you.

The tears keep on flooding
like a river from its bank
filled with hope and faith
that we'll have the last laugh.

The journey was written
on the path of life and
the quest for happiness
was right within sight.

No amount of hello's
or goodbyes are needed
for you are always with me
in my heart where you reside.

Take each moment and
make it feel a new
with that special feeling
the sky takes a different hue.


Thursday, May 04, 2017

Pink Dogwood

Waiting on a moment
like a flower in bloom,
documents the season
as the day starts anew.

Spring reminders
of a time so long ago,
when our hearts came
and our love began to

Waiting on a moment
like a flower in bloom
to feel the tender touch
of what our love can do.

Skies that take on the blue,
with rays of sunlight and
passing clouds that
call right out to you.


One flower, four petals, one day or a year, 
the gift of your love is simply that you care. 

Hopeless Romantic

What is the recipe?
What do we need?
The equation is simple
there's you and me.

Sharing in life,
holding your hand,
a kiss on the lips
is all in the plan.

The pleasure of loving
gaze deep in your eyes,
a path that leads your
heart to mine.

The recipe simple
take love times two
and mix it with happiness
for me and you.

All that we need
is simple indeed,
to wake in your arms
and again to sleep.

This is my forever
whether near or far,
to love you with
all of my heart.


Follow your heart and
believe in the dreams,
as the path of love
leads you to me.

Season to season
as the days pass on by,
the script written
in the heavens high.

Candle light dinner
shadows on the wall,
sharing in the moment
I'm here for the long haul.

Toss a few rose petals
the fragrance is sweet
fill the room with love
and warm memories.

Emotional Retreat

I took this moment
to quickly escape,
the trials of life
for my souls sake.

Distance plays a game
heartache to the mind,
as I reach into the darkness
and pull you to my side.

I close my eyes
and hold you near,
with whispers of love
my heart dares to share.

Stroke my emotions,
bring peace to the mind,
share in a sweet kiss and
embrace our time.

Sorrow and happiness
both find their way
to touch the soul
day after day.


My fingers do the writing,
the words of the heart
from the moment I met you
I felt this spark.

The lilac is blooming
with fragrance of sweet,
they hold so many memories
like walking in a dream.


Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Love You More...

The song bird returned,
she migrated to the east
sitting upon the feeder
pecking at some seed.

Her nest was very close
outside the window pane
she is never very far as she
chirps the morning away.

These simple little pleasures
remind me of time with you,
a I smile on out the window
the glass reflects two.

Two souls upon the heavens
and two hearts as one,
that is what I sense when
I daydream of our love.

This is my happiness,
the peace I have with you,
with a dose of sweet love
to see the day through.

Once more out the window
as nature say adieu,
I close my eyes and whisper
good night and I love you.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Morning Verse

Life is like the weather cold, 
hot and occasionally just right.


Choice is the key that unlocks the gate of opportunity.


When you experience kindness
there is no doubt to what evil looks like. 

Two hearts together, 
as close as two can be, 
with a touch of desire
it feels so heavenly. 

I devote each  moment
to express how much I care, 
with  sweet words of love
to the world I share. 

Love and passion
with a tenderness of such, 
means everything to me
as I feel your gentle touch.

I treasure every memory
and hope to create a few
where all is as it should be
and I am there with you.

I feel you in the morning
and through out the day,
I feel you as I'm sleeping
as in my heart is where
you'll stay. 

Like the first of sunshine,
you brighten the way 
and I find myself traveling
light years away. 

Forever is a longtime,
will you still love me to the end?
I keep you in my heart, 
will you keep me in yours ?

I find pleasure in the meeting
on the stars and the magic of 
a moment where I felt the 
love you placed in my heart.

My soul approved it and 
this is how I know that 
we have found the common
ground where love can grow. 

Love is what we have 
and with that I am very glad.
smiles and laughter thru the day
sadness has no place. 


Hello and goodbye, 
smiles and than cries, 
teardrops and laughter
plays with the mind. 

Far and yet close, 
weak and still strong
as I lay here dreaming
that I'm in your arms. 

Monday, May 01, 2017

Sing of Love

Your smiles and tenderness
and your kisses of sweet,
embrace of heart and soul
creates the finest memories.

The mountains and rivers
a division they make but
with love like yours and mine
their twine cannot break.

Stronger and stronger
with each passing day,
the path we follows
leads only one  way.

From my heart to yours,
its like a concert encore,
as I wait on tomorrow
to see what's in store.

I gazed on out the window
like the night before
and watched the moon shine
as if it were keeping score.

One for the magic
that led your soul to mine
and one for the happiness
that our love implores.

Begging to hold you near
and share a moment of joy,
as I lie here on my pillow
with memories that can't be


Sip the wine,
sweetness to the lips,
a reminder of your love
and the tender kiss.

Lost in the moment
where dreams make us one,
I find myself in your arms
sharing a passionate love.

Feel the gentle spirit
don't ever let it go,
from my soul to yours
feel that warm glow.


Sing of love my darling,
sing of love my sweet,
that is what I do each morning,
sing of you and me.

Sing of love my darling,
sing of love my sweet,
from the moment I whisper your name,
sing of you and me.

Sing of love my darling,
sing of love my sweet,
under the stars each night,
I sing of you and me.

So gentle and kind
as sweet as can be,
your love is all
that I need.

God sent,
no magic involved,
nor mystery has
love tells it all.

So gentle and kind
as sweet as can be,
your love is all
that I need.

Friday, April 28, 2017


Once upon a dream...

Passage of time...


The soul dances to the song of the heart.

No tears...


Just a moment of pleasure
a sweet kiss from your lips
and embrace with our love
entitlement of bliss.

Collision of two souls
woven gently into one,
your heart and mine
in this expression of love.

No tears to weep
only smiles to share,
while holding your hand
to reveal that we care.

One cannot duplicate that which touches
the heart and causes the soul to soar.


It was like morning breeze
that touched my cheek...your love.


Like a file cabinet in alphabetical order,
except somethings can't be filed away.

Sometimes I'm just tired...


The spring sun,
trees in green,
memories and
a sky so blue.

Mountains high,
river deep ,
bridge of the heart
from you to me.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Edited View of An Unedited Soul

  I start my day each morning with dreamy thoughts of you and I wonder when you wake up if you're thinking of me too
. I count the many blessing, from the moment we were directed on this path and from that very first moment we shared in a laugh. Grateful am I for all that love can do, it saw us through the gray skies and it led us to the blue. 
    You are with me each and every moment for I carry you in my heart, as you are truly my sunshine even when the night is dark. I tried to count the gems of this treasure that we share, but unlimited is the gifts of friendship that have proven how much one can care. 
     Reaching and reaching and wanting to pull you near, to feel each beat of your heart and remove all traces of fear.  Uncontrollable the tears that fall as I hunger for your love and beg to have it all. I lay here in the darkness and gaze into the night and wonder if you see the stars overhead shining bright? My heaven is your heaven, the stars belong to you and I and I hope that you understand that they interlock your heart to mine. Our hearts bridge 
the distance made by the rivers and the sea and bring you ever close as close as my every dream. 
   Time is so limited and quickly does it pass as I have begun to review the day of my misguided past. I acknowledged the journey, the path that led me to you as i  wondered why there need be heartache instead of only skies of blue. With this comes a lesson so that we may  identify the magic of true love and the power of the mind .  I reckon it was necessary for all to see that the greatest of love is not just founded out of need. I embraced your love and I returned it with my own, in the bonding of heart and soul where it was first seeded and now grows. The stars may rule the night until I close my eyes and there is my dreams you are once more by my side. My tongue explores the softness of my very own lips, while  I  imagine the touch of sharing with you a kiss. My pillow so inviting , my heart is opened wide and as I reach into the darkness I pull to you my side. This night is special it belongs to you and I and no amount of distance will ever truly divide. 


I find this journey
sometimes troubled and blue,
written by someone other than
me and you.

If I held the pen
and I wrote the script,
I'd be in yours arms
sharing in a kiss.

The simplicity of life
would surface thru the day,
granting us pure happiness
in a unique and amazing way.

If I held the pen
and I wrote the script,
I'd be in your arms
sharing in a kiss.

I don't have a clue
what tomorrow will bring,
but as long as you love me
I'll hold on to the dream.

If i held the pen
and I wrote the script,
i'd be in your arms
sharing in a kiss.


To close my eyes and see
what others fail to see,
to wake within your arms and
listen to the beat of your heart.

To hold on to the kiss
and the tenderness of your lips.
to love in away that brings
life to each day.

That is all I want
and all that I need,
to love and be loved
forever one to one.

To close my eyes and see
what others fail to see,
to wake with your arms
and listen to the beat of your heart.

Told onto the kiss
and the tenderness of your lips,
to love in away that brings
life to each day.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Emotion Filled Words

To wake up in your arms
to the sound of your heart,
memorized by your love
for you are the only one.

You're the dream
I fall asleep with each night
and the the stars in the heavens
that shine so bright.

To wake up in your arms
to the sound of your heart
that would be the magic
that leaves within me a

Emotion filled words
a soul set free,
when I'm with you
each day is like spring.

The warmth of sunshine,
the skies so blue
everything is perfect
when there is me and you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Heart in Review

Gazed into Your Heart

It's not of flesh this meeting
as I recognized from the start, 
that this was very different 
as I gazed into your heart.

The view quite amazing 
and I quivered as you jest, 
as something else was happening
and this was love at its best.

I need not look into your eyes 
or see that smile of yours appear
while life took on a different view
when two souls stopped to share.

As if the puzzle was completed and 
your heart fit comfortably in mine,
I found this unique connection which
was lost in some God forsaken rhyme.

The feelings of love, compassion and desire
intrigued me even more with each passing hour, 
I knew it was different and yet very much the same
as I felt the comfort of two as one molded out of clay.

Skies of stardust and mountains into sand, 
as nothing could redirect this unwritten plan, 
maybe not of fate or destiny's design but I am 
ever certain your soul was to meet up with mine. 

If this be the challenge for some eternal bliss 
to conquer all of distance and unite with a kiss, 
when time no longer passes and the days have
slipped away, I'll meet you in the clouds where 
our love will be on display.

This love has no measurement as it grows with 
each passing day, companion , friend and lover 
just a breath away. It may seem a bit obsessive 
for me once more to say " I love you more than 
a lifetime of those tiny drops of rain. "


Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Easter Resolution

Every Spring we go about the traditional spring cleaning, outdoor clean up,etc. but in many ways our  body, mind and soul needs that same spring cleaning. The world always seems to be in such a turmoil as the old saying " the squeaky wheel gets the grease." I have come to this resolve that you can't change the world, fix everyone's woes and so I empty out all that bogs my mind down and like that of spring start a new.

Let Spring time guide you,
think nothing but joy,
allow the sunshine inside
and bring peace to your mind.

This is the season and
I've called it my own
to share with you darling
as our friendship grows.

It awakens the spirit
allows the soul to soar
brings forth good memories
worth more than gold.

Happy Easter!!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fa la la

Fa la la, fa la la
as I fell into song
fa la la, fa la la,
right there in your

Fa la la , fa la la,
over the hills and streams
fa la la, fa la la,
I celebrate spring.

Love needs no words
accompanied by the birds,
as I sing of happiness
that the heavens heard.

Fa la la, fa la la,
as I fell into song
fa la la, fa la la
and into your heart.

Fa la la , fa la la,
over the hills and streams
fa la la, fa la la,
I celebrate spring.

Blue Bird Song

I woke to the song bird
before the rise of the sun,
I woke to the magic of
your sweet love.

The heavy now lifted
and all sorrow is gone,
writing a new chapter
in this early dawn.

The window open
and the air quite still,
as I gazed at the trees
a canvas was revealed.

Life is so beautiful
and wonderful as can be,
as I know that this story
of love was meant to be.

Brighter and brighter
are the feelings I share,
as the love within me
reveals that I care.

There is something different
as this  morning moves on
and I am lifted by a little
blue bird song.

I  feel the peace
the calm of the morn,
soars on the love
of what's in store.

One day or a lifetime,
of these feelings with you,
have written a chapter
of something new.


I packed up my kisses
of good morning love
via the winds to send
in the clouds above.

May they reach you
as fast as can be and
give you as much as
you've given me.

I embraced the moment
and I gave out a laugh
as I refuse to waste
any time on the past.

The choices I make
are for me and for you,
on this journey of life
there is always something

Friday, April 14, 2017


My fingers to my lips
feels the sound of song,
deep from my heart without
words yet powerful and strong.

Love is what we are feeling,
happiness is what we have,
when we share the moments
they carry me along..

I am the heavens and
you are here with me,
in the song of life
where dreams set
us free.

My fingers to my lips
feels the sound of song,
deep from my heart without
words yet powerful and strong.


Listening to the music playing
as my mind drifts away,
I find myself thinking of
that very first day.

The thunder broke the silence
and the rain was falling down
as I went about my dreaming
with the music in the clouds.

Listening to the music playing
as my mind drifts away,
I find myself thinking of
that very first day.

Feels like magic
with you in my heart
blessed with a love
that ignites my soul
with a spark.

Listening to the music playing
as my mind drifts away,
I find myself thinking of
that very first day.


In the darkness
at this moment
my fondness for
you is strong.

As I envision
the slow dance
with you close
in my arms.

My eyes closed
and still I see ,
as your love
is now a part of me.

Whispers good night
and kisses from a far
as I hold my pillow
tight beneath the stars.

This is love
as love would have it be,
sweet moments where
you are here with me.

In the darkness
at this moment ,
my fondness for
you is strong.


Thursday, April 13, 2017


Life is like a coloring book...
it starts out black and white and than people have to go an add a little color.


There is what you want it to be and than there is reality.

You can't duplicate a memory or replicate and experience 
but in challenging the heart create new moments worth living. 


The weight of a tear gets heavier with each passing moment. 

Our action or reaction is a natural response
complicated by the heart, mind and soul.

I wanted to erase fifty some chapters ...


Laws of man are restraints upon the soul.

When I feel like talking the least 
is when my soul chatters the most.

They say love and hate parallel, 
each teeter on a strong emotion. 

Truth is always harder to accept 
as you can't rewrite yesterday.


Even when you erase a mark on a page...it still leaves a smudge.

Everyone is so different but 
our needs are essentially the same.

I tried to tell my heart not to feel 
but that would mean not to live .

Circumstance leads a path on journeys
I'm not always prepared to  travel. 

The problem with cloud surfing 
sooner or later you have to come down. 


Overwhelmed ...


Rolls over, snuggled in your arms 
and puts my head on your shoulder... takes a deep breath.