Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, January 30, 2009

Speak Heart

What is not to love about music, it has been the great comunicator since the beginning of time. It has the ability to create a mood, stir memories, calm, excite and yes think. With the music playing softly in the background, my mind drifted and I felt the trembling of spirit as I imagined our bodies united as one dancing to the music.

I shall not let one day pass by without telling you I love you, nor one star to take its place in the sky without sharing my heart. Darkness closes in but not without my heart first bathing in the warmth of your love. Softly the music plays and without the words to describe each beat of passion which flows with desire from deep within my soul. Prisoner of my emotions, neither song nor movement of spirit can escape the moment of embrace. Frozen as if time stopped the oceans waves and the clouds draped the earth in its appeal to once again rise to the heavens in the celebration of two lives one soul. Shades of color like crystals dancing in the sunlight appeared as the ice of winter met with the rays of light cast upon the hollow. Standing in stillness, my heart again began to race and my breathing labored as if we somehow were connected beyond this body of time and space. All that was around me began to fade,becoming merely a blur that cut like a hot knife through soft butter, a seperation of self from my current life. My eyes pleasured the images cast through closed eyes and my heart again began to dance. The moment of time but seconds, reminded me of the beauty of our love. The love that can and has tested time, fought it and won. Speak heart, is this love you feel? What I feel is and incredible touch within my spirit. Speak heart, is this love you see? The visions of melding souls creates a beauty displayed all over the world, for all to see. Speak heart, is this love you hear? The sounds which whisper in the wind are sent to remind you of all that you are. Speak heart, if love creates the moment and passion leads the way, who be its guide? Love creates the moment and passion does lead the way, the guide is time who holds on reigns on compassion, truth and peace.
It wasn't words sent by angels, nor a song from loves bird in flight, the hearts enchanted embrace gave a sound which brought the music to life. The whispers can be heard, both morning and night, inviting you to dance my darling, in a spectacular display in the heavens high.
It wasn't words sent by angels, nor a song from love birds in flight, the hearts enchanted embrace, gave a sound which brought the music to life. The beat like that of trumpets, played from the mountains high, an echo directly from my heart, early morn till the stars rule the sky.

Runaway Melody

The place of little matter, the moment is now,
I succumb to your strength and power,
to soar as only love knows how.
Mountains fallen to ash, a river but a bed of sand,
the miles disappeared between us and all
that exist is the joining of our hands.
I am not sure how we got here, I am not looking
to turn back, the road of happiness was created
when we dared to fight back.

Every moment I can have,
every moment you can give,
everyday we are joined together,
is special in its very own way.
Every song I can sing,
every song you ever sung back,
spectular are we as a duet,
singular is never coming back.
Like No One Else

To live each moment of desire,
to love like know one else can,
to dream our very own heaven,
starting when you first held my hand.
Say Hello!

Hello! how are you? Hello! do ya care? Hello! are ya listening? Hello! whats your plan?



My Arms

My arms are here to hold you, to erase away the day,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here is my Heart

I let the darkness blanket the dawn and the chill of life to rob me of our most treasured song. I rolled on over and I accepted the dream, life is as it should be, wonderful and free. Feeling a little crazy, nothing to do but smile, as I welcomed your love across the many miles. The curtains disappeared and the sunlight came shining through and I knew at that moment, I was interlocked soul to soul with you.

I have your love and the dream and you
have my heart and the proverbial key.
Wake up darling, here's your morning kiss,
wake up darling you don't want to miss,
all the love I'm sending your way.
Here Is My Heart
Here is my heart, I give to you my heart,
Here are my dreams, I give to you my dreams.
Here is my love, for you have gently cultivated,
nurtured , fed and patiently allowed it to grow
and entwine our souls in an everlasting embrace.
Here is my heart, I give to you my heart
Here are my dreams, I give to you my dreams.
To thine ownself be true can be a lot harder than it sounds... but not impossible.
Alone we are but one spirit desperate to find our barring,
together we are twine that strengthens and is unbreakable.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smile, Charlie Chaplin , Modern Times, 1936


The wintry mix is much like my emotion,
a blizzard thick and I cannot see and
crystal rain as clear as can be.
The magnetic pull of winter causes as much turmoil to the heart as the wall of mountains which vow to create the distance.

If it is as they say " time marches on and nothing stays the same" may my love for you only grow stronger.
Snow took to the mountains, like my love to a dream, creating everlasting visions, which stirs the memories. Perplexed at the reflection upon the waters clear, it teetered in its silhouette and than it disappeared. Troubled was my emotions, like a ship gone lost at sea, I knew not what direction, or what to believe? High above the heavens the stars of night await, and in the distance one after another of large bolted gates. Confused or a slight bewildered I questioned what appeared , as I felt the destined anchors bound to hold me here. Controlling was the moment it seen my heart before and knew of the challenge to release my soul beyond all fear. I tried to redirect, to make my wishes known, but laughter filled the mountains and to the hollow overflowed. My heart began to slow, my breath carelessly embraced the cold and one with my surrounding I felt its death like hold. Still became the moment and I could barely move, I was caught in darkness where someone has to lose.

Races with the wind to feel your embrace!

Restless Soul

Sings -My soul is ever restless and filled with desire,
hungers for your love each moment of every hour.
The melody was sent down on heavens wings,and
all we need to do is write the words that sing.

I looked on out the window, the sun had yet to rise but I knew that you were dreaming my love by your side. I felt the tears gently roll down my cheek, and felt my knees wobble as I was becoming weak. No sign of sadness, darkness and despair, the tears of love were flowing from the memories we shared.

My soul is ever restless and filled with desire,
nungers for your love each moment of every hour.

The melody was sent down on heavens wings and
all we need to do is write the words that sing.

...and the tears of love kept flowing from the memories we shared.

Waking up and rolling over into your arms, waking up and rolling over into your arms, wouldn't that be fine if we could cross the great divide, just to wake up and roll into your arms.
Life is not about how many trials and tribulations one rises to meet,
life is about how one handles the trials and tribulations without defeat.
I think I shall stay here pillow in hand and
allow for the time the dreams to command.
The presence of love is ever so near...
Easy doesn't make it right, makes it easy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

... and the snow falls.

One journey many roads,

destination your arms.

Pictorial Prose and Poetry

...in the blue of the sky.

One of my very favorite stories as a child was the " Gift of the Magi", written by O Henry. Though the story is written around the holidays, I never actually saw it as a holiday story, as much as a love story. For those who have never read the book, It's about a young couple who are very much in love, but can barely afford their meager apartment. Set around the Christmas season, Della decides to cut her beautiful long hair and sell it to buy James a chain for his pocket watch and her husband James decides to sell his heirloom pocket watch which he inherited from his father to buy her a comb for her beautiful long hair. Like all good stories with a moral, the gift becomes unimportant and what matters most is what each was willing to give, to sacrifice to make the other happy.
There are many ways in which we show our love for one another, ways we sacrifice and share our hearts and souls. It is amazing how love can see beyond and find beauty in the most awkward of situations. There are many stories like the gift of the magi, not necessarily in giving of a practical gift, but the expressing of emotions, and seeing the beauty within a person. The guidance and even the acknowledgement , the gift of acceptance, loyalty, can be expressed in a mulititude of fashion. Embracing each other as we embrace life, showers us with a explosion of magic upon each day.

You gave and I accepted,
and there begins our dream,
you opened up your heart,
and the rest is memories.

Sings> I love you, I love you, I love you I do, and the words I write are written for you. I love you, I love you, I love you I do...

The holiday of love

As we are soon to say goodbye to January, we will approach the month traditionally set aside for that of love. Valentines day is introduced to children of all ages, some starting with preschool. In a simplistic way we celebrate the gift of love with that of a greeting card. The holiday is traced back to Saint Valentine and there is a mirage of events which many attribute to the current spirit of the holiday. The stories vary from Saint Valentine's own love life to the uniting of young lovers. Beyond all the legends Saint Valentine became one of the most popular of all saints.
I myself find holidays to be a bit overrated, most of them are based on taking one day to celebrate a cause or to remember an event. I find that life is a holiday and the celebration of love should be honored every day. When I first held a pen in my hand and allowed the words to slip from my soul, it was not necessary of conscious thought. Though as the words flowed, you might say that I reckoned with the shadows of my desire and the writing became a quest. One was to acknowledge my emotions were real, to validate and also to return the gift of love in away that would embrace immortality. In an uncomplicated manner, the writing spoke of being loved and having love returned.
In defining love it had been simplified as a strong affection for another, warm attachment, devotion, enthusiasm and desire for the companionship of another. I found the definition to be narrow and empty to the true meaning of love. We can have a deep moving of emotions and yet not experienced all of what love is. Love is pleasuring the moment, devouring the day and sharing in the extraordinary journey in which we have been granted. Love is acceptance, compassion, devotion and a explosion of magic that gathers strength and endurance along the way.

I dusted off all my memories,
and reviewed each one separately.

Submerged with my spirit, is a
view of tomorrows dream.

Reminding myself of my own childhood days in the snow and the share joy of catching snowflakes, I talked myself into exploring the winter wonderland right outside my window. I quickly bundled up in my winter coat and tossing on a hat and scarf, grabbed my camera and I headed for the outdoors. The scene was so still,the snow dry like dusting powder and so cold to the touch, all that moved was the mountain stream as it cut its way through the ice and snow. I imagined you beside me and the images infused an explosion of warmth.

Just to stroll through the mountains,
a walk down by the stream,
holding hands like young lovers
stepping right out of my dream.

To know your thinking of me, to know that you care, removes all drapes of darkness beyond the storms to a vision clear. Enjoy the moment, the day belongs to you and I, for we have left our signature upon the blue, blue sky. A smile had been released from my very soul, it lit the sky above the hollow, where our hearts now have the hold.

I need to hold you in my heart,
I need to make it so ,
I need for you to love me
and never let me go.

I continue on my vovage scripted by a dream to devour all days of happiness in whatever life may bring. From early sun rise till the twilight skies commands, I promise you my darling to always hold your hand. Everday a celebration, every moment sets demands for your heart to merge with my heart beyond what time has planned.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Cleaning out my desk..

Only for your ears> sings softly

Notes upon a paper are meaningless to me,written for young lovers they lack reality. I changed the tune, rewrote the verse,a love like ours not from this earth.
The heavens sent passing on every soft white cloud, an invitation darling for your soul to come on down. Some say there are many, I think but a few, but I can tell you sweetheart I know the love of two.
Only you know how I feel inside and where the words come from, not only from the mind. My hands a tool, my heart the gate, my soul the writer from which the words are made.
Pages of old gently crumble, fading in the hand,but you my darling are forever, the memories in the sand. Step by step we travel, gently making new, for I am ever so lucky to have the love of you.

Cotton Soft

Dances in the shadows of our smiles.

One window many seasons,
one view many visions,
one love many experiences.

When I question the timing and live in dispute,
the measurements of a day appear to regroup.

My heart felt the weakness that distance portrays,
leading the spirit to share in the darkness of the day.

Reality is that we are!

You are the smile which touches my heart
and gives light to all darkness.

The simplicity of love is in its ability to breach
all barriers to surface with the breath of a moment.

Head to shoulder,
heart to heart,
soul revealing,
light and dark.

He who wipes away the tears,
leaves only smiles from ear to ear.
How can we improve upon the words of love,
for only your actions have proved to speak of a greater truth.

For he who knows when,
knows why.

I placed a blanket, cotton soft, upon my midnight dream and there the colors of life appeared from shades of autumn red to that of summer green. The magic was inviting, it knew my wishes well and cast to every season the power of your spell. Love be the artist, the canvas is life and painted in the horizon, the images of delight. Striking the silhouettes left for all to see, empowers the heavens to interlock,heart and soul to heart and soul for all eternity.

Missing You!

Worlds divided, united our souls, the heart whispers, the spirits hold. The visions of love for all to see, inhabits the earth and the blue of our dreams.

Stars brightly shine through the dark of the night, charting from world to world our plight. To feel the tenderness of life's embrace and to share each moment face to face.

Sorrow found a place to dwell, the images of loneliness my personal hell. Caught in the darkness for a moment in time, I hung to your memory to make everything fine.

I danced in the heavens, I followed your lead as I knew your arms were waiting for me. The night birds song a serenade that makes all but your love fade.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's all for the love of you!

Sings>The birds started singing and I thought I was dreaming, as everything felt so fine. Closing my eyes one more time, I danced the night with you. My heart felt glad, no trace of sad, when I'm there with you, holding your hand or embracing your heart, it's all for the love of you, it's all for the love of you.
My mind went a stray to a warm summer day with fields painted in every hue. I imagined the colors, were like story tellers, sharing my love for you. I started to smile and I giggled awhile as I imagine the field with two. I knew discovered I was under the covers , it's all for the love of you, it's all for the love of you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

... and what a dream it was.

Counting every snowflake,
dancing in every dream,
side by side forever,
through all that life
may bring.
Every muscle tightened,
I could barely breathe,
as I woke to find your
sweet embrace was
nothing but a dream.
I know this love is special,
all the ingredients are fine
and nothing else can compare,
to the love of you and I.
If all the combination of words had been found
and there were no other ways to write my love on down.
I'd borrow the sky of blue and kisses would I send, upon
the clouds of heaven to which there is no end.
My soul met your soul and our heart quickly embraced
and forever was written...

..not just another snowflake.

I had never quite seen the snowflakes as I watched them fall today. Large puffs of white fluff as large as silver dollars floated gently down from the clouds. The moment was filled with emotions that swept me into a world of daydreams. I imagined with each glorious filled moment images which to some would appear as trivial events. There was a warmth of laughter and visuals of sharing heart and soul upon the snowy terrain. I knew what made it all so special, it is not a day, or an occasion or something out of the normal expectations of the day, nor was it a rarity of sight. The beauty which capsulized the moment bringing together the love for life with the quest of the soul. I knew at that moment, that I need not be showered with gifts of gold to be of great wealth. Unlike a treasure box that can only hold so many gems and stone, the heart can't get enough of the gifts of life.
I looked around at the stately oak whose branches reached skyward as if to touch the heavens. I remember thinking how ugly this dormant time of year was, as I approached the under brush, filled with fern and shrubs tightly budded awaiting their day to bloom. Partially I credited the sun for drawing my attention to what had previously gone unnoticed, it was as if the rays beating down painted a new view through the light reflection on the snow covered hills and valleys.
It was not a form of meditation but it did include a sense of peace as I imagined the sharing of life with you. Excessive was my need to feel and share in your love, so much so that I created my safe haven where I could retreat at any moment in the day and know that I was as close to your heart as the stars were to the heavens.
I again thought about the timing in which our souls came together and wondered of the big if, if another place and another time, would I have recognized the beauty and reality of love? I traced like a time line the many days of my life and I knew that the journey we each had to take was part of a bigger plan much bigger than ourselves. I wiped away the tears for all the yesterdays we had not chanced in praise of those we did. For we have loved and continue to love in the most magical of ways, for our love keeps developing like that of the mountains, changing, growing even as the stream restructures the view.
I looked away and tried to bring some composure to my thoughts. I felt as if I had been stumbling on a combination of emotions as I grasped to understand. My desire and passion joined as allies to keep our souls intact as they devour all of life in bringing a complete sense of peace. This union formed by other than mans will, for the factors involved proved the existence of true love in its most ultimate of beaut in the most of simple state.

Races ya to the hillside holds your hand and makes an awesome snow angels.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

... to feel your embrace, is to feel love.

Little Bunny Blue

So gentle the stroke of love to my soul,
an indelible script still to unfold.
Snow dusted the mountains,
a carpet it lay,to keep warm
the memories for another day.
Valleys of sorrow,
mountains of despair,
refrain from allowing,
the darkness to near.
The treasure inviting,
gems of disbelief,
welcome your love
for my soul to retreat.
...and I smiled.
Little bunny blue,
silly as can be,
sits upon the shelf,
holding memories.
Ruched with satin,
trimmed in silk,
embossed with a
rose in white to the
bodice of her dress.
I held her very close,
I dusted off her ears,
and I whispered little
secrets of a love so
very dear.
Remarkable the little
bunny in her soft fuzzy
blue, that sits upon the
shelf bringing memories
of you.


... where I rest in the warmth of your love.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Where there is great love... there is passion.

The passion was released from the depth of my soul, at the thought of not ever having your love to hold. First it was tears and than it was sadness and than I dug deep through the days of madness. This love so grand, wonderful as can be, filled with magic and my daily plea. Feel the impact, one moment for life, the bonding of souls that gave meaning to life. It burst through the heart with memories of glee and stories of love written for you and for me. I embraced like the sky to the mountains of high, remembering what it felt to have you torn from my mind. Closing my eyes it rid all of despair and replaced it with images of love without fear. One dance in the darkness to the beat of your heart, ignited a love with one little spark. It raged like a wildfire, from heart to heart, to the sounds of a drum and the ping of a harp. No longer two souls in the heavens above, behold this rare glimpse of the union of love.

Torn between...

The barriers invisible,
the walls mountain high,
to contain my spirit,
would certainly watch it die.

His sympathy unbecoming,
narrow it divides my sense
of happiness from the darkness
which resides.

A quiver shaking outward
from my very soul, reaches for
your love to forever hold.

My mind is all a flutter, my wants,
my needs and desire, battle
for the moment, to accompany
the hour.

The weakness surfaces and
simplicity wains, for complicated
is a love where distance plays
the game.

Trapped within the season...
Torn between the path of light and the wall of darkness.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I can hear you...

Snowflakes falling melt gently on my face, a reminder of the magic that our yesterdays had placed. Ice formed upon the edges of the moving mountain stream; bridged the distance between reality and dreams. The winter white draped all that could be seen, but it couldn't’t block your love from reaching out to me. My voice began to crackle and still I could sing the songs of love and how much you mean to me. Spinning around in circles dancing with the storm, I begged the wind to listen like it never had before. Don’t take my love and blow it out to sea, don’t whisper precious words from memory. I employ all of the earth to embrace the heavens high and with it joint powers, unite our love for all time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happily Ever After...unequivocal yes!

I was asked today if I believe in " happily ever after". In the realm of fairytale's, happily ever after describes where a princess is rescued from a villain and lives in an eternal bliss. The wikipedia describes it as a happy ending. So the question is " do I believe in happily ever after?" First I had to think to myself, how do I define the maximum feeling of emotions. Breaking it down, I took the word happily, "happily -pleasured by the moment in a state of euphoria, pure happiness." Well! of course I believe in the pleasure of the moment in a euphoria of happiness. Than I looked at the words ever after, and yes I believe that a state of euphoria can last forever.
Reviewing my day, I weighed all of my happenings, there was my daily responsibilities, the treasures of a moment and the choices that each of us have in how we absorb and devour each gift. Had I difficulties to overcome, issues to deal with and was life in itself perfect? I face each day as many people do, the complications that come with each step of a journey.

In my mind I envision all that could be,
in my heart I know the experiences are
multiplied when you are here with me.

I thought of the days when tears normally would flow and how they were replaced with a smile ignited from love which continues to glow. We have crossed barriers of both heaven and earth to reach beyond what a day can birth. There is the touch of your love, the warmth of your smile, yesterday's memories, tomorrow's miles.

I again thought of the question " happily ever after?" Happily ever after is a very big book, with chapter upon chapters that we have not yet even looked. Page after page an a little more told of a story so unique it's written in gold. Precious this treasure, superior to all, as there is no end to the story, no ending at all. Each day is written in the heavens above and cast to the blue for the one I love.
I am grateful for all my yesterdays, I traveled far and wide, I climbed the distant mountains to dream you by my side. I am happy for my today, for it steps right through the dream, to give to me reality from the sweetest of memories. More importantly we still have our tomorrow's and I bow to you my love, to hold your hand forever in our everlasting love.
I Believe... for I have journeyed through the days without and felt the darkness and skies of grey, but it wasn't till I felt your love, that all tears of sadness began to fade.

I looked it all over and
I weighed it all out and
half of this and a half without.

I know when I see,
I know when it so,
I know what I felt
and I know, what I know.

I am better for knowing you,
for you are now one with my soul,
inscribed with devotion to my very heart.
I accept your love and in its return I give to you all that I am, all that I will my, my yesterday, my today and my tomorrow.

Happily everafter doesn't mean misfortune will not fall upon us, it means when it does, I'll be holding your hand , before, during and after.. I do believe in "happily ever after."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I believe the timing is based on our ability to understand as well as to appreciate. Previously traveled paths guide us as we explore the moment. If I had never fallen, never stood back up, never done without, would I have so realized how important the gift of today is? If I had never taken a chance, nor felt complete love, or hungered for more, would I have recognized the appearance of true love? Unlike a puzzle that only has so many pieces to complete the masterpiece, the journey has unlimited pieces which continue even after our demise.

It is the greatest of love that allows one feel a sense of sorrow. For in knowing love and sharing in love, creates a even deeper sense of hunger. For my soul has felt your embrace and my heart danced upon the stages of life and my mind continues to dreams restlessly of my tomorrows.
My soul celebrates in only that I have been given
a chance to know the many loves bestowed upon us.
I am not guided by the wishes of the mind, or the emotions that have anchored onto my heart.What I feel and what I sense is the warmth which exudes from your soul to mine.

Cut from a different cloth...

I have always been one to question everything in life, from the whole" God is and always will be to what part a person becomes in your life." When I was a child I was told, not to question God, it was our religious belief" without beginning and shall have no end. " Logically thinking I looked at life based on facts. It is why I have seen what a large part everything around us plays in the grand scheme of things.
A patchwork quilt is a blend of many threads and fabrics, finely stitched to create one design from select pieces. In my quest to understand and my desire find my own peace I looked at the threads that had been woven into my own life. They consisted of the beauty and luster of silk, smooth gentle to the touch, fibers of wool a bit rough but protective, to the softness of cotton and I think there was a little polyester blend, man made thoughts that kind of melt together upon heat. I tried to look at each as individual threads, separate from the combined weave. I realized that it couldn't be done, that I could not divide the various patches of my life without weakening the complete structure. What I had found was that whether they consist of yesterday, today or the dreams of tomorrow, they form together in unity to create a beauty that is everlasting.
Tonight when darkness falls and silence fills the room, I'll imagine side by side our love in the light of the moon. I'll devour each and every moment, consumed by the heart and tuck the pillow close my love to feel you in the dark. When questions fill my head and I struggle to understand, I'll listen to the whispers as they sing a of love that can never end.

I know not why...

As if silence had spoken and
the words took command,
intently I listened to the
moments demands.

Don't cry, no sorrow, no
heartache nor pain, you
have all of the memories
of life to retain.

I question most everything
from hello to goodbye and
wondered why darkness
remained inside.

Motion devised, the spin
never stops, no beginning
nor ending to the changing
of props.
Why has time taken so long to unite and
than desperately divised away to distant.


You cannot possess or keep captive the true power of love,
it's true magic is only seen when shared.
Love, whether you're looking, sharing, in want or need of, you are not alone . Place the word love into the search engine and at least 351,000,000 links on love alone will appear. They consist of those who are trying to capitalize, categorize, calculate and define and still others telling you how to get it, how to keep it, etc. Love in its most simple state is unique to each individual and yet has a semblance of familiarity. In defining love most would agree that love in any form should be positive for all those involved.
Love has been displayed and enjoyed and warmly interpreted by all the arts, from music to theater and of course literature itself. Each representation gives a personal view of how ones own interpretation can literally expand and regenerate into varied views. Love in itself does not morph, just what it means to each individual and how it grows or not within their own life.
The lack of love creates a platform for loneliness as one does not necessarily need many people to feel love. Love of life, love of actions, love of self, are all ways to explore the beauty of life. Love is but a seed that when sowed grows to display the most beautiful of blooms.
All that is truly necessary to experience such love is to keep an open mind, open heart and allow the soul to see life as it was meant to be seen.
No Ordinary Snowflake

The snowflakes are falling and gently cover the ground
and within each unique design a memory can be found.

There are days of laughter and many more of joy and
when I looked a little harder I saw the man who morphed
into a little boy.

Snowflakes melting quickly on the tongue, a kiss from
behind and the most beautiful of image, when your soul met
up with mine.

Sound of the train clanging up against the track and the crow
heading north and never looking back.

Whispers of winter and yesterdays song of spring, awaken
with such beauty it makes the heart sing.

Each season finds my love for you,
growing stronger and stronger.

Hello - Lionel Richie!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Spirit of Love

Surfacing above my current bout with laryngitis it all seem quite trivial as I reviewed my most recent dialogue with a woman who is battling stage four cancer. Her voice quivered as she shared her thoughts on her own inner peace and her greater sense of concern for those left behind. In our most recenct conversation she said " there is no chance, our meeting was to occur as I sensed your empathy from the very first moment I spoke. "

I was granted a rare privilege to step into her inner realm and view life through her eyes. In an ironic twist of faith, here I was trying to complete a project and for the first time faced with the reality of a true deadline. I kept thinking here is a woman who is intelligent who obviously has much to give and that as she spoke, her wise and warm personality flowed. Yet her brief stint on earth was quickly coming to an end, how was I to document the moments we were sharing.

How precious is that of life, with each breath we meet with challenges and confront an array of issues. I realized more than ever, that there are certain goals, paths, journeys, or whatever one feels comfortable referring to them as, that we will experience. Somehow as I battled the last several years on a rather personal level, I had become more aware that it wasn't what I thought or imagined, it was what truly was meant to be. Like that of a unwinding bail of twine, as the threads unravels, the secrets of life unfold.

It is almost as if my travels were built of a cobble stone path, the brick were laid by other than circumstances and the past. Somehow the more people I met the more the path found direction. It gives true meaning to in giving we recieve.

In learning we begin to appreciate.
In loving we find that all paths circle back.
In the end of a moment is the beginning of a story.
We live to experience,
we experience to live.
I rejoice not in my achievements,
but for the glory of your embrace.

The spirit of love lives within all of us,
as long as we are willing to accept its embrace.

Singing in the Rain

Monday, January 12, 2009

A melancholy dreamer

Quicksand, it has been said that the movies dramatized the scene where people were trapped in the quicksand and drowned. Scientist said it is relatively impossible to drown in what is chemically sand and water, that it may slow you down , but it won’t keep you prisoner forever. Theoretically the more you struggle the longer you stay in the same place, so that it would make sense that small circular movements would edge you forward. Winter has a way of taking on the entrapment that appears like that of quicksand, the earlier part of the season is kept focused by the hustle and bustle of the holidays, which makes January come with a certain amount of let down, almost as if you have to focus without reward. My thoughts distant and my emotions fragile as I gaze out the window at the newly fallen snow.
Once more out the window ice crystals can be found and snowflakes of various colors now blanket the ground. Red, blue and green and purple can be seen , in the many moments explored through a melancholy dream. Rising from the east is the winter sun, hiding behind the clouds, no rays of warmth are spun. The friendship we share replaced the rays of gold, with a bright light reflecting from your very soul.

I swear

Boyz II Men - End Of The Road

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mon amour, mon chéri...

Mon amour, mon chéri these words are left for you,
they are written from my heart under skies of blue.

Mon amour, mon chéri, there is nothing I won't do
to document my love for you.


Heaven strokes at humor as it places in my heart
and with a twist of fate leaves me in the dark.
The silence was broken by the tears of the heart,
weep not my heart though your love is a far.

My Affection

I beseech thee to gaze down from the heavens and respond in all your glory for I have many questions in the telling of this story. Triggered by all the emotions, passion, plight and joy, I wonder through the day like a sometimes broken toy. The journey leading forward and yet at the moment I feel still, as if the clock had sprung a spring and time could no longer deploy.

My heart felt the kindness and acknowledged that it was so, you had touched my heart and your love continued to grow. Simplicity alternating with the complications of desire, until reasoning surfaced and spun to the heart and soul a fire. Flames empowering rage with a predetermined direction, the aim from soul to soul a sign of my affection.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Singing with the Blue Birds...

Look on out my window to view what it is I see, trees in winter colors fade to your memory. The snow dust on the mountains, ice down by the stream as I feel your love reach on out to me.
Dreams were created to buffer reality, to set love in motion where ever you maybe. Happiness surrounds us, joy is everywhere and I can barely keep my feet down, as the heavens pull me near.

Sings> Singing with the Blue Birds

Singing with the blue birds,
dancing on a high from the moment
you entered my life something
happened on the inside.

Singing with the blue birds,
dancing on a high from the
moment we came together,
you've been by myside.

Look on out my window to view what it is I see, remarkably the vision morphs from summer to spring, of all the seasons, of each day you were here, paints a new image of how much you care.
Branches swaying with the brisk winter winds, sweep the earth below them to welcome you in. The hollow whistling, the sound heard from afar, plays a tune directed to your heart.

Singing with the blue birds,
dancing on a high from the
moment you entered my life,
something happend on the inside.

Singing with the blue birds,
dancing on a high, from the
moment we came together,
you've been by myside.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Love whispered, the heart sang ...

Come run with me, we'll sail the seas,
on the clouds passing by yonder trees.

Look beyond the dark of night, above,
the stars where souls take flight.

Listen closely, the words appear, written
extensively for your ear.

Lips are frozen, they fail to sing, and still
I hear the music ring.

The hearts prelude, the soul doth dream,
of what tomorrow shall bring.


What is this magic that holds me still and empowers the winds with our earthly tale? I know not what the dusting brings, but surely it brought your love to me. I gazed upon the mountains high, I laughed, giggled and danced from deep inside. Hearts embrace and souls remind that true love is strengthed through all time. Energy of goodness, warm and kind breaches the barriers of the mind. Feel the kisses of desire, created from the soul to ignite a fire. The song of heavens sing for thee on a dance floor created for eternity.
The more I have of your love,
the more I want of your love.

The day is heavy,
it weeps of despair,
full of sorrow, loneliness
and fear.

Storms of winter will
soon be replaced, with
the rains of spring,
happiness is traced.

I'll not let sadness my soul reign,
for love embarks upon each new day.
You are the magic that embraces life with passion.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Your Hand in Mine

I have heard it said when in love,the world takes on a new form. How powerful is that of love, as the energy zaps the heart , it gives new sounds and sight to all that is around us. It is at this time when the feelings of being tired and overwhelm surface, that I peacefully can rest in the warmth of your embrace. Ahhh so now I know why song birds at my window sing and the willow dances peacefully in the winter breeze and laughter from a distance warms my soul, as the happiness of love has taken a strong hold.
Tears of happiness cleanse the heart
and nurtures the soul.
Filing accordingly I placed in my heart,
your laughter, warmth, happiness and glee
and all of the love you have given to me.

Dance with me...

Battling with the many demands placed on me, I found that I was again losing a part of my inner identity. Unable to balance my needs with that of others had me split on my decisions. What was right for myself and those around me varied as we were not operating from the same turf. Where did my responsibility lay and with whom? I was certain that I had not mastered the equilibrium which was necessary to bring balance into my life.
I searched out a quiet place where I could gather my thoughts and allow my spirit the necessary time to recharge.Image s flashed before me,tender moments that can be captured anywhere that two hearts can bond. It wasn't whispers of the night, but words from the spirit released in the wind," restless soul, the time is now, the embrace of life a story holds." A darkness, thick and heavy was closing in, I gasped and my heart beat rapidly,and at that very moment I raced with my soul to the place that had for years held me safe. I closed my eyes and felt my breath deepen and it wasn't the moments we shared in time or your words which compliment mine, not of dreams nor fairytale or desire and wishing wells. Memories of love appeared in shades of color from skies of blue to summer green and winter white to autumn hues. I feared not once but twice that if I shall open up my eyes, the memories will fade with time, so hear I sit in the dark of night to write the words of each days delight.
We sometimes ran and most often strolled, rarely cried and often laughed, danced in the garden, soared to the clouds and when all was said and all was done your arms awaited another day of fun.

Energize my spirit,
gently embrace my love,
for this very moment is
sent from God above.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Love Me With All Your Heart

Two Left Feet

The love of, the love for, to be loved, the word love is altered by the use of a preposition. Just as with grammar love takes on many forms, just by altering our actions and our thoughts. Passion, desire, warmth, friendship all use emotion to explore the various gifts of life.
I caught a segment of sixty minutes where they were exploring how to read our thoughts by analyzing segments of the brain when we think about a particular topic or subject. Does the topic morph and change or alter the brain signals or does the chemistry of brain tell us what to think? It all reminds me of the children’s quote, “what came first the chicken or the egg?” I would like to believe that the brain responds to both inner and outer stimulation and that is what we review in the patterns of the brain. If we nourish our minds with positive thought we encourage growth in away that reaches through the heart to touch the soul.
Each night before I go to sleep at night, I write, think, imagine or just down right daydream of positive thoughts, these positive thoughts are like an escape upon a magic carpet. Whether resting the spirit or bringing a form of excitement to the long night that awaits, the last thoughts stay with me till early morning.

Squeezing my pillow all through the night, images of love are all that is in sight. Smiling to myself as my mind gracefully traced, the vision of your profile from your toes directly to your face. I held your sweet love; I kept it very close, as there was no letting go of what was taken place. No star lit skies or mountains reaching high, even the combined earthly waters couldn’t separate the magic of the mind. So warm a love it’s as wonderful as can be, the love which holds me day and night is seen in all of my dreams.

The conjuring up of dreams
are masterpieces in the making
The partner is everything,
knowing when to lead and when to follow,
is as important as realizing there is no such thing as two left feet.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My New Years Resolution ...

The dark of night induced a calm and at the same time the star lit sky created an agitation of sort, one that seem to dissipate the distance of both mountains and rivers as it synchronized both the heart and soul to dance as one. Excited by the pleasure of memory I reached out as if I could literally touch heaven’s star. I felt a unique form of closeness, as if at that very moment we had broken barriers set by all those who failed to believe. The smile that appeared was not of the mere physical, this portrayal of happiness flowed outward from deep within the soul. The remembrance of the many moments shared stirred a flood of emotion which held captive the heart and soul.
I am frightened to let go of the moment
in fear that you may disappear into the darkness.
Heart embraced,
soul of desire,
love for life,
one day
one hour.
I didn't think it possible to love more by the hour,
or to feel such warmth and happiness as the embrace of desire.
My new years resolution ...to be me.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Mon chéri, mon amour, je t'aime

Listen to the song of the northern winds, listen to the song of my dreams, listen to the magic of midnight desire it brought your love to me.

Sings> Whisper sweet whispers of I love you, whisper sweet whispers I do, from the mountains, down the river, to the ocean of blue, sweet whispers of love to you. Mon chéri, mon amour, je t'aime, mon chéri, mon amour, jet fais, from the mountains, down the river, to the ocean of blue , sweet whispers of love to you.