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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Love, whether you're looking, sharing, in want or need of, you are not alone . Place the word love into the search engine and at least 351,000,000 links on love alone will appear. They consist of those who are trying to capitalize, categorize, calculate and define and still others telling you how to get it, how to keep it, etc. Love in its most simple state is unique to each individual and yet has a semblance of familiarity. In defining love most would agree that love in any form should be positive for all those involved.
Love has been displayed and enjoyed and warmly interpreted by all the arts, from music to theater and of course literature itself. Each representation gives a personal view of how ones own interpretation can literally expand and regenerate into varied views. Love in itself does not morph, just what it means to each individual and how it grows or not within their own life.
The lack of love creates a platform for loneliness as one does not necessarily need many people to feel love. Love of life, love of actions, love of self, are all ways to explore the beauty of life. Love is but a seed that when sowed grows to display the most beautiful of blooms.
All that is truly necessary to experience such love is to keep an open mind, open heart and allow the soul to see life as it was meant to be seen.
No Ordinary Snowflake

The snowflakes are falling and gently cover the ground
and within each unique design a memory can be found.

There are days of laughter and many more of joy and
when I looked a little harder I saw the man who morphed
into a little boy.

Snowflakes melting quickly on the tongue, a kiss from
behind and the most beautiful of image, when your soul met
up with mine.

Sound of the train clanging up against the track and the crow
heading north and never looking back.

Whispers of winter and yesterdays song of spring, awaken
with such beauty it makes the heart sing.

Each season finds my love for you,
growing stronger and stronger.

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