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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The wintry mix is much like my emotion,
a blizzard thick and I cannot see and
crystal rain as clear as can be.
The magnetic pull of winter causes as much turmoil to the heart as the wall of mountains which vow to create the distance.

If it is as they say " time marches on and nothing stays the same" may my love for you only grow stronger.
Snow took to the mountains, like my love to a dream, creating everlasting visions, which stirs the memories. Perplexed at the reflection upon the waters clear, it teetered in its silhouette and than it disappeared. Troubled was my emotions, like a ship gone lost at sea, I knew not what direction, or what to believe? High above the heavens the stars of night await, and in the distance one after another of large bolted gates. Confused or a slight bewildered I questioned what appeared , as I felt the destined anchors bound to hold me here. Controlling was the moment it seen my heart before and knew of the challenge to release my soul beyond all fear. I tried to redirect, to make my wishes known, but laughter filled the mountains and to the hollow overflowed. My heart began to slow, my breath carelessly embraced the cold and one with my surrounding I felt its death like hold. Still became the moment and I could barely move, I was caught in darkness where someone has to lose.

Races with the wind to feel your embrace!


Mark said...

Great writing! I love your words. I am confused by the last line, why does someone have to lose? Is it always about duality?

Rachel C Miller said...

Responsibility to self or responsibility to those who are woven into our life, one has to lose, or maybe we all lose.


I have read some of your posts. I liked the same and would like to revisit your website.

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Naval Langa

Another Interesting Blog

Shar said...

I come here often, I relate.

Rachel C Miller said...

Naval, Thanks for your visits and will check out your website as well.