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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, January 30, 2009

Speak Heart

What is not to love about music, it has been the great comunicator since the beginning of time. It has the ability to create a mood, stir memories, calm, excite and yes think. With the music playing softly in the background, my mind drifted and I felt the trembling of spirit as I imagined our bodies united as one dancing to the music.

I shall not let one day pass by without telling you I love you, nor one star to take its place in the sky without sharing my heart. Darkness closes in but not without my heart first bathing in the warmth of your love. Softly the music plays and without the words to describe each beat of passion which flows with desire from deep within my soul. Prisoner of my emotions, neither song nor movement of spirit can escape the moment of embrace. Frozen as if time stopped the oceans waves and the clouds draped the earth in its appeal to once again rise to the heavens in the celebration of two lives one soul. Shades of color like crystals dancing in the sunlight appeared as the ice of winter met with the rays of light cast upon the hollow. Standing in stillness, my heart again began to race and my breathing labored as if we somehow were connected beyond this body of time and space. All that was around me began to fade,becoming merely a blur that cut like a hot knife through soft butter, a seperation of self from my current life. My eyes pleasured the images cast through closed eyes and my heart again began to dance. The moment of time but seconds, reminded me of the beauty of our love. The love that can and has tested time, fought it and won. Speak heart, is this love you feel? What I feel is and incredible touch within my spirit. Speak heart, is this love you see? The visions of melding souls creates a beauty displayed all over the world, for all to see. Speak heart, is this love you hear? The sounds which whisper in the wind are sent to remind you of all that you are. Speak heart, if love creates the moment and passion leads the way, who be its guide? Love creates the moment and passion does lead the way, the guide is time who holds on reigns on compassion, truth and peace.

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