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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

..not just another snowflake.

I had never quite seen the snowflakes as I watched them fall today. Large puffs of white fluff as large as silver dollars floated gently down from the clouds. The moment was filled with emotions that swept me into a world of daydreams. I imagined with each glorious filled moment images which to some would appear as trivial events. There was a warmth of laughter and visuals of sharing heart and soul upon the snowy terrain. I knew what made it all so special, it is not a day, or an occasion or something out of the normal expectations of the day, nor was it a rarity of sight. The beauty which capsulized the moment bringing together the love for life with the quest of the soul. I knew at that moment, that I need not be showered with gifts of gold to be of great wealth. Unlike a treasure box that can only hold so many gems and stone, the heart can't get enough of the gifts of life.
I looked around at the stately oak whose branches reached skyward as if to touch the heavens. I remember thinking how ugly this dormant time of year was, as I approached the under brush, filled with fern and shrubs tightly budded awaiting their day to bloom. Partially I credited the sun for drawing my attention to what had previously gone unnoticed, it was as if the rays beating down painted a new view through the light reflection on the snow covered hills and valleys.
It was not a form of meditation but it did include a sense of peace as I imagined the sharing of life with you. Excessive was my need to feel and share in your love, so much so that I created my safe haven where I could retreat at any moment in the day and know that I was as close to your heart as the stars were to the heavens.
I again thought about the timing in which our souls came together and wondered of the big if, if another place and another time, would I have recognized the beauty and reality of love? I traced like a time line the many days of my life and I knew that the journey we each had to take was part of a bigger plan much bigger than ourselves. I wiped away the tears for all the yesterdays we had not chanced in praise of those we did. For we have loved and continue to love in the most magical of ways, for our love keeps developing like that of the mountains, changing, growing even as the stream restructures the view.
I looked away and tried to bring some composure to my thoughts. I felt as if I had been stumbling on a combination of emotions as I grasped to understand. My desire and passion joined as allies to keep our souls intact as they devour all of life in bringing a complete sense of peace. This union formed by other than mans will, for the factors involved proved the existence of true love in its most ultimate of beaut in the most of simple state.

Races ya to the hillside holds your hand and makes an awesome snow angels.

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