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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little Bunny Blue

So gentle the stroke of love to my soul,
an indelible script still to unfold.
Snow dusted the mountains,
a carpet it lay,to keep warm
the memories for another day.
Valleys of sorrow,
mountains of despair,
refrain from allowing,
the darkness to near.
The treasure inviting,
gems of disbelief,
welcome your love
for my soul to retreat.
...and I smiled.
Little bunny blue,
silly as can be,
sits upon the shelf,
holding memories.
Ruched with satin,
trimmed in silk,
embossed with a
rose in white to the
bodice of her dress.
I held her very close,
I dusted off her ears,
and I whispered little
secrets of a love so
very dear.
Remarkable the little
bunny in her soft fuzzy
blue, that sits upon the
shelf bringing memories
of you.

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