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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Love whispered, the heart sang ...

Come run with me, we'll sail the seas,
on the clouds passing by yonder trees.

Look beyond the dark of night, above,
the stars where souls take flight.

Listen closely, the words appear, written
extensively for your ear.

Lips are frozen, they fail to sing, and still
I hear the music ring.

The hearts prelude, the soul doth dream,
of what tomorrow shall bring.


What is this magic that holds me still and empowers the winds with our earthly tale? I know not what the dusting brings, but surely it brought your love to me. I gazed upon the mountains high, I laughed, giggled and danced from deep inside. Hearts embrace and souls remind that true love is strengthed through all time. Energy of goodness, warm and kind breaches the barriers of the mind. Feel the kisses of desire, created from the soul to ignite a fire. The song of heavens sing for thee on a dance floor created for eternity.
The more I have of your love,
the more I want of your love.

The day is heavy,
it weeps of despair,
full of sorrow, loneliness
and fear.

Storms of winter will
soon be replaced, with
the rains of spring,
happiness is traced.

I'll not let sadness my soul reign,
for love embarks upon each new day.
You are the magic that embraces life with passion.

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Mark said...

A wonderful reflection! You are wonderful!