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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The holiday of love

As we are soon to say goodbye to January, we will approach the month traditionally set aside for that of love. Valentines day is introduced to children of all ages, some starting with preschool. In a simplistic way we celebrate the gift of love with that of a greeting card. The holiday is traced back to Saint Valentine and there is a mirage of events which many attribute to the current spirit of the holiday. The stories vary from Saint Valentine's own love life to the uniting of young lovers. Beyond all the legends Saint Valentine became one of the most popular of all saints.
I myself find holidays to be a bit overrated, most of them are based on taking one day to celebrate a cause or to remember an event. I find that life is a holiday and the celebration of love should be honored every day. When I first held a pen in my hand and allowed the words to slip from my soul, it was not necessary of conscious thought. Though as the words flowed, you might say that I reckoned with the shadows of my desire and the writing became a quest. One was to acknowledge my emotions were real, to validate and also to return the gift of love in away that would embrace immortality. In an uncomplicated manner, the writing spoke of being loved and having love returned.
In defining love it had been simplified as a strong affection for another, warm attachment, devotion, enthusiasm and desire for the companionship of another. I found the definition to be narrow and empty to the true meaning of love. We can have a deep moving of emotions and yet not experienced all of what love is. Love is pleasuring the moment, devouring the day and sharing in the extraordinary journey in which we have been granted. Love is acceptance, compassion, devotion and a explosion of magic that gathers strength and endurance along the way.

I dusted off all my memories,
and reviewed each one separately.

Submerged with my spirit, is a
view of tomorrows dream.

Reminding myself of my own childhood days in the snow and the share joy of catching snowflakes, I talked myself into exploring the winter wonderland right outside my window. I quickly bundled up in my winter coat and tossing on a hat and scarf, grabbed my camera and I headed for the outdoors. The scene was so still,the snow dry like dusting powder and so cold to the touch, all that moved was the mountain stream as it cut its way through the ice and snow. I imagined you beside me and the images infused an explosion of warmth.

Just to stroll through the mountains,
a walk down by the stream,
holding hands like young lovers
stepping right out of my dream.

To know your thinking of me, to know that you care, removes all drapes of darkness beyond the storms to a vision clear. Enjoy the moment, the day belongs to you and I, for we have left our signature upon the blue, blue sky. A smile had been released from my very soul, it lit the sky above the hollow, where our hearts now have the hold.

I need to hold you in my heart,
I need to make it so ,
I need for you to love me
and never let me go.

I continue on my vovage scripted by a dream to devour all days of happiness in whatever life may bring. From early sun rise till the twilight skies commands, I promise you my darling to always hold your hand. Everday a celebration, every moment sets demands for your heart to merge with my heart beyond what time has planned.


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