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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happily Ever After...unequivocal yes!

I was asked today if I believe in " happily ever after". In the realm of fairytale's, happily ever after describes where a princess is rescued from a villain and lives in an eternal bliss. The wikipedia describes it as a happy ending. So the question is " do I believe in happily ever after?" First I had to think to myself, how do I define the maximum feeling of emotions. Breaking it down, I took the word happily, "happily -pleasured by the moment in a state of euphoria, pure happiness." Well! of course I believe in the pleasure of the moment in a euphoria of happiness. Than I looked at the words ever after, and yes I believe that a state of euphoria can last forever.
Reviewing my day, I weighed all of my happenings, there was my daily responsibilities, the treasures of a moment and the choices that each of us have in how we absorb and devour each gift. Had I difficulties to overcome, issues to deal with and was life in itself perfect? I face each day as many people do, the complications that come with each step of a journey.

In my mind I envision all that could be,
in my heart I know the experiences are
multiplied when you are here with me.

I thought of the days when tears normally would flow and how they were replaced with a smile ignited from love which continues to glow. We have crossed barriers of both heaven and earth to reach beyond what a day can birth. There is the touch of your love, the warmth of your smile, yesterday's memories, tomorrow's miles.

I again thought of the question " happily ever after?" Happily ever after is a very big book, with chapter upon chapters that we have not yet even looked. Page after page an a little more told of a story so unique it's written in gold. Precious this treasure, superior to all, as there is no end to the story, no ending at all. Each day is written in the heavens above and cast to the blue for the one I love.
I am grateful for all my yesterdays, I traveled far and wide, I climbed the distant mountains to dream you by my side. I am happy for my today, for it steps right through the dream, to give to me reality from the sweetest of memories. More importantly we still have our tomorrow's and I bow to you my love, to hold your hand forever in our everlasting love.
I Believe... for I have journeyed through the days without and felt the darkness and skies of grey, but it wasn't till I felt your love, that all tears of sadness began to fade.

I looked it all over and
I weighed it all out and
half of this and a half without.

I know when I see,
I know when it so,
I know what I felt
and I know, what I know.

I am better for knowing you,
for you are now one with my soul,
inscribed with devotion to my very heart.
I accept your love and in its return I give to you all that I am, all that I will my, my yesterday, my today and my tomorrow.

Happily everafter doesn't mean misfortune will not fall upon us, it means when it does, I'll be holding your hand , before, during and after.. I do believe in "happily ever after."


Liara Covert said...

Every human being lives happily ever after. In fact, each of us already is, though some of us have not realized it yet. The road to self-acceptance is a journey just like the path to unconditional self-love. All roads are connected. All roads lead to Rome.

Rachel C Miller said...

Ty for stopping by... look out Rome!